Melanin of all shades

To be able to capture an image like these above, this is why I love my line of work. Such a group of beautiful women.

This photo shoot is very important to many young black girls across the world. We need to show them that black is and will always be beautiful.

Congratulations to all the beautiful women who won Miss Universe, Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, and Miss World. These are the kind of memories I want to share with my grandchildren. These are the kind of milestones I want us to keep reaching.

View work from Adoniis here.

Two Suit cases and a duffle bag ….(poem)

Two Suit cases and a duffle bag, if only that was all she travelled with.
The whistling train was a welcomed distraction, a snoring mother whose baby wailed for suck, the endless winks and sickening kisses blown from the clueless admirer down the aisle but none told her story as the two suit cases and a
duffle bag she packed with her other baggages unseen.

If only, dear Porter, I didn’t need to need you, to help me look after my baggage’s as I wander for a minute into denial.
I need you to distract me, oh Lover! for another minute.
Her face told her story, so as she learnt to cherish her face she learnt to tell her story with smiles, tears, thanks and sigh. She knew. Home was far. Not by distance but acceptance.
~Adewumi Godwin