Protect my heart…

She wanted to protect my heart from the world
Saying no one deserved it
And maybe I liked it
It felt weird being guarded.
Protect my heart from the reality
The savagery
Because I was never that type
But I shattered my heart before a
Falling for the wrong side
So to protect it
She said ‘with my life’.
I never want to be afraid to love
Ever again
So protect my heart from the universe
Safe with the stars
She healed the scars
She held on
Wherever my heart went, she wasn’t too far.
~ @remythewriter
Protect my heart

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Target practice

While you were busy plotting I was busy planning

Perfecting the perfect way to eliminate

AR-47 oh it was too easy

They said take the gun away from her she’s not sane

The target’s face wasn’t visible but

Each hole represents a name

Represents the pain

It’s a shame it had to end this way

Today was just practice

You was plotting

I’ve been planning

Perfecting the perfect equation….



Went to the gun range for the first time and it was amazing!!

Mosaic hearts…

I saw my husband for the first time in over a year. I knew he was coming and the nerves were building.

I wanted to make sure my hair was done nicely so he can tell me how beautiful my curls were. I needed my eyebrows to be on point so he would want to look me in the eyes longer. I needed my skin to be just glowing so he would think that I was happy to see him. He wouldn’t be there long but I was going to put on a fancy outfit that show this new booty I’ve been working hard on. I was going to make sure I wore heels too so my legs looked longer and each step I took will make my hips sway more.

I got the call saying he was 4 minutes away. I simply walked outside in a hoodie and sweats. My hair was not done and my eyebrows were not plucked. I gave him a side hug and we probably said about 10 words to each other.

He still makes me nervous but I couldn’t bring myself to putting the energy into dressing up for him. At this point, we should divorce but my heart isn’t ready to never speak to him again.


We had an agreement

My heart wasn’t on board with the details

Secrets were kept

Stories were told

Tears still form

You created this storm

This twisted spider web

My heart beats a bit faster for you

This heart still loves you.

Shark bait…

You say you have demons

But I won’t fight them

Until you get rid of your fears

When you find me swimming across your ocean

May I be your potion

To heal your wounds

I soon will become that missing piece

But only if you look past these shark like tendencies

And understand that I am the night vision when you’re in darkness

I will hunt when you feel weak

Always on the move so I don’t sleep

I am very much like you….

If you can just look at me

You will see that we can rule this ocean together

He’s lucky….

Couple years ago I decided to find writers who were interested in writing to my photos. Either I choose a piece from them for inspiration or they would right a personal piece. Years later and I’ve still be able to find some great writers to connect with. Most of them, I’ve never met.

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