The Enchanted Rock with my Rock

What a year!! This world has been crazy but my life has been amazing. Couldn’t ask for a better man to share memories with.

We went on our first true hike. Visited the Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg, TX. The experience was unbelievable. Here’s a short video of our experience and a few photos to show.

More photos coming!!

Purple Skies….

I told him the sky was purple

He knew it was blue

But he knew that believing the sky was purple was a way inside my thoughts

Clearly seeing the sky for its TRUE colors he only wanted to see what I saw

Broken pieces scattered

I just wanted him to help me solve my puzzle

So I told him the sky was purple

As we laid under the brown tree

If only he could understand that I saw blue and a burning red

And what was really in my head

Is that I was torn in between the two

Most of my pieces were hidden in places I was afraid to return.

So next time I say the sky is purple I want you to know that’s what I see when I’m with you….

Daily poem project day 11 “Night”

Day 11 “Night”
We rarely say goodnight because our bedtimes are typically around 5 am. Turning off our devices as the early morning light creeps through the blinds. We’ve spent hours talking about random topics. Wide awake as if it’s Midday. Or maybe we were fighting sleep. Insomnia winning this battle. I surrender to you. The nighttime. When everyone’s asleep and there’s this quiet sound of peace. My bed is comfy but this itch in me wants to roam the streets.  C’mon! lets dance under the streetlights. Hide in tunnels whenever we hear a sound.
You’re right I should sleep now. Good day my love. 

Daily poem project day 7 “Inspired by”

My mornings are not the same if I don’t see you.
There’s something about your brightness that brings me joy.
I wake up early to take your picture.
Drive to the middle of nowhere just to watch you.
You’re so beautiful.
My selfish ways hate when you don’t appear.
Thinking what needs you more than I do.
I run to you for comfort.
Relaxation or just to escape the reality of life.
Your colors are so vibrant, even when you’re cold.
I love the way you give me chills.
The sound of your voice flows so swiftly.
You shower me with your tears.
Instead of running for cover, I absorb you.
I breathe you in as if I’ll die without you.
Spending late nights counting your freckles.
Whether I follow paths you’ve created or go a different way.
You always brighten up my day.
Nature this poem is inspired by you. ~J.A.A.G 

Unzipping my Thoughts (poem)

Sunflower has lost its petals
But there’s a seed that grows within
From the roots to the tips
These hips will curve you
Skin black like ink
My blood you’ll drink
Point blank period
This cycle will not continue
You’re a coward
Not worthy of being my king
I’ll dance to my own beat
Sing my own tunes
Sunflower once lost her petals
But my tears turned into rain
And washed away the pain
Cleansed from your negative scent
Never will I become content
The mother of civilization
Just gave birth to greatness.

Love hate relationship…..

I have a love hate relationship with this city. Not a fan of the cold, so I moved south. But this 100 degree weather is killing me. Love being in a bigger city. But not too happy about going to the gas station ever other day to fill up. Wondering if Austin is the right city for me. Who am I kidding, I love this city!!