Shower with me…

It’s been a long day. A hot shower was much needed. Steam filled the room. The door opened slowly. His hand pulled the curtains to the side as he stepped in one foot after the other. She was exhausted. He wrapped his left hand around her waist. Grabbing her neck with the other. Pulling her closer to him, he placed kisses onto her wet skin. She could feel him getting aroused.

“I missed you today,” she told him.

“My apologies love,” he responded.

He washed her back, massaging her in between. Soap dripped down her thighs. Caressing each breast, he pinched her nipples. Biting her lips, she turned to face him, but he declined.

Taking a fistful of her coarse hair, he pushed her forward.

“Yes, babe. Give it all to me,” she moaned.

But he wasn’t ready. He didn’t want her in the shower tonight. Turning the water off, he grabbed a towel to dry her. Holding hands, he lead her to the kitchen. Lifting her onto the counter, he spreaded her legs evenly apart.

“How do you want it,” he asked?

“I want you to fuck me right here on this counter.”

Staring into each other’s eyes, he slid his fingers inside her lining. Juices drip down the counter onto the floor.

“Are you ready to feed me,” he whispered?

She smiled as she wrapped her legs around his neck.

“Eat it all babe,” she spoke softly.

Minutes went by and he wasn’t stopping anytime soon. He carried her to the bedroom, laying her on the bed. Smooth jazz, played in the back. He entered her going as deep as possible. Moans echoed around the room. It was art in motion.

“Mmmmm, yes babe,” she moaned.

“I love you,” he confessed.

Tears fell down her cheeks as she leaked onto the sheets.

“I love you,” she replied with emotions.

He calls me beautiful

Rest on Uncle…


My thoughts are full today. Emotions are really high. I know I want to say something but I can’t seem to get the words together. So I search for a photo. Searching through my gallery waiting for the perfect photo to stand out and speak to me. There’s photos I’ve had for months or years and never post them because I felt the timing wasn’t right. Days like this is when I miss home the most. Just want to visit the pier and watch the sunset. Be close to the water and relax my mind.

Scrolling and scrolling and the one photo that I wish I had, I’ll never be able to get now because you’re no longer here. I just wish I had at least one to add to this post…I found out that my uncle passed away today. My first thoughts were to ask my aunt was she and everyone else doing well. I was fine driving home after hearing the news. It wasn’t until I saw photos of you then I broke down. Each photo I saw, I could hear your voice and it seem like I knew exactly what you were saying right before, during and after the photo was taken. I don’t have a single photo of us to hold on to. I’m hoping that someone in the family has one so I can keep it. I’m glad you’re resting now. I know you didn’t like living in the condition you were in. I’m going down memory lane and of course tears cloud my vision. But I’m happy there’s a great amount of happy memories with you. Thank you for everything you’ve taught me.

The part that hurts the most is being so far away and having to receive a phone call about it all. Imagine you’re just going about your day and someone calls you and you’re thinking this will be a normal phone conversation. I didn’t even know what to feel after that. This makes me want to be around my family. I just hope that years don’t go by before I get to see you all again.

I wonder if your children got to see the moon tonight. I bet it would have made them smile. It was so beautiful. I’m usually inside around this time of night so it’s rare that I get to catch the moon this close to the Earth. As I drove home, all I could do is smile and think of you. Say hello to Grandma and Granddad for me. You will be missed Uncle. Love you forever and always.

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They say a storm is coming

They say a storm is coming…

That soon the sea will open the doors of its eyes to tears and the oceans the windows of its mouth to wail because its home has been plundered.

They say a storm is coming… That tomorrow I will wake up in the remnant of what my kind has done to our world and I will hear the foot steps of rivers running to safety.

They say a storm is coming… That I should pack hope in a duffle bag and my dreams, well, my dreams I should leave for the storm to wash clean.

They say a storm is coming, like I wasn’t here all along.

Written by: Adewumi Godwin.

📸: @photospeaks_photography

Places (poem)

Being with you is like warm Memphis blues
Lake Michigan separated the two
But Austin brought them together
He was hot like that H-town weather
Loving your stick of fire like that Tampa Ba-by
Keep it wet like Seattle
I’m soaring like a Phoenix on your axle
He put Little Rock on my finger
Don’t do the cold
So it’s Maui for the winter
Sail the seven seas
As we travel to eternity
London Tokyo Paris France
Russian to LA
Waking up in Kingston
Montego Bay
Haitian Dominican Nigerian
I’m on a mission to enter your kingdom
Your Asian persuasion
You can find me in Costa Rica sleeping days on in
I just want to travel the world and be your one and only girl
Take me to different places
North East South the Westin is where I’ll rest my head in
Breakfast in bed as the sun’s rising
NYC to Philly
Virginia Beach to Venice Beach
Aspen back to Manhattan
We can blast off in the coupe
To any place that you choose
These places I only wanna travel with you ~J.A.A.G 

year ago today is when I met you…..

Daily poem project day 7 “Inspired by”

My mornings are not the same if I don’t see you.
There’s something about your brightness that brings me joy.
I wake up early to take your picture.
Drive to the middle of nowhere just to watch you.
You’re so beautiful.
My selfish ways hate when you don’t appear.
Thinking what needs you more than I do.
I run to you for comfort.
Relaxation or just to escape the reality of life.
Your colors are so vibrant, even when you’re cold.
I love the way you give me chills.
The sound of your voice flows so swiftly.
You shower me with your tears.
Instead of running for cover, I absorb you.
I breathe you in as if I’ll die without you.
Spending late nights counting your freckles.
Whether I follow paths you’ve created or go a different way.
You always brighten up my day.
Nature this poem is inspired by you. ~J.A.A.G