Purple Skies….

I told him the sky was purple

He knew it was blue

But he knew that believing the sky was purple was a way inside my thoughts

Clearly seeing the sky for its TRUE colors he only wanted to see what I saw

Broken pieces scattered

I just wanted him to help me solve my puzzle

So I told him the sky was purple

As we laid under the brown tree

If only he could understand that I saw blue and a burning red

And what was really in my head

Is that I was torn in between the two

Most of my pieces were hidden in places I was afraid to return.

So next time I say the sky is purple I want you to know that’s what I see when I’m with you….

Unzipping my Thoughts (poem)

Sunflower has lost its petals
But there’s a seed that grows within
From the roots to the tips
These hips will curve you
Skin black like ink
My blood you’ll drink
Point blank period
This cycle will not continue
You’re a coward
Not worthy of being my king
I’ll dance to my own beat
Sing my own tunes
Sunflower once lost her petals
But my tears turned into rain
And washed away the pain
Cleansed from your negative scent
Never will I become content
The mother of civilization
Just gave birth to greatness.