Gang shootings  (poem)

The darkness covers the tracks of our every move
Dark hoodies bandanas and 40oz got us in the retaliation mood.
All it took for our souls to be shook and hooked on colors was the cover of our dead homie tony.
Glocks locked ready to spray down the flock spotting niggas to get popped
What a better night than Christmas Eve
Knowing by midnight that a opp will receive
A gift of pain revenge is what we hope  to gain.
I never thought of killing another
Until they took one of my brothers
Take a sip of some hard liquor to get our blood’s pumping
Ready to blow, soul pouring with perpetual thoughts as we walked
Hunting, see a nigga with  the wrong color and it’s *da da da pop pop” on sight in the dead of night.
There they go, take it slow this is where we end it all
Three niggas we know to rep on the steps of death
Parked in the von humboldt park
Tell me why I fell victim to the idea Noah’s ark
Riding to a great cleansing of opps
Get shot off top for some shit that was gang related ~Deandre

I thought one day this stuff will become outdated.
Expirated blood splatter from the windpipe as he choked.
There is no hope for the minority.
But you’re really the majority.
Screaming black lives matter but adding more deaths to the story.
You make me sick to my stomach.
Coughing from the smoke.
Inhale, I’ve found a home here.
Exhale, there’s no escaping this.
Dressed in blue during the day.
All black at night.
Killing for the green, doing time for the white.
You laugh at gays but express more of the rainbow.
Colors, seeing all these colors but your own.
Red covered his skin as you popped one in.
“There’s no jobs here, this is how we survive” is what you tell em.
People like you don’t deserve to be alive.
Sell drugs to kill your people slowly.
Spend the money on materialistic things and pretend like these streets are your only way of living.
Enough with the gang banging and start investing into a new business. ~Jamy


Collaboration week day 3

Daily poem project day 7 “Inspired by”

My mornings are not the same if I don’t see you.
There’s something about your brightness that brings me joy.
I wake up early to take your picture.
Drive to the middle of nowhere just to watch you.
You’re so beautiful.
My selfish ways hate when you don’t appear.
Thinking what needs you more than I do.
I run to you for comfort.
Relaxation or just to escape the reality of life.
Your colors are so vibrant, even when you’re cold.
I love the way you give me chills.
The sound of your voice flows so swiftly.
You shower me with your tears.
Instead of running for cover, I absorb you.
I breathe you in as if I’ll die without you.
Spending late nights counting your freckles.
Whether I follow paths you’ve created or go a different way.
You always brighten up my day.
Nature this poem is inspired by you. ~J.A.A.G 

Daily poem project day 3 “Sonnet”

Light me up and cover me with your lips.
Inhale my toxins.
Wrap your fingers around the tip.
Exhale with caution.

Tell me you saw my smoke signal.
When were you going to return?
I miss you a little.
Are my feelings of any concern?

You find pleasure in burning me.
Love to watch as my layers flake away.
I’ll travel through you slowly.
I love to watch your lungs decay.

But don’t forget to breathe.
Like you forgot about me.
~ J.A.A.G