Special Parking…

Before children the massive handicap parking, the motorcycle parking and especially the customer with children parking drove me crazy. I don’t think any of these frustrated me more than the shopping cart spots taking up two parking spaces. Or the 20 trees placed right in the middle of the parking lot.

I’m a huge nature person. But I don’t want a park outside in Walmart’s parking lot right by the entrance. Can we move the tree decor closer to the back of the parking lot please? Now, I’m not asking for the small amount of trees that provide shade for some cars. If you’ve seen the big circle of grassy area at these stores, then you know what I’m talking about.

There has to be some kinda way to design store parking lots to provide enough shade on each row, enough handicap spaces, and the shopping cart area to be out of the way of convenient parking spaces. There has to be a way.

Now that I do have a child and also a child with a disability, I love these special parking spaces. I understand them more. Now I didn’t hate them before, let’s make that clear. I just always thought there were too many handicap spaces at certain stores. I don’t know how many people misuse these parking spaces. But when I first went to Buy Buy Baby and saw this designated parking area for us parents, I instantly became more excited to be a first time mother.

Now when I go to a store and they don’t have parking spaces for customers with children, I’m like what is going on here. Do they not care about us? Funny how I switched really quick right?

Main point is that I no longer want to take these small these for granted or let them annoy me. If I didn’t have a child and became disabled, I will be upset if I had to park far. So these spaces are here for those who need them.

Thank you to those who thought of making these special parking spaces. But now I just will like for you all to design the parking lot differently so the trees and carts aren’t taking up as much space for those who are not qualified for a special parking space.