Love boat

A week ago I met you. Today I can’t stop thinking about you. Two days spent with you, felt like two years.

I miss you. Something feels weird without you. To compare it to something, it’s like going a day without caffeine. My head hurts. My body feels weak. I want just one cup.

You haven’t called and my friends keep telling me to call you. I’m afraid of everything that comes with you. But yet so eager to just jump right in.

The first two days felt like we can do this for years. Join me on this love boat and let’s cruise upstream.

G.Y.M.~ Growing Young ManĀ 

Blood sweat and tears finally letting go of my fears. Pushing weight to release the stress. Lifting steal plates of 45s to kill those demons inside. My self-conscious mind constantly takes me to a place where I only have conversations with shadows. Screams echoing like the beat of her empathy is what she had for me. Placing my head on her chest I realize my lips are connected to the cold plates that I thought was her breast. Cold and heartless her love doesn’t live here anymore. But in this gym with these weights we’re connected as one. So I lift and I lift but my strength won’t let me push you out. So I shout. Every grunt and moan baby please just come home. ~ J.A.A.G

You and I….(poem)

You and I..
You and I, we plagued our hearts with light,
And when you wanted to run, we would always fight,
Stories told to my friends, they were about you when I was alone at night,
That was I.

You, you told me you weren’t ready,
That your heart was still heavy,
That last guy..
But I’m not patient,
Seeing you hurting
I’M RIGHT HERE so your tears also hurt me..
It always being you.

You and I,
I was your umbrella in the dark stormy skies,
To take a bullet for you and maybe die, but your touch always brought me back to life.
You can fade back,
And be afraid of what you think you lacked,
I’ll do whatever to fix that..I promise,
It’s you and I.
~Remy the Writer