It’s 4th of July weekend and I was working at the restaurant all day trying to get extra money for the weekend. This was a small restaurant but we stayed busy during certain times of the day. My homies will always come in around 4 o’clock to keep me company. Really it was to get some free drinks but Daniel made sure to always leave a big tip. He would say it made him feel better tipping me more rather than paying a lot for the meal. As long as he paid something for him and his friends I didn’t care.

Daniel is my best friend of 16yrs now. In the streets they call him Gamble or G. This is because he stays taking a gamble on life. He was more like my older brother. His mother died when he was younger so my family took him in and we’ve been close ever since.

Gamble and about three other hot head boys walk in the restaurant loud as usual.

“What’s up Jamy?” Gamble asked as he approached the counter.

“Same thing as every other day. Trying to get this money. The legal way.”

“Oh so you got jokes?”

We both laughed.

“What y’all want to eat?” I yelled out to all 4 of them.

Darius shouted, “Jamy hook us up with some philly steaks!”

“You better be lucky I love y’all lil bad asses.”

I noticed G was holding a white shoe box in his hand.

“Aye, G what shoes you selling today? I know those ain’t the new Yeezys and you walking around like ain’t nobody gon run up on you.”

“I ain’t worried bout these lil dudes. Me and my homies ready for whatever.” He laughed, Turning to dap up all his homies.

They all got loud and started talking about how they ain’t tryna kill nobody just tryna make this money. I loved them all but they give me a heart attack every time they walk out this restaurant.

Everybody finished eating and Gamble told them he was going to chill a bit longer with me. We sat down at the table and chopped it up a bit. Moments later 4 new faces I’ve never seen before came inside the restaurant. I instantly felt threatened. One guy approached the table as the other three stood by the counter.

“Yo, homie run me those shoes.” The ringleader demanded.

“Nah, but you can buy them for 400.” Gamble told them, not making eye contact.

The other three guys let out a laugh. “This nigga must be a fool.”

The ringleader folded his arms across his chest, “I’m gone say it one more time.”

I was looking at G hoping he can see it in my eyes that I wanted him to just give them the shoes. Gamble grabbed the box from me and held them close to him.

“If you want these shoes, you can buy them. I’m out here tryna hustle just like y’all. I’m not giving you my shoes.” Gamble got up from the table and walked outside. I think he did this so no damage was done to my restaurant.

The guys followed him outside and I ran behind the counter trying to call the police. Keeping Gamble in my view just in case something happened. I saw the guy hand G money and he gave them the shoes. I hurried outside to make sure he was good.

“They bought the shoes?” I quickly asked him.

“Yea, they gave me the money. I told dude like damn, y’all out here tryna rob people, y’all need to find a better hustle. They lucky I sold them for 400.”

“Man you had me scared. I told you these young dudes don’t care about nothing.”

We were walking around the parking lot while G smoked and we saw a car drive by and let the window down. Gamble grabbed me and we hit the ground as he covered my body. All I heard was gunshots that sounded like they were by my ear. Then it was nothing but silence.

Opening my eyes, “Aye, G get up you’re heavy.”

He wasn’t responding. I felt something wet on my face. Looked down and blood was dripping from his mouth. I used the little strength I had to push him off me.

“G! No, no, wake up! C’mon. Don’t do this to me.”

There was nobody outside like I woke up in a new dimension. I dragged his body into the restaurant as quickly as possible. I leaned against the bench and put Daniel across my lap. The floor had puddles of blood and tears. I knew he was dying and I didn’t really know how I was going to live without him.

“G, I love you so much. You hear me?” I knew he couldn’t respond but he had to hear me. “You remember when you used to make fun of me for working here? What I used to always tell you?”

I wiped his face with my shirt but tears kept coming down. “I told you that I was going to be the head of this restaurant didn’t I? I’ll make sure Darius, Markus and Jayson get their favorite meals.”

Daniel looked up at me and took his last breath. It felt like I sat on that floor for hours before I heard police sirens pull into the parking lot.

D.C. (Drama Connections) pt. 4

Obi approached our boat. “Well hello Mel. Isn’t it always nice to see you out here.”

