Black Ice (short film)


The short film Black Ice is finally up for viewing. Visit the link below. Thank you all for the support and feedback. There is so much more to come.

Wait no more….

I’m waiting for the one where we can create beautiful art.
He’ll sail down my bloodstream resting right on my heart.
Skin dark like midnight
Eyes glowing like street lights.
That smile curves like the moon’s crescent
His essence….
Tall dark and handsome..
Referring only to the black kings.
You know the mother of civilization offsprings.~J.A.A.G

I stand as a king, now prepared for his queen but she seems to be hiding. Maybe behind the hurt of her past caused by guys who wore a mask similar to my reflection I can understand why she would be skeptical of my interest. How can I prove to her that our portrait would be a work of art because she is my masterpiece. Her effortless beauty is only enhanced by the curve of her mouth that’s only outmatched by the curve of her waist no more waiting your time is now…~Adoniis

The World is Cold….

Resonating in the hollows of my weary mind is my lovers voice and visions of her gentle fingers running through my hair, if only she was here.

The world is cold tonight and there’s a shiver in my spine, the fever clogging up my arteries isn’t taking a break so I must as a matter of urgency increase the volume of my earphones and let the music take me away from my failing body. 

But nothing drowns her voice in my heart, not even sweat from the pores of my compromised form or my continuous obsession over Maleek Berrys music.

The world is cold tonight and the moon is burning up, nothing is normal until she comes. 

~Adewumi Godwin 

Monochrome Love  (poem)

I love our late night conversations when I speak into your mic. Spreading my vocals down your pipe. ~J.A.A.G

I entreated the sun, though he made me wait a while, he has retreated to where the clouds meet the earth, come my love, speak to me ~Udah C. Inalegwu

Now that the blackness has covered the sky, your darkness can cover the interior of this place my organs call home. Come my king as we create a monochrome image of our love. ~J.A.A.G

I looked to her soul, through two almond windows with black and white curtains, And her beautiful soul calls to me, my queen, my goddess of love, oh those eyes, two mesmerising little stars, let me dwell in there forever. ~Udah C. Inalegwu

I offer my soul (poem)

Take I offer you my soul

On the platter of love

love most pure, love most true

I have come as a weary pilgrim of love

Knocking on your door

In this androgynous darkness

Please my fair lady

Open your legs and bid me welcome

~Udah C. Inalegwu


Enter and feast on this cream filled dessert
Today marks the day of your rebirth
Following the curves
Every inch you find your new home
Swim in my ocean
Taking you across the Atlantic and back
Sun up to sundown when the sky is starless
Your soul I’ll caress
Love my taste, you’ll survive
Come and embrace this heart of mines


Nocturnal Rainbows (poem)

(D)aydreaming about you daily
(E)very thought brings a taste of you
(A)nother day surviving off memories
(N)o longer am I your morning dose
(D)rowning Off The Thoughts Of Hope
(R)emember me if only for another day
(E)ardrums ring to the euphony of your words ~Jamy

(J)ustice for the mind and solace to your thoughts
(E)volving the image of..
(N)iggas, turning them into brothers
(N)o other than a queen herself speaking
(I)n scenes where chains were seen  seeking
(N)octurnal rainbows to release the thoughts of
(G)hetto fantasies
(S)how me true happiness

Collaboration week day 5

Smile again…. (poem)

I made you smile last night.
It wasn’t just a grin.
No this was a showing all 32s
You bursted into laughter.
I made you smile
And guess what it had nothing to do with sex.
What’s next you’re guessing.
Let’s laugh some more
Tell me something silly so I can return with something not so funny
But you’ll laugh because you think I’m cute.
Let me see that smile one more time.
This time I want mines to touch yours…..~Jamy

Of course time will tell if you truly love this crooked smile.
Vexed with imperfections with no signs of corrections
It’ll be a while
Before you realized I’m just a beautiful confused child.
Like the rest you’ll get used to these antics
No longer unique,
I’ll become another boy who made you feel special an antique.
I got trust issues laced with pain and tissue for those who say they love my smile..
Because it won’t be long before this smile becomes the issue ~Deandre

See there you go assuming
Thinking I’m going to misuse this
Your smile only looks crooked because you look at me with your head to the side
This vibe no modern technology
Let’s take it back to the days before we were even thought of
Here’s my sleeve
Your tears mixed with my skin
This melanin will shine bright
Are you still confused?
Because your queen is waiting….~Jamy

conflicted I lay contemplating
upon hearing that my smile won’t be wasted.
She called herself my queen, so it seems,
That this maybe  the beginning of a love scene
To think it all started with a smile worthwhile..
So here I come,
Giving you all of me again,
Hoping that this time a beautiful journey begin ~Deandre 

Collaboration week day 2

Places (poem)

Being with you is like warm Memphis blues
Lake Michigan separated the two
But Austin brought them together
He was hot like that H-town weather
Loving your stick of fire like that Tampa Ba-by
Keep it wet like Seattle
I’m soaring like a Phoenix on your axle
He put Little Rock on my finger
Don’t do the cold
So it’s Maui for the winter
Sail the seven seas
As we travel to eternity
London Tokyo Paris France
Russian to LA
Waking up in Kingston
Montego Bay
Haitian Dominican Nigerian
I’m on a mission to enter your kingdom
Your Asian persuasion
You can find me in Costa Rica sleeping days on in
I just want to travel the world and be your one and only girl
Take me to different places
North East South the Westin is where I’ll rest my head in
Breakfast in bed as the sun’s rising
NYC to Philly
Virginia Beach to Venice Beach
Aspen back to Manhattan
We can blast off in the coupe
To any place that you choose
These places I only wanna travel with you ~J.A.A.G 

year ago today is when I met you…..

Day 29 “Food”

Her words were soft.
Creating music on his ear drums.
Scattering letters on his brain.
Filled his lungs, causing him to breathe her.
Travelling in and out his ribs, landing onto his heart.
Beat after beat,
her voice is all he could speak.
He craved her like his favorite food.
Given to him in portions so he’ll stay hungry for more……
Food for thought 

Daily poem project day 23 “Beauty”

Date an artist. There’s perks to this. Only if you’re willing to commit to a world where you often get lost in your thoughts. Sleep will be during normal business hours. Breakfast will be at midnight. Our dates will consist of travelling to deserted areas and camping out waiting on something to happen. Things like a beautiful red moon or a star shower. Or something simple such as two birds mating.

Dating will be fun. We’ll smother ourselves in books and wear mismatched socks. There will be cameras everyone, capturing our every move so that my hands can be free. This way I’ll be able to give you a massage. Which will turn into a tickling game because the only thing we take serious is our art. But you my love, you will be my work of art as I will be your portrait of beauty wrapped in human canvas. So place me on your easel and stroke me. Let your colors bring me to life.

Date an artist. One who’s carefree. Who not only procrastinate about daily activities. But one who can create something from the eyelash that falls from your eye when a tear falls. The same tear that appears when you realize this is no longer dating. We have taking this to another level. A high that takes you deeper into the galaxy. But we’ll never step foot off this land. Like the shell by the sea, you and I will have perfect harmony.

Date an artist. Or at least someone with dreams and whose hustle is just as strong as their ambition.~ J.A.A.G