Monday Mornings…..


Most hate Mondays because it’s back to the 9-5. Being stuck inside a cubicle creates a mental block. Outdoors is where I like to explore. I’m proud of those who keep at the same routine trying to feed their dreams. Keep at it my dreamers. I’m out here grinding just like you.

Monday Shadows (week 5)


A Nation can rise no higher than it’s woman.
But all our women are laying down.
Being abused and kicked around.
Broken spirits and naked souls.
This is not the way it’s suppose to go.
Society has our women wrapped around her fingers.
All we’re good for is getting naked and becoming singers.
Entertaining them like puppets,
Dangling from strings.
But see, I’ve been introduced to a world where men respect you.
Open your doors and wouldn’t neglect you.
Call you Queen and wouldn’t force to sex you.
My wardrobe is nothing but the modest.
I’m a natural born goddess.
I cover my hair but not my brain.
Being wrapped in this hijab keeps me sane.
I am a woman of God.
My shadow speaks a million words.

Poem by Jamyshia

Inspired by my beautiful Queens. Ramadan Mubarak!!!


Monday Shadows (week 4)

Monday Shadows (week 4)

Before I took this challenge on, I didn’t realize how difficult it was going to be to really capture shadows. But I want to thank my girl Ms. Amber for helping me with this week’s shadow photo. I had a good time playing around during the shoot. Hope you all enjoy it as much as we do.