“Whatever Obi. Why are you here and not on your “business trip” like you told your wife?”

Ro can see the frustration on my face so he stood next to me and asked is everything ok. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and asked if he could let me talk to Obi alone for a second. He jumped off the boat and decided to go for a swim, making sure to keep us in his view.

“Mel you know this is my relaxation area. Charee isn’t into nudity like you. I couldn’t get her to come out here if her life depends on it.” Obi said as he took a seat on the boat.

“So you’re out here solo?” I asked.

“Yeah, just about to head back to the lake house to do some work.”

“I don’t believe you. Where’s E?”

“Damn girl, he’s my brother not my husband.”

I can tell Obi was trying to avoid my questions. I needed to know if he was here solo or with Tammy. I needed to know where Eric was at. There’s no way I got these ladies all worked up and now I’m losing evidence of my theory.

“You know you’re always invited to the house whenever you’re out here. But only if you’re coming alone.”

Let me give you all a little backstory as to why I don’t like Obi. When he came to the states, we dated for maybe three months. This was before he knew Charee or Stephanie. We didn’t last long because honestly his sex is whack. Plus he’s always up to no good. But we were really good friends just not good lovers. In college he got into an accident and for whatever reason he called me. I was there for him until he got back on his feet. When I met JB the track star, Obi became possessive. I guess Obi thought his money was all that I needed. He asked me to marry him and promised he would take care of me. JB wasn’t having it. He moved me out of the city for awhile so I could get away from Obi. During my absence is when Obi met Stephanie. Now it’s bringing us to this day.

“Obi you’re never going to give up are you?”

“You know you’re supposed to be my wife.” Obi said as he reached out to grab my thighs.

“Anyways, that is so far in the past. You should start being faithful to your wife and stop trying to please every woman with your money. Now I think it’s time you head back to your lake house and do some ‘work’ as you would call it.”

Obi left the boat and yelled out, “you still looking good Mel. Let daddy know when you’re ready for a trip or something.”

Oh, I’m ready for a trip alright. It’s going to be with your money but it won’t be with you. “Bye Obi!” I yelled out.

Since I wasn’t able to get any information from him, I figured I’ll give Tammy a call. I started to think about if any of this was true or not. If it wasn’t, I still didn’t like him and Charee should want to screw him over just for him wanting me and keeping her locked in the house. But if that was enough, this would have happened years ago and not now.

Right before I could text Tammy, Ro came over to ask what did Obi have to say. I let him know that he’s full of shit and I don’t believe anything he has to say. Ro told me that I shouldn’t contact Tammy because if something goes down, I can’t have Obi knowing that I knew her. That was smart thinking. I didn’t even have to think of a plan b because here comes Eric and some female walking this way. She had to be Shay. Dudes are so bold. He’s not even in another state and they’re walking around holding hands like it’s nothing. I didn’t want him to see me so we decided to leave.

Texting Stephanie:

Me: Hey girl wyd?

Stephanie: Just woke up. You?

Me: Leaving the lake. I’m about to come over. Me and Ro.

Stephanie: Cool. It’ll be open.

We walked right in like the place was ours. Stephanie lived downtown in a highrise. Obi might have screwed her over but she sure knew how to bounce back. I often think Obi went after her because we were so much alike.

“What you getting into today?” I asked as I flopped down on her couch.

“Not a damn thing. It’s too hot out there.”

“Right!” I said bursting out into laughter.

“Anywho, so you know Alicia and Charee ain’t gone do nothing unless I drag them out of the house. I think we should book a flight to DC tonight.”

“Tonight, tonight?” Stephanie asked.

Yeah, because I went to the lake and saw Obi. He didn’t give me any information but then I saw Eric as we were leaving and I saw him with a woman. It has to be the Shay girl. Ro told me not to contact Tammy so I think we should just make our move.

“Well you know I’m down. Not really tryna be on another plane but I want to make this negro suffer.”

I have Tammy’s security code. We can go scope out the place. I really don’t want her kids to be there. We don’t know who she lives with. We gone go there get what we can, sell that shit and make a big deposit!

