Light peeking through darkness

I had a headache without a cure
Vulnerable and so insecure
Everyday I would feel inadequate
A tsunami hit, I cried day and night
Fighting for what I knew was right
Climbing mountains, no more doubting
Staying grounded, the climb don’t stop
Lately I’ve been way too hard on myself
Blaming my problems on everyone else
Stone Mountain, Stone Mountain~ St. Beauty Stone Mountain

Why do we go into the darkness?


Burn the bridges and build a fire

We still try to hide the things we feel

It all feels so real

But we know it’s surreal…

There’s something inside my head

That keeps turning spinning around

Don’t know how to get down

I’m falling under your skin


A few photos from my experience at the surreal sea ion art show.

Roadtrip to endless love

In my head I spend hella time
Hella time you be on my mind
Wish I could strengthen what we’ve developed
But I sacrifice for the bottom line
It’ll be push n pull on the balance beam
Tightrope. But I don’t slip
Finish line like a million miles
I just hope you’re down for the roadtrip. ~Rexx life raj

Bags packed and snacks on deck

Momma, I’m hitting the road.

Where to daughter?

It’s a journey.

The destination resonates inside.

What are you talking about daughter?

Mom, I’m headed out for a lifelong road trip.

With who?

I tell my mother:

I sat in an airport for hours waiting for a flight I did not know will happen. To travel to a city I did not know will be good to me. I stood in line for hours to get inside a place I had no clue of what to expect. If you could show me a list of all the faces in the room, there’s only one I will remember.

Mother, I’m headed on an everlasting love road trip.

I’m ready to see the sunrise on the edge of the highest cliff. I want to cruise down the long road that seems like it will never end. We will swerve around the curves barely holding on. I’ll tell you to slow down and you’ll reassure that you’re a good driver. We both will laugh because we know that my driving is just as crazy. I’m ready to eat from local diners in the middle of nowhere and get annoyed when gps fails us. I’m ready for hair blowing in the west coast breeze and back seat naps through the rocky mountains. I’m ready for foreign languages and unknown experiences. On this lifelong road trip, it’s ok if the car catches a flat or if we run out of gas.

Together we will figure it out….

… be continued.

Let’s drive west