Places (poem)

Being with you is like warm Memphis blues
Lake Michigan separated the two
But Austin brought them together
He was hot like that H-town weather
Loving your stick of fire like that Tampa Ba-by
Keep it wet like Seattle
I’m soaring like a Phoenix on your axle
He put Little Rock on my finger
Don’t do the cold
So it’s Maui for the winter
Sail the seven seas
As we travel to eternity
London Tokyo Paris France
Russian to LA
Waking up in Kingston
Montego Bay
Haitian Dominican Nigerian
I’m on a mission to enter your kingdom
Your Asian persuasion
You can find me in Costa Rica sleeping days on in
I just want to travel the world and be your one and only girl
Take me to different places
North East South the Westin is where I’ll rest my head in
Breakfast in bed as the sun’s rising
NYC to Philly
Virginia Beach to Venice Beach
Aspen back to Manhattan
We can blast off in the coupe
To any place that you choose
These places I only wanna travel with you ~J.A.A.G 

year ago today is when I met you…..

Water claws


As I was taking pictures for my shadow challenge, he started splashing the water from the cooler. I love capturing the details in water splashing. But as you look very closely at his fingertips, you see the water flying off. This instantly made me think of claws or spikes coming out his fingers. I love when the bloopers are better than the originals.