The face behind the poem

I believe this is the most sacred state of man. When sleep comes and takes it all from your demanding hands. Ease the toil. Therefore where a man lays his head is a temple, and who he chooses to share it with. A fellow worshipper.
This is my face. Not much. Just enough. Those eyes, they’re red like that a lot. Not from whiskey. I see a lot of things that make my soul bleed into my eyes.
But this is my face. Not much. Just enough.~Adewumi Godwin 


I can never get enough of his words.

My inner child has been released….

My inner child has been released.

I got excited when birds flew near me.

I kicked rocks and picked up sticks.

I skipped instead of running.

I climbed a tree.

I swung on the swing, going as high as I could go.

Then I jumped out and let me arms and legs go wild.

Today I just wanted to be a kid again.

Then I looked over at you and realized that I had duties as an adult. 

You give me strength and keep my inner child from hiding too long.

Reed (poem)

I never knew life would get so hard for me,
Taken by emotions life coasting by while I’m stuck in the motions
Muddy waters,
Adding leaves for those who leave
A Reed…
Smoking weed to escape the pain of truly being alone,
Falling for men who masked their intentions with cologne and tales of a broken home
I love the complication…
That’s why I tell myself to be wary of connections.
Blame my father for that broken trust got me looking for men who thrusts
Instead of minds to remind and rewind this soul of mine.
I guess that’s why I won’t give him the time,
Young virgin boy who sees beauty within me that I can never see…
Or that was never shown to me.
Got me second guessing my actions
Always waiting for his reaction
My subtle words  was my transaction for his lovely pieces …
he calls me his dove ,
Even though I’m not worthy of the representation of a holy bird sent from above
So I curve,
Not giving him the essence of my precious presence
Instead for instance
I mess with those who could give less
I must confess I am a Reed..
Stuck in this water looking for order amongst  this chaos tides let me reside within these lines ~Deandre

I’m so over looking.
Too many times I’ve been taken for granted.
A lonely seed never fully planted.
Just tossed in a pile.
It hurts to smile.
This heart leaks never Reaching my peak.
I yearn for you.
Your Cocoa skin each curve I watch as you sway away.
Leaving me with no touch.
Your scent suffocates my lungs.
Got me sprung.
Tie the knot from the noose I hung.
Trying to find a reason for a delay.
No not today. Your voice is on replay.
My aphrodisiac don’t let me fade beneath the surface.
Give me a purpose to not slit this wrist.
Your hand I reached for.
Slipped then I tripped.
You watched me as I sunk deeper gasping for air.
Swept away by your tsunami
Omnipresent but yet you remain unavailable.
Replaceable you are.
Occasionally thinking of a way to make this untraceable…. ~Jamy

Collaboration week day 4

Daily poem project day 20 “Nature”

We take advantage of you. 

Run through your grass. 

Steal your flowers. 

Cut your trees. 

Pollute your lakes. 

Complain about your heat, 

Cry about your rain, 

and become depressed with your snow.

You’re such a sight to see. 

But we don’t fully appreciate you.

Through it all you still find the strength to bloom into something beautiful. ~J.A.A.G 

Daily poem project day 15 “Love”

I found love in a different country.
This love was foreign.
I found love in a different color.
This love was pale like the moon.
I found love in a different taste.
This love has a new smell.
I found love in a touch.
This love has a new texture.
I found love in words.
This love spelled it out for me.
I found love.
This love came in pieces.~J.A.A.G 

Daily poem project day 14 “Beginning with T”

T is for Travis. Who I travelled to in twenty sixteen. He was sweet. We took a long walk through central park. Rode the train and took pictures of random people. We discussed future plans but mines didn’t include him. It’s time to tell you the truth. I’m sorry Travis, I can’t. It’s time for me to return home now. Thank you for a tour of your city. Even if I had more time, I will not be able to tell you….

Indirect conversations….

There’s a question in your legs.
Where have they been?
Where are they going.?
Will your heart come along?
There’s a question in your eyes.
Do they know I see them?
Are they watching out for something true ?
What satisfies your lips.
The truth or a kiss. ?
There’s a question at the tip of your toe.
What makes them walk the earth the way they do. 
Will you tell me ? ~Adewumi Godwin  

When will you talk to me?
Not just verbally or through text.
I want to have a real conversation about you.
Must I come to you for this to happen?
Talk to me.
Let me know this isn’t one sided.
I’m forcing myself to hide it.
But I want to connect the dots and see the image behind it. ~ J.A.A.G

Daily poem project day 12 “Change”

I change my mind. I no longer want to be the one you call when you’re free. Or bored or need some help. I have already blocked you. So please do not call me from unknown numbers or create new pages to message me. I’ve always been indecisive but this time I’m changing my mind for the last time.