Love understands….(poem) 

It’s what we don’t have that takes most of our time and imagination
The things that are right before our eyes are starved of love and care they deserve
especially those who don’t stop supplying us all we need to experience life’s beauty.
I’m learning to appreciate love more.
I never really understood it so I avoided it.
but after many failed attempts.
I recognize it now.
It has a familiar face.
I still don’t understand it
but Love understands
so we’re good.
~Adewumi Godwin 

Eye Contact…..


Unexpected Meetings
Unnoticed in the midst of the crowd. But once I saw her, she stood out like a sore thumb. Her eyes beamed in the dimly lit room. Her smile was as radiant as Sun rays. Something about her cocoa skin shined like leather. Her walk was not a walk of confidence but a walk of security. She walked as if she knew her King will protect her. But she was alone. Her energy drew me to her. She had came alone and I wanted to protect her.

I watched her as she bit her nails. I watched her as she applied chapstick to her lips. I watched her as she took a drink. I couldn’t help but to watch her. Here she was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. A hooded jacket and her bag over her shoulder. She looked, comfortable. I was drawn to her natural beauty. But how do I approach her?

I could tap her on the shoulder and introduce myself. Or do I just stand next to her and spark up a conversation? Time is ticking. What should I do? Before I knew it, she was on the stage speaking to me. Speaking words that felt like they were only for me.

“Unexpected compliments
Brings unexpected joy
It’s time to release these unexpected butterflies in my tummy
Please tell me more
I want to hold hands like we’re on a field trip
Stay up late till 4am talking about health tips
Religion politics
The news the blues
Anything that you choose
We can have breakfast at noon
Listen to some old school music
Long walks in the park
Random road trips if you like……”

I think I’m in love. Listening to her speak those words. I wanted the poem to be about me. I wanted every word she spoke to be related to me.

“……..Force these thoughts to come out of me
I’m ready for the one where my mind can’t keep you out of it
I want you to make me smile
Bring me happiness
Pour your soul into mines
As we create a life filled with unconditional love
I just wanna trust
No lusting I just want it to be us
I don’t need a coward
I want someone who’s courageous
Who can elevate me
Stimulate my mind with deep conversations…….”

She’s leaving the stage. What should I do? What should I say? I have to make a move soon. Wait, where did she go?

(Bumping into each other)

“Oh, excuse me”, she said

This is it. I was looking for her and here she is right in my face. Say something quick before she walks away.

“Hi, that was a beautiful piece you spoke” he told her.

(Blushing) “Thank you. Do you come here often?”

“This is only my second time. But I think I’ll be back more often. Any plans after this”, he asked?

I hope she didn’t. I would do anything to just sit with her for five minutes. Just to hear more of her voice. Listen to her laugh. Paint a mental picture of that beautiful smile.

“Well, I was waiting on some friends, but I don’t think they’re coming. So I guess I don’t have any plans.”

“Would you like to grab a bite to eat? There’s a Denny’s up the road.”

“Denny’s sound great. I’ll meet you there”, she responded.

I couldn’t be happier. What if she doesn’t show up? I should’ve said I’ll drive or suggested we rode together. Sh**, now I’m even more nervous. Ok, just relax. She’s cool. She’ll show up. This will be a great night.


It’s Starting to Rain….


Let me first say that I apologize. Before coming to see you I wanted to get something off my chest. Something that has been bothering me for a long time. Something we should have discussed long ago.

I apologize for not being more of a man for you. When we were young I didn’t know what I had or how to be a better mate for you. It was always about me. I went behind your back. I lied. I didn’t hold onto you as hard as I should have. After our son was born, I remember thinking everything with us was going to be better but we only got worse. At the time I was thinking, that a little time apart was all that we needed. But as the years went by and we never got back together, a piece of me died. I played happy when inside I was crying out for you. Women came in my life. Men came in yours. They never matched the love we had for one another. I would pine for your touch or to be able to wake up to you in these days. Even when the world told me to let go I still longed for the love we once shared.

As time pass we were able to finally pick up the pieces. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I came to you and basically said it’s all or nothing and without you I’m nothing. It was raining outside and I was soaking wet. Almost got in a car wreck on the way to you and never told you. I was scared out of my mind that you would deny me. But you gave me a hug and a simple kiss and from there I knew you were mine again. From there we lived a better life than we lived previously. Our kids had kids and they had kids and two people who were once babies, now had a whole family underneath them. I didn’t need anything else. To see our grandchildren smile and run to you and to see all we had been through fulfilled, completed me more than anything in this world. I could’ve died a happy and fulfilled man no question about it.

But I didn’t. You did.

I want to kiss you one last time baby. Our kids want to kiss you. A touch, a hug, anything. Our home is empty now. For a long time I asked God why you and not me first. It wasn’t suppose to be this way. This pain is never ending because there is no where I can go physically to get you back. I see you in my dreams and my ever waking thoughts. I miss you baby. All those years we spent apart I wish we could’ve spent together knowing what I know now.

The other day I went for a walk in the park alone to get some air. Although my knees aren’t what they once were, they got me around pretty good.You remember when you fell down that hill of mud? Yeah, I almost fell down one once today. I ended up having to sit down on the edge of the lake with the dirt trail behind me to finally relax. I thought about you, the kids, when I would see you again, and just our life together. I started feeling down on myself again thinking about things I couldn’t change. I finally sat up to leave and as I turned around, I saw an older couple walking down a cement path together. Now I know what you might be thinking and no it didn’t make me more depressed. It actually filled my heart with joy. The reason being is because it allowed me to see true love once again. Something I haven’t seen since the last time I looked in your eyes. Something I hope to do one day soon for the rest of eternity.

Sorry to ramble baby. It’s starting to rain a little now. By the time I walk from here to my car and out the cemetery, it’ll probably be pouring and while I can’t wait to see you I don’t want to go out under water. I’ll be back next week to tell you about our grandchild and his wife’s big mouth. Love you darling. Now and forever.

~Confucius Jones

Where’s the light switch?


I searched the room looking for the light switch. You would think it would be right there. After about two minutes being wasted, I finally saw it.

Who decided to cover the light switch with the same kind of wallpaper? It was located where any other light switch should be. But it blended in causing me to over look it.

She finished using the toilet and washed her hands. I reached to turn the light off. She responded, “oh, you found the switch on the first try. Good for you.” “You know I’ve lived in this house for years and can never remember where the light is.”

Little do she know, it took me forever to find it but I pretended as if I knew exactly where it was.

Then I thought to myself, I thought she was blind?

Autumn in Austin


I’ve been in Austin, Texas for 7 years now. Usually fall time here is very boring looking outside. The weather is typically nice. But the trees are either still green or just plain brown. This has been the most beautiful fall here in Austin. I don’t know if it’s because of all the rain we’ve had. But I am loving this weather.

If you have time, please get outdoors and soak up some sun. While you’re at it, don’t forget to view the beautiful variety of colors from the trees. I truly feel like I’m back up north. Theses colors are just amazing and vibrant.

Not looking forward for it to be over. Being indoors is not for me. Long walks in the park and enjoying this beautiful weather.