Floating in your love….

Never been the type to like flowers. But if you send me flowers, I will love them. Put them in the best light and take a photo of them. Not just a photo to post saying I got flowers. No, it will be multiple photos. Close ups and the full image. I’ll probably add a couple filters and turn them into prints.

If you were to write me a love letter, I’ll read it multiple times and smile just as hard after each read. I will find the perfect container to put it in, so I can add more to it if you decide to write another.

The same goes for if you were to buy me earrings over a necklace. I will love them and turn it into a mini photo session.

The only way I will not capture a photo of the moment, is when I’m sitting face to face with you. This will be a moment I want to soak up without missing a second.

Now you’re probably thinking why wouldn’t I want to capture that image. Remember I said the only way I wouldn’t. Do you think I’m ever going to miss an opportunity to look back on a memory of us? No, I’ll have a camera set to capture it for me so I can enjoy every second of you.

Tomorrow marks the day for lovers here in America. As I stroll through my social media and notice all the post about Valentine’s day, I just think about us.

I don’t want flowers, I don’t jewelry, I don’t want to go out to eat. I want you to continue to show me that you’re the man I fell in love with.

Walking into our garage to see something as small as all our life vest hanging in a row, makes my heart smile.

We’re a family. As scary as this sounded years ago, these words are music to my ears. We’re a family. You have me floating in your love.

P.S. I do want some cookies!

Love boat

A week ago I met you. Today I can’t stop thinking about you. Two days spent with you, felt like two years.

I miss you. Something feels weird without you. To compare it to something, it’s like going a day without caffeine. My head hurts. My body feels weak. I want just one cup.

You haven’t called and my friends keep telling me to call you. I’m afraid of everything that comes with you. But yet so eager to just jump right in.

The first two days felt like we can do this for years. Join me on this love boat and let’s cruise upstream.

Roadtrip to endless love

In my head I spend hella time
Hella time you be on my mind
Wish I could strengthen what we’ve developed
But I sacrifice for the bottom line
It’ll be push n pull on the balance beam
Tightrope. But I don’t slip
Finish line like a million miles
I just hope you’re down for the roadtrip. ~Rexx life raj

Bags packed and snacks on deck

Momma, I’m hitting the road.

Where to daughter?

It’s a journey.

The destination resonates inside.

What are you talking about daughter?

Mom, I’m headed out for a lifelong road trip.

With who?

I tell my mother:

I sat in an airport for hours waiting for a flight I did not know will happen. To travel to a city I did not know will be good to me. I stood in line for hours to get inside a place I had no clue of what to expect. If you could show me a list of all the faces in the room, there’s only one I will remember.

Mother, I’m headed on an everlasting love road trip.

I’m ready to see the sunrise on the edge of the highest cliff. I want to cruise down the long road that seems like it will never end. We will swerve around the curves barely holding on. I’ll tell you to slow down and you’ll reassure that you’re a good driver. We both will laugh because we know that my driving is just as crazy. I’m ready to eat from local diners in the middle of nowhere and get annoyed when gps fails us. I’m ready for hair blowing in the west coast breeze and back seat naps through the rocky mountains. I’m ready for foreign languages and unknown experiences. On this lifelong road trip, it’s ok if the car catches a flat or if we run out of gas.

Together we will figure it out….

…..to be continued.

Let’s drive west

D.C. (Drama Connections) pt. 5

Tammy stood in front of the boat still on land. “Oh, so you ignoring calls now? You thought I wasn’t coming up here?” She questioned Obi.

Obi met Charee halfway between the boats so she couldn’t get close to Tammy. I followed after her. If anything was about to go down, I was beyond ready. Charee was quiet and never get to socialize but she was a fighter.

“Why are you here Tammy?” Obi asked as he walked Charee to the boat.

“Maybe you should tell your wife what you’ve been up to Obi.” She held up a piece of paper which I’m going to assume is the ultrasound.

“Tammy this is not the time for your games.”

Eric finally got off the boat to try and calm Tammy and Shay down. He was trying to act like he didn’t know Shay.

“No I’m not leaving until he tells his wife who I am and everything else about me.”

