Two Suit cases and a duffle bag ….(poem)

Two Suit cases and a duffle bag, if only that was all she travelled with.
The whistling train was a welcomed distraction, a snoring mother whose baby wailed for suck, the endless winks and sickening kisses blown from the clueless admirer down the aisle but none told her story as the two suit cases and a
duffle bag she packed with her other baggages unseen.

If only, dear Porter, I didn’t need to need you, to help me look after my baggage’s as I wander for a minute into denial.
I need you to distract me, oh Lover! for another minute.
Her face told her story, so as she learnt to cherish her face she learnt to tell her story with smiles, tears, thanks and sigh. She knew. Home was far. Not by distance but acceptance.
~Adewumi Godwin 

The heart wins again….(poem)

The alarm sounded for me to wake for the day. Opening my eyes, I wanted to still be dreaming. Reality has sunken in that we are not neighbors. Your bed is your bed and my bed, well it’s just springs hidden under some cushion. But I can’t complain because this bed is what comforts me. These pillows have become my tissue. These sheets are like your hands holding me tight. The air flows through the vent like the whispers of your voice.

There will be no knock on the door. No ringing of the bell. Sitting on the front porch waiting for you to walk by. If only I could see over the horizon. Look into your eyes and capture the sun rising or watch it set. You are there and I’m, well I’m lonely. Prevented myself from loving you but the heart wins again. ~J.A.A.G 

Day 4 of GD_Words poems.


Words are beautifully hideous.
Standing alone they tell stories; “lost”.
Standing together they speak riddles; “I am lost?”.
Used right they reveal truth; “I am lost!”.
In the hands of a wordsmith they become characters only a depraved mind can have; “I don’t want to be found”.

~Adewumi Godwin