Stephanie met me halfway with a high five.

“You thinking about hitting up Careem?”

“He does have those military instincts, we might need him.”

Flight was booked and we didn’t say a word to the other ladies. We arrived in D.C around 9 o’clock. We went to Careem’s house. One of his buddies was able to find her address for us. He got us all the information we needed to know.

12:45 AM we arrived to the house. Her house was small for three children. I entered the code and we went inside. I felt bad for this lady. She had nothing in here. Obi spends money on her to come to him but she definitely not getting any money to buy furniture. Walking through her house is making me dislike Obi even more.

“Mel, I thought you said Tammy was fat?” Stephanie asked.

“She is fat.”

“Well where the hell does she sleep? I know her big ass ain’t sleeping on a twin size mattress.”

I tried not to laugh but Stephanie had a point. This will hurt Charee even more knowing he’s cheating with a woman that barely has anything. Just when we were about to leave, I saw an ultrasound on the counter.

“Yo, Steph! Look at this!” I was trying to whisper.

“This better not be Obi’s baby.”

Right next to the ultrasound was a doctor’s appointment reminder at the clinic. Looks like Tammy got an abortion before coming to Austin. Why doesn’t this woman have her tubes tied?

I took a picture of the ultrasound and letter before we left the house. Careem took us out for drinks and we headed back to Austin.

Monday morning rolled around and Eric was still away from the house. Alicia said that he wasn’t coming back till Tuesday night. I called Alicia and Charee to see if they were headed to the bank to get access to the accounts. It really pays to know people because we were friends with some ladies in the bank as well. Erica worked at the Wells Fargo and didn’t care about her job at all. Plus she had tons of Daddy’s money to spend so this was just something for her to get out of the house. Now the ladies weren’t just going to get the money out of the accounts. I told them over the weekend to think of something they wanted to invest in. The goal was to just transfer the money into another account which will be a business account. This way they can start building something for themselves. No matter how much money your significant other has, you should always have something going for yourself.

We all met up that evening to discuss other plans we wanted to do with the money. It felt good seeing them finally do something without their husbands smothering them. The locks were changed at the house. Security codes were all new and we all packed a bag for vacation number one.

It was around 7 o’clock in the evening when Charee’s phone started blowing up with calls from Obi. Both her and Alicia had missed calls and text that accumulated from the flight to Miami. These men were pissed and I was loving it.

Alicia checks one of her 20 voicemails:

“Alicia where the hell are you? I get home to the locks changed on my house. You do know this is my house right?”

Next voicemail:

“Why is your phone going straight to voicemail? Where are you?”

“Are you with Melody? I swear to God if you don’t call me in the next 10 mins…”

Before Eric could finish his sentence, we heard a female’s voice in the background. I asked Alicia to play that message again.

“Are you with Melody? I swear to God if you don’t call me in the next 10mins..

Female’s voice: “Baby can we get something to eat now?”

Eric must have hung up the phone because we heard some ruffling then silence.

I looked at Alicia and she looked at me and said, “let’s enjoy our vacation.” We all turned our cells on silent and hit Collins Ave.

We knew we had to act quickly on the funds part so Charee started depositing more money into her business account and sending some to mine and Stephanie’s so that it all can be spread out differently. Although we only stayed in Miami for one night, we had a blast. Spending money of VIP sessions, going shopping, buying drinks for everyone. I even got Charee to go skydiving. Now you can barely get this girl to get her hair wet so that was a big deal for me. It was definitely a day to remember.

Instead of going straight home, I took the ladies to the lakehouse when we got back to Austin. I know Obi too well so I can almost guess what his code is. He’s a smart man but when it comes to codes and passwords, he kept them all similar. There was no sign of them when we arrived so I entered a code that I thought it could be and we were in.

Eric contacted Obi about the situation. Charee let us hear some of her voicemails. I just laughed because they weren’t going to do anything. They will be mad when they find out there’s no money in the bank but still will deny ever cheating. There was really nothing they could do at this point but be upset.