Obi started up the boat and took off with Charee on it. I could hear Charee asking him a million questions.

Shay broke her silence, “Eric will you like to explain to your wife why we’re here?”

“I don’t know why y’all are here. But you need to stay away from my family.” Eric demanded.

“Whatever. You got some explaining to do tonight so I ain’t worried.” Tammy stated.

The ladies walked away and we finally took off to the lakehouse. There was so much I wanted to say but I wanted to see if Alicia will step up this time. We rode in complete silence. Eric pretended like nothing happened. As he went to go shower, he told Alicia to come join him. I decided to leave them and link up with Stephanie. Explaining how everything went down and she knew just like I did that these men were going to love on their wives so they can forget what happened.

It was around 2 am and I get a call from Charee saying she heard Obi on the phone talking to someone. His phone was ringing all night and finally he turned it off. But after an hour or so, that’s when he left the room. She told me how she was afraid that he might snap if he finds out about the money. I didn’t want her being paranoid for the night so I suggested she go downstairs to see if he’s ok. This way he will get off the phone and hopefully come back to bed. Sure enough, Obi was on the phone promising Tammy that he will get her plane ticket in the morning. Charee walked in on him and he quickly hung up the phone.

“Hey baby, sorry if I woke you. That was Eric telling me that we needed to finish that file before the morning.” Obi telling Charee the first lie that can come to his head.

Charee got a drink of water and went back to bed. She saw Obi go to the computer but didn’t want to say anything to make things seem weird. Obi was gone when Charee woke the next morning. Her guess was he was with Tammy or headed to the bank. Moments later she received a call from him asking has she been to the bank lately. She didn’t lie about it and simply told him that she got some funds out for her trip but not a crazy amount.

“Charee, no crazy amount? I just tried to buy a pl–, I just tried to buy something and my card is decline.”

“What did you try to buy?” Charee asked him again.

“It doesn’t matter. Where is my money?”

“Maybe you should ask your mistress.” Charee hung up the phone. She decided to pack a bag and came to my house.

We called Alicia to let her know that Obi knew about the money so Eric will most likely be confronting her soon. She didn’t waste any time with leaving the house. Stephanie said that she went to Shay’s Instagram page and she saw all these photos of her and Eric out like they were a real couple.

By this time, the ladies were having a repeat of our trip to Miami with the massive phone calls and text. First the messages were filled with anger, wondering what happened to their money. After not responding for the entire day, the men turned to begging. Everything from how they are sorry and just want to know that they’re ok. To things like just call me and let me know what can I do to make things better. Oh, I was finding much pleasure in this whole situation.

Alicia finally answered the phone for Eric.

“What do you want Eric?”

“Why are you ignoring my calls? When are you coming home?”

“Who is she?”

“Bae, let’s not talk about this over the phone. Where are you? I’ll come right now.”

“Who is she?” Alicia held back tears. “I’m not coming home. You can go be with your mistress. She will leave you when she finds out you have no more money.”

“Alicia! You don’t mean that. You’re just emotional.”

“Emotional? Oh no, I am happy. You want me to tell you why? I am happy because I am no longer your puppet. I am no longer just your wife. No I am a business owner. And guess what Eric? You work for me now. So tell your little piece of kitty that she can find her own way back to wherever she lives or come sign these papers so she can meet her new boss.” She slammed the phone down on the counter and poured her a drink.

I have to admit I was very impressed with the way she handled that conversation. Eric is probably sitting there trying to wrap his mind around all of this. He must have forgotten that Alicia did graduate top of her class. She’s very smart just timid. The men didn’t know where my guesthouse was located or else they would have pulled up a long time ago.

Tammy found Charee on Facebook and decided to send her a message that read: Hey Charee. I just wanted to let you know who I am so you can have peace of mind. I’ve been knowing Obi for years now and we met in DC where I live.

We’re reading it together and I’m like girl we already know where you live and how you ain’t got nothing in your house. Sleeping in that small bed.

Him and Eric has been there several times visiting myself and Shay. Unfortunately, I am pregnant with his child. My due date is on your birthday. I know you two don’t have any children together and this may be hard for you. But I was under the impression that you and Obi was separated.

