Wait no more….

I’m waiting for the one where we can create beautiful art.
He’ll sail down my bloodstream resting right on my heart.
Skin dark like midnight
Eyes glowing like street lights.
That smile curves like the moon’s crescent
His essence….
Tall dark and handsome..
Referring only to the black kings.
You know the mother of civilization offsprings.~J.A.A.G

I stand as a king, now prepared for his queen but she seems to be hiding. Maybe behind the hurt of her past caused by guys who wore a mask similar to my reflection I can understand why she would be skeptical of my interest. How can I prove to her that our portrait would be a work of art because she is my masterpiece. Her effortless beauty is only enhanced by the curve of her mouth that’s only outmatched by the curve of her waist no more waiting your time is now…~Adoniis

Smile again…. (poem)

I made you smile last night.
It wasn’t just a grin.
No this was a showing all 32s
You bursted into laughter.
I made you smile
And guess what it had nothing to do with sex.
What’s next you’re guessing.
Let’s laugh some more
Tell me something silly so I can return with something not so funny
But you’ll laugh because you think I’m cute.
Let me see that smile one more time.
This time I want mines to touch yours…..~Jamy

Of course time will tell if you truly love this crooked smile.
Vexed with imperfections with no signs of corrections
It’ll be a while
Before you realized I’m just a beautiful confused child.
Like the rest you’ll get used to these antics
No longer unique,
I’ll become another boy who made you feel special an antique.
I got trust issues laced with pain and tissue for those who say they love my smile..
Because it won’t be long before this smile becomes the issue ~Deandre

See there you go assuming
Thinking I’m going to misuse this
Your smile only looks crooked because you look at me with your head to the side
This vibe no modern technology
Let’s take it back to the days before we were even thought of
Here’s my sleeve
Your tears mixed with my skin
This melanin will shine bright
Are you still confused?
Because your queen is waiting….~Jamy

conflicted I lay contemplating
upon hearing that my smile won’t be wasted.
She called herself my queen, so it seems,
That this maybe  the beginning of a love scene
To think it all started with a smile worthwhile..
So here I come,
Giving you all of me again,
Hoping that this time a beautiful journey begin ~Deandre 

Collaboration week day 2

Real Feelings Day 1

Today’s hopeless romantic is now labeled as thirsty and dramatic
no longer seen as lovers but  people who swarm your covers  with obsessions.  These are the confessions of a boy who let his thoughts and emotions swirl
I think the world forgot the concept of love
Nothing higher  than these feelings that come from above
Soul burning brightly like fire out of the stove
what happened to love just being that 
Now if a man  shows a little chivalry   a female steps back,  they forgot what love is
Because our society taught them that  love kills
Now young hopeless romantic souls like mine stay still.
Wondering if we care too much  and if we will ever receive,
 A feel that’s real ~Deandre

I feel you. I got you. I want you.
I’m here to let your soul run free. Communicate with me.
No longer shall you feel hopeless.
 Here’s my hand, you should hold this.
Let’s bring back the chivalry.
Wrap me in your arms as we walk those chilly windy city nights.
You take one step, I’ll take two.
You jump and I’ll jump for you.
Catch me.
Let’s fall into deep thoughts.
Now I know you’re thinking this will end soon.
Just know this is real.
We do still exist.
If it’s not too much to ask, my lips will like a kiss. ~Jamy 


Collaboration week day 1

The face behind the poem….

We rap revolution but we work for the institution, 

consciousness is killing me

Frisking me

Bound by these moral codes I look at these fucking clones that I call friends

Even in their name they spell an end 

My spiritual ancestors why is it so hard to contend with your legacy

Pyramids and teachings of love 

My blood must’ve been deluded cause I couldn’t have came from above 

I’m trying to ascend  but these mental demons  are  causing me to see vivid images  of massas victims  screaming 

 Thought I could be the god I wanted to be 

maybe I’m just dreaming.

PTSD I need a profession— 

No wait can’t think that way 

Or else my vibrations will sway 

Knowing the truth at a young age  

Trying to turn the page of history 

This is my story 

trying to preach to my sisters but they won’t listen

Products of institutionalization  

Minds imprisoned unable to see a realization

They say look to god so I look in the mirror trying to see my demons clearer  

Cause the only change I’m going to get is from myself. 

Tell me to look to Jesus so I look to the story of Horus to see how low religions fell causing me to dwell within my own mind. Looking to confide within these lines.   I see Strange fruit hanging like vines when I look at trees sometimes,

Stress and depression is hereditary , seems massas Mark is still branded into us, from the cradle to the grave 

Tell the story of this mental slave   Obituary riped with pain  

Insane how I’m only 17 with an 

abundance of tales  to tell  

Deandre Durham 
Already living in hell 

Now you have a story to tell

I like a little sweetness….

We’ll shine like that sun peeking through the blinds. Chills take over from the slow kisses up and down my spine. You flipped the cards and found the perfect match. Crack open the egg so this love can hatch. My brain next to yours. Your future is stored in the midst of my heart. Take your hand till death do us part. This love will become everlasting. This is no lust, it’s all passion. Compassion, security, with a little sensitivity, I like a little sweetness. Craving your spirit. Vibing, no one can interfere together we’re powerful! ~J.A.A.G 

Unzipping my Thoughts (poem)

Sunflower has lost its petals
But there’s a seed that grows within
From the roots to the tips
These hips will curve you
Skin black like ink
My blood you’ll drink
Point blank period
This cycle will not continue
You’re a coward
Not worthy of being my king
I’ll dance to my own beat
Sing my own tunes
Sunflower once lost her petals
But my tears turned into rain
And washed away the pain
Cleansed from your negative scent
Never will I become content
The mother of civilization
Just gave birth to greatness.

Love understands….(poem) 

It’s what we don’t have that takes most of our time and imagination
The things that are right before our eyes are starved of love and care they deserve
especially those who don’t stop supplying us all we need to experience life’s beauty.
I’m learning to appreciate love more.
I never really understood it so I avoided it.
but after many failed attempts.
I recognize it now.
It has a familiar face.
I still don’t understand it
but Love understands
so we’re good.
~Adewumi Godwin