Charee and Alicia returned home as if nothing happened. Eric questioned Alicia about where she was and why wasn’t she answering her phone. Before they returned home, I made sure to prep them for the interrogation that was going to happen. I was proud that both women stood firm. Both women said they didn’t feel safe because too many people knew about the spare keys and so they decided to change the locks. They also told their men that they needed to get away because they were tired of being couped in the house. The ladies stayed calm the entire time explaining their actions for the previous days, that the men couldn’t do nothing.

Now, I didn’t want anyone to get hurt in this situation, so I had them put some of the money back in the accounts so that it wouldn’t seem so obvious. I should have thought of that in the beginning but of course I really wanted them to leave and never return. The next couple weeks went by and the men were on their best behavior. Until the Fourth of July weekend. Obi threw is famous boat party on the lake. Everyone was there having a good time. Eric’s phone kept ringing but he was in the water. Alicia decided to check it because the person kept calling.

Alicia: “Hello!”

“I’m trying to reach Eric. Is this his phone?” The female over the phone asked.

“Who’s calling?”

“This is Shay. I tried his other cell but got no answer so I got this number from Tammy.”

“Shay how do you know Eric and who is Tammy?”

“I’m sorry, but who am I speaking with? Can you just put Eric on the phone?”

“No I can not and don’t call this phone again.”

Alicia hung up the phone and went back to the party. She later told me what happened.

The party is whining down and we see Obi talking on the phone with someone and he looks heated. I tell Charee to go next to him to see if she can calm him down. Before she can even get close to him, he tells her to go with Melody and he will see her at the house. I didn’t like that one bit and I knew he was up to something. We went to Eric’s boat and was about to head back to the dock. Obi yells over “Aye E, take them back to the lake house for me.”

Obi was rushing us and I wanted to know why.

“I need to get my bag from under the seat.” I tried to think of something quick before Eric took off.

Just as I suspected, Obi was hiding something.

“Obi! Obi! I know you hear me.” Tammy shouted as she approached the boat.

I looked at Alicia and she looked at Charee and Charee jumped off the boat instantly.

All I can think of is it’s about to go down!

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Eye Contact…..


Unexpected Meetings
Unnoticed in the midst of the crowd. But once I saw her, she stood out like a sore thumb. Her eyes beamed in the dimly lit room. Her smile was as radiant as Sun rays. Something about her cocoa skin shined like leather. Her walk was not a walk of confidence but a walk of security. She walked as if she knew her King will protect her. But she was alone. Her energy drew me to her. She had came alone and I wanted to protect her.

I watched her as she bit her nails. I watched her as she applied chapstick to her lips. I watched her as she took a drink. I couldn’t help but to watch her. Here she was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. A hooded jacket and her bag over her shoulder. She looked, comfortable. I was drawn to her natural beauty. But how do I approach her?

I could tap her on the shoulder and introduce myself. Or do I just stand next to her and spark up a conversation? Time is ticking. What should I do? Before I knew it, she was on the stage speaking to me. Speaking words that felt like they were only for me.

“Unexpected compliments
Brings unexpected joy
It’s time to release these unexpected butterflies in my tummy
Please tell me more
I want to hold hands like we’re on a field trip
Stay up late till 4am talking about health tips
Religion politics
The news the blues
Anything that you choose
We can have breakfast at noon
Listen to some old school music
Long walks in the park
Random road trips if you like……”

I think I’m in love. Listening to her speak those words. I wanted the poem to be about me. I wanted every word she spoke to be related to me.

“……..Force these thoughts to come out of me
I’m ready for the one where my mind can’t keep you out of it
I want you to make me smile
Bring me happiness
Pour your soul into mines
As we create a life filled with unconditional love
I just wanna trust
No lusting I just want it to be us
I don’t need a coward
I want someone who’s courageous
Who can elevate me
Stimulate my mind with deep conversations…….”

She’s leaving the stage. What should I do? What should I say? I have to make a move soon. Wait, where did she go?

(Bumping into each other)

“Oh, excuse me”, she said

This is it. I was looking for her and here she is right in my face. Say something quick before she walks away.