This trick is lying. She knew they were still together that’s why she was talking all that mess in the airport. The doctor’s note on her counter was for an abortion so either she didn’t get it or she’s lying about still being pregnant. I honestly don’t see Obi letting her have his baby. When I said he became possessive, he also can get a little violent when he’s upset. He never put his hands on me but came pretty close.

I’m sorry you had to find out all of this through message. You don’t have to worry about me disrespecting you or your household. I just want Obi to give me what he promised. I have children, I need to get home to and he hasn’t bought my plane ticket yet. I am placing him on child support once the baby is here.

Tammy went on to say a few more unnecessary things in that message, but we stopped reading. I wanted to tell Tammy that she wasn’t going to get any money from Obi because he’s a liar and never keeps his promises. That’s how he got Stephanie and that’s how he got Charee, by causing them stress and debt. Charee was just lucky enough to marry him so her debt became his.

A couple days went by and Charee let Obi know she was filing for divorce. This was just a threat to see how he would respond. Tammy sent Charee another message on Facebook.

It’s been almost a week now and I haven’t heard from Obi. I will admit I came to your house to see if he was there. I don’t want to bother you all anymore, I just need to get home to my kids. I know I’m not your friend or even close to being on your good side, but can you have him call me please so I can move on with my life?

Does she really think we give two shits about her well being? She’s a grown woman and shouldn’t have put all her trust into him.

One of the charities we attend every year was one for the support of abused women with or without children. Alicia had a huge passion for helping others. So her and Charee teamed up to open their own center for women and children. This place will help them get on their feet, take classes, daycare for their children and funding programs. The daycare will be for the public and for the center. It’s expensive trying to work and pay for daycare so we are teaming up to find ways to make it more accessible for the women.

I was happy things were falling into place. It would be heartbreaking if we started this and couldn’t get it finished because the men found a way to take their money back.

Roughly two weeks after the boat party and the ladies returned home. Their husbands were happy to see them but knew things will be different. Eric was a little more easygoing than Obi so he offered counseling for them right away. Obi on the other hand, was money hungry and it broke his ego to know he wasn’t the bread maker anymore. Charee explained to him that he still had his car and can find another job. She was totally fine with downgrading her home. She was into expensive things but never wanted a big house since it was just the two of them.

Both couples went to counseling after some time. Tammy messaged Charee again apologizing and told her the baby wasn’t Obi’s. Shay went on with her life and we haven’t heard anything from them. Things are going good now but I’m hoping Alicia and Charee will stay aware. It will take some time to get cheating out your system. I hope Tammy and Shay will understand that it’s very rare that a man will leave his wife for his side piece.

As for me, I was headed west for a vacation in the mountains. From Washington DC to Denver, Colorado, the drama just doesn’t end. Let’s see what this D.C. has to talk about.

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Shower with me…

It’s been a long day. A hot shower was much needed. Steam filled the room. The door opened slowly. His hand pulled the curtains to the side as he stepped in one foot after the other. She was exhausted. He wrapped his left hand around her waist. Grabbing her neck with the other. Pulling her closer to him, he placed kisses onto her wet skin. She could feel him getting aroused.

“I missed you today,” she told him.

“My apologies love,” he responded.

He washed her back, massaging her in between. Soap dripped down her thighs. Caressing each breast, he pinched her nipples. Biting her lips, she turned to face him, but he declined.

Taking a fistful of her coarse hair, he pushed her forward.

“Yes, babe. Give it all to me,” she moaned.

But he wasn’t ready. He didn’t want her in the shower tonight. Turning the water off, he grabbed a towel to dry her. Holding hands, he lead her to the kitchen. Lifting her onto the counter, he spreaded her legs evenly apart.

“How do you want it,” he asked?

“I want you to fuck me right here on this counter.”

Staring into each other’s eyes, he slid his fingers inside her lining. Juices drip down the counter onto the floor.

“Are you ready to feed me,” he whispered?

She smiled as she wrapped her legs around his neck.

“Eat it all babe,” she spoke softly.

