My photos his words, partners we are.

Even in pieces I still will not fit into your box.

I’ll exercise my liberty no matter how uncomfortable it makes You.

But I will do it All in Love.

Religion couldn’t define Me.

Depression couldn’t hold me down.

I cry freely even though I was told real men don’t cry.

My masculinity won’t be defined by your ignorance.

I know who I am.

Remember, even in pieces I still will not fit into your box.

You remember who I was when you thought you knew Me and decided for me that that’s who I should always be.

I laugh.

Hold on to your ghosts. I don’t believe in them anymore.

Love found Me

Countless times when I was trying to find my way back to who you want me to be.

With a simple smile Love paid my fare back to Me.

Your opinion is worthless, that’s what Love told Me.

You don’t know Me,

If You want to

simply ask


       – Adewumi Godwin.

Day 4 of GD_Words poems.


Words are beautifully hideous.
Standing alone they tell stories; “lost”.
Standing together they speak riddles; “I am lost?”.
Used right they reveal truth; “I am lost!”.
In the hands of a wordsmith they become characters only a depraved mind can have; “I don’t want to be found”.

~Adewumi Godwin