Daily poem project day 6 “A Process”

This is a process you know.
You enter my life and expect me to change everything.
No not gonna happen.
Slow down remember this is a process.
Take shorter steps.
We can skip a little but not too much.
How many times must I tell you, this is a process?
Like I’m waking up at 6am just to make it to the other side of town by 7:40.
Better not be a minute late.
Because they don’t believe in giving you a 5-10min grace period.
And I swear that lady at the front desk is always on her period.
Why should a 4 year old start school this early anyways?
This process.
I’m trying so hard not to stress.
But I refuse to live this way.
Not trying to work for someone else the rest of my days.
Reading books, learning techniques, it’s not fun when you have to compete.
They try to force religion upon you.
Tell you how to dress.
Don’t do this.
Oh no we don’t accept that.
This recipe is not suited for me.
So I’m shredding your guidelines for my life and processing a new formula for this busy bee.~ J.A.A.G