130 to 195….

As the sky began to transition from light blue to that purple haze to those dark blue midnight left me in a daze. I hopped in the Jeep and went for a drive. I’ll take the 130 to the 195. Cruising down those roads with no street lights. Just the moon and stars shimmering casting a glow so bright. October zone but it was a warm night. 78 degrees with a little breeze. Hair blowing in the wind with you on my mind. Knock on the door. Waiting to hear those three words. Not I love you because that’s the typical. These words are more original. Just about me. So when we make eye contact he’ll speak and I’ll enter his world as he relax me to sleep….J.A.A.G 

The key is yours….

Oh minister! Is it wrong that I want to kiss you? Take me to service. Bless me with your God like features. There’s things I want you to teach me. Oh minister! Come welcome this sin. Early morning service, come put this work in. Take my left hand and claim it yours. Oh minister! Undress me with your eyes. Let’s spend nights reading under the moonlight. October’s very own. This feels so right. He gives me a kiss and says, “you’re so cute”. But minister, I don’t think you understand. I want to be more than just friends…..
I’ll give you the key to unlock all the doors….