“Hi, that was a beautiful piece you spoke” he told her.

(Blushing) “Thank you. Do you come here often?”

“This is only my second time. But I think I’ll be back more often. Any plans after this”, he asked?

I hope she didn’t. I would do anything to just sit with her for five minutes. Just to hear more of her voice. Listen to her laugh. Paint a mental picture of that beautiful smile.

“Well, I was waiting on some friends, but I don’t think they’re coming. So I guess I don’t have any plans.”

“Would you like to grab a bite to eat? There’s a Denny’s up the road.”

“Denny’s sound great. I’ll meet you there”, she responded.

I couldn’t be happier. What if she doesn’t show up? I should’ve said I’ll drive or suggested we rode together. Sh**, now I’m even more nervous. Ok, just relax. She’s cool. She’ll show up. This will be a great night.


Hi officer….


(Alarm ringing 6:30 am) I’m so not ready to wake up. Just need ten more minutes.

(7:25 a.m.) Oh no, we’re going to be late. I didn’t even know I slept that long.

“Good morning sweetie. Time to get up for school.”

“Good morning mommy.”

“Did you sleep good?” She asked him.

“Yes, did you sleep good mommy?”

“Yes. I woke up late so we have to hurry. What do you want to eat?”

“Hmmm, I’ll take oatmeal”, he said with excitement.

“Oatmeal it is. Let’s go potty and get dressed.”

(Alarming security system)

“Hurry up.” We have to take the toll road so we can make it there on time.

“Can I see the phone mommy?”

(8:40 am) Please don’t turn around. (Looking in rearview mirror) No, he’s turning around. I can not afford a speeding ticket right now. Wait, I wasn’t even going that fast. Ugh, please let this be a nice officer. Please, please.

(Police lights flashing, pulling into parking lot)

“Good morning ma’am. I pulled you over because of your speed coming off the toll road. You were going about 60. Where are you headed this morning?”

“Hi. I’m taking my son to daycare then headed to work”. I wasn’t really headed to work. But I felt like that sounded better.

“May I see your license and insurance?”

(Handing the officer her license and insurance)

“Is this your current address Ms. O’Neil?”

“No we just moved in with my father,” she told the officer.

“May I get you to write down your current address and a telephone number you can be reached.”

(Handing her a notepad and pen)

She wondered if that was normal. But didn’t want to get a ticket so she proceeded to write her temporary address in the notepad.

“Thank you, I’ll be back shortly.”

“Mommy are we going to HEB?”

“No, we have to wait on the officer then I’m taking you to school.”

“Do you see the airplane mommy?”

“I hear it but I can’t see it. Think it’s behind the clouds.”

“It’s behind the clouds?”

“Yes, sweetie.” Listen to him. He has no clue what’s going on. I hope I don’t get a ticket and we can just go on with our morning.

“Alright Ms. O’Neil, unfortunately I’m all out of warnings this morning. I was going to give you a warning but I actually don’t have any.”

(Laughing a nervous laugh) She thought does that mean she’ll be getting a ticket.

After a short pause, the officer stated that since he’s out of warnings that he would give her a verbal warning. A sense of relief took over her body. She wanted to tell him he can’t pause in between those statements. He had her nervous and about to start crying. But she smiled and said thank you.

“Tell your son to have a great day at daycare. I just dropped my son off at daycare.”

“Thank you so much”, she said.

“You’re welcome (Giving her a nice smile). I’m pretty sure you’ll be using this route more frequently, so just keep it close to 50 and not 60. I monitor this area often”, he told her.

“Yes, I will” (trying not to smile too much).

They both said have a good day and the officer walked back to his truck. Ms. O’Neil couldn’t wait to get out that parking lot.

That was a close call. Now I need gas. Dangit. I was trying to wait till later. I wonder does he monitor this area in the evenings as well. It would suck to have him pull me over again later. I’m going to make sure I do the speed limit.

“Alright, I’ll see you later. Have fun at school.”

“Bye mommy.”


Everyone wants to drive slow today. This is the toll road. The speed limit is 80 not 60 or whatever y’all are doing. Get out the fast lane! (Yelling at the cars in front) Ok let me slow it down. I hope this officer isn’t up here. I should’ve just went the other way.

“You have to be kidding me.” she said.

“What is it mommy?”

The police is pulling me over again. I know I wasn’t speeding this time. Wait, I can’t remember if I was doing 55 or less. I really need to start leaving earlier.

(Looking in rearview as the officer approaches her truck)

“Good morning Ms. O’Neil. Funny seeing you again so soon.”

“Good morning.” (Giving him a smirk wondering what did she do this time)

“How is your morning going so far, he asked?”

“Just trying to get son to daycare.”

“Which school does he attend?”

“Creative kids right off Pecan St.”

“Really? My son goes there.”

Is there a reason he’s making conversation with me? Like officer, I do have somewhere to be. Are you giving me a ticket or not? “That’s great. What a small town this is”, she said.

“Yes, it is. You have a wonderful day Ms. O’Neil. Take it slow this time around.”

“Will do. Thank you.”

If I didn’t know any better I could’ve sworn this officer had a crush on me. A few more days went by and I must say I’m guilty of taking the same route, just so he’d talk to me.

It was just my luck that he did and by the end of the week, he’d worked up the courage to ask me out.

We’d decided on taking the kids out to play at a local park not too far away since both of us were single parents. He turned out to be an amazing man.

He enjoyed art, listened to jazz, and could actually hold a decent conversation. Not to mention the love he showed for his son.

We all know how hard it is to actually find a good man these days, she thought.

The officer stopped me everyday he got the chance and it kind of became our thing. So much so that I began to leave the house a little early just so I’d have more time to talk to him.

We texted and went out on a few more dates and from the looks of things, my son loved him and I was beginning to think maybe I did too.

No one knows what the future holds but I was hoping to see more of this mysterious officer of mine.


The Cosigner


Some people are just evil and don’t care. It’s not fair to play with someone’s emotions. Leading someone on then leave them once you don’t need them anymore.

I’m losing hope. Maybe I should try online dating. What’s the worst that can happen? Who knows it might actually be fun meeting someone new.

(Logging onto a dating site)

Hmm, they sure ask for a lot of information. Alright here we go, profile set, let’s see what happens.


New message already. I’m so nervous. What do I say? What am I doing? What if he doesn’t even look like his photos? I’m going to have a Catfish experience I just know it.

Message chat- Hi beautiful. Your photos really stands out from the crowd.

– Thank you. You have nice photos as well.
I don’t know what to say. This is weird already. Just relax and try to enjoy this.

-I’m Travis what’s your name?


-Nice to meet you Tiffany, have you ever been to NY?

-No but I would love to visit one day

-You should come visit me so I can show you around the city

-That sounds nice but I don’t have money to come now

-Are you available to video chat?

-That would be great. We can later this evening.

-Here’s my cell let me know when you’re ready. 203-987-8823

I hope this guy isn’t a creep.

(Sending text) Hey Travis it’s Tiffany. Are you ready to Skype?

Yes I am love, he replied.

After talking for about 45 minutes about any and everything, Tiffany felt like she could really get used to talking to him. He made her laugh and had a great sense of humor. Weeks went by and the two talked daily on Skype. Travis asked her if she would like to visit the city now. Tiffany was still nervous but thought what the heck, it’s New York.

(Video chat) Hey love, I booked your plane ticket for next week, he stated.

That’s awesome. I’m so excited to see you in person.

(Arriving at the airport, video chatting with her bestie) Hey girl, I just touched down in NYC. I can not believe I am really here.

Omg, you really went to see him?

Yes, I know crazy! Alright gotta call him to see where he’s at. I’ll give you a call later.

(Sending text to everyone) Just made it. Hugs and kisses.

The two met and exchanged hugs. Feeling relieved that he looks the same. Arriving at his apartment, she was shocked at how big it was. The way the media talks about New York, she was expecting to see a small studio apartment. He lived with his cousin and her daughter.

So what do you want to do first Tiff?

This is your city, show me everything.

We’ll start with Central Park then move around from there, he told her.

Hours went by and Tiffany had been to so many places. She didn’t realize how close all the different places were.

What you want for dinner,  he asked her?

I think we should cook dinner to save some money. I mean we have 5 mouths to feed tonight.

Yea you’re right. So what you cooking?

I’m the one on vacay, why should I cook?

C’mon love, cook for your future husband.

We can eat baked chicken, rice and veggies, she stated.

That sounds delicious love.

The first night in New York was amazing. Tiffany couldn’t wait to explore more the next day. When she woke up, something felt different. She started to think if this was really his place or did he just stay with his cousin because she was in town for the weekend.

I wonder if this is his girlfriend instead of his cousin. What if that’s his baby? They could be a couple and trying to set me up. My silly tail really came to visit and he could be lying about everything.

Hey love, you ready to head out?

Yes sweetie, just gotta make a phone call first.

(Whispering on the phone) I think he’s up to something. I just have a weird feeling that she’s not his cousin.

(Voice over the phone)What makes you think that?

They just act a little too close and who really lives with their female cousin?

So are you still gonna do it?

Yea, I think so. He seems like he’ll be willing to help.

Alright girl, well you be careful and text me later.

Will do.

Tiffany left the room crying and Travis rushed to her to see what happened.

What’s going on love? Are you ok?

I have a dilemma, she stated.

Tell me. I don’t want to see you cry.

I need a favor from you. It’s hard for me to ask because this is our first meet. But I’m in need of help bad.

Anything for you, just tell me what it is.

I have a situation where I need you to cosign for me. There’s nothing else you need to do, I just need a couple signatures and that’s it.

What’s the cosign for, he asked?

I got a ticket in another state and I need a cosigner to prove that I will go to court and finish paying the ticket.

Travis agreed to the terms without hesitation. He figured since there’s no money involved, what’s the worst that can happen. He really liked her and didn’t want to see her stressed or go to jail. He read over the paperwork and filled out the information needed. He had no clue what she was up to.

Later that evening Tiffany went to take a shower. Travis told her he had to go outside and would be back up shortly. Something didn’t feel right. She wondered why was he going outside this late. His cousin had already went to her room to retire for the night.

Well she’s going to bed earlier than usual.

Tiffany heard music coming from Stephanie’s bedroom. Once she turned the shower on, the music got louder. She pretended to get into the shower then went to Stephanie’s door to listen. As she expected, there was something going on. After her shower, Stephanie knocked on the bathroom door to ask where did Travis go.

Is she really asking me where he is like they weren’t just in there having sex? Luckily I have other stuff planned so it’s whatever. Oh he said he had to go outside for a sec.

Alright, I was just wondering. I’m going back to bed, Stephanie told her.

Yea yea whatever. You and him can keep playing games all you want. That’s not what I came here for. Ok girl, see you in the morning.

Moments later Travis came around the corner saying he was exhausted and ready to pass out. The two talked for a minute laying in bed before falling asleep.

Thank you for helping me Travis, it really means a lot.

You’re welcome love. (Giving her a kiss goodnight)

It was her last day in the city and he took her to the airport. They promised to keep in contact and visit more so than often. He didn’t want her to leave and said he would pay for her to return every month until he can move to her city. Tiffany told him that was not a good idea because it would cost too much money.

A week later Travis tried to call Tiffany and couldn’t get through. After calling and texting and getting no response, he started to get worried. He didn’t want to think anything bad but he couldn’t help it.

Why isn’t this girl responding to my calls?

Travis got really sick and had to miss work for a couple days due to hospital stay. When he returned, he realized all his belongings from his safe were gone. He blamed Stephanie but she denied it. His account was overdrawn and his job had fired him. Stephanie didn’t resign the lease so he had nowhere to go. He was hurt that she didn’t inform him while he was in the hospital. After a week or so, Travis had lost everything. He had no money, no car, no job and nowhere to live. While he was online looking for a future wife, his cousin and Tiffany were making plans to rob him. He never saw it coming. Some say blood is thicker than water. But greed is the root of all evil. It’s hard to trust anyone in this world.