Minutes went by and he wasn’t stopping anytime soon. He carried her to the bedroom, laying her on the bed. Smooth jazz, played in the back. He entered her going as deep as possible. Moans echoed around the room. It was art in motion.

“Mmmmm, yes babe,” she moaned.

“I love you,” he confessed.

Tears fell down her cheeks as she leaked onto the sheets.

“I love you,” she replied with emotions.

He calls me beautiful

D.C. (Drama Connections) pt. 3


“Melody, if you don’t tell me what happened in D.C. right now, I’m going to bust the bottle over your head.”
We both let out a laugh.
This wasn’t a laughing matter but I had a plan and I needed Alicia to stay calm.

“Alright, so I’m at the airport minding my own business or what not. I get there early because I didn’t want to be late. Plus Careem had to meet his brother so he offered to take me to the airport.”

Alicia butted in, “Get to the drama already. I know how it is when you go see him.”

“Alright, alright it’s coming.” I said with nerves passing through causing my voice to shake.

“There was this lady who came over and sat next to me. She was loud on her phone and I couldn’t help but listen to her convo. Long story short, she started talking about her reason for coming to Austin and….”

Alicia yelled, “and what Melody. What is she coming here for?”

I hid my head under my bag as I quietly said, “her and her best friend comes to Austin to visit Obi and Eric.”

Alicia snatched my bag away from me. “What did you just say?”

“Her and her friend comes here to visit them but listen before you explode. The lady name is Tammy and she is here for Obi. I haven’t seen her friend Shay yet. She was just on the phone with Shay.”

“How do you know it’s my Eric?” Alicia asked.

“Come on girl, how many Eric and Obi’s do you know that live in the city? Also, how many do you know with a lake house? She was saying some things on that phone, that I knew had to be the same two guys. I honestly don’t think E is going out of town for work. I believe he is with the girl Shay. She said he was taking her to the lake house this weekend. “

“Who the hell does this man think I am? Does he think that I’m just that pathetic?” Alicia cried out.

“I know this is very unexpected but I want you to stay calm. I know where they’ll be. The lady even gave me her number. She has no clue that I know Obi or Eric or any of these people.”

“Wait, how did you get her to give you her number?”

“I’m telling you, she was talking so much and I figured why not get as much info as possible. When we made it to Austin, she asked if we can hang out when she wasn’t with Obi. But listen here’s another crazy part, the flight attendant on our plane was Stephanie Johnson.”

“Did you talk to her?” Alicia asked.

“Yea, she gave me her number too. Said she has the weekend off and wanna link up. Alicia I think it’s time you get everything you’ve been wanting and put Eric in his place.”

“You know the one thing I want is a baby Mel. But after knowing this, it’s probably best we don’t have any children together. So what’s the plan? Let me see this girl Tammy. She better not look better than me.”

I showed her pictures of Tammy and gave her more details of what I heard from the phone conversations.

“Do you have access to the lake house?” I asked.

“No he doesn’t give me the codes to anything.”

“You are so sweet and he thinks he can keep getting over on you. Well guess what, we are about to crush him and his brother. I need to call Obi’s wife. We haven’t seen her since the last charity event. That was a crazy night with her and Stephanie getting into a fight.”
Alicia paced the kitchen. “Charee was just upset because Stephanie did make things weird when she hugged Obi and didn’t even acknowledge her. Do you think she will even want to talk to us?”
“Once we tell her what’s going on, I think she will love us for this. Her and Stephanie might not get along but if it has anything to do with making Obi pay for his actions, they will be best friends after this.”

Alicia held up her glass of wine as we did a toast to the fuckery these men were up to.

“Oh, this is going to be a great weekend. We just have to stay out of jail and remain calm.” I told Alicia.

I called Charee and Stephanie asking them to meet us at Uptown Social for just some drinks. Charee wasn’t with it at first. But I begged and told her that Obi asked Alicia if she could keep her company while he was away this time.

The four of us arrived and took a moment to catch up. I was the first to end the tension between Charee and Stephanie. After two drinks, we all were laughing and having a good time.
“Alright ladies, the real reason I wanted us to have this girl’s night is because the men in your lives are not being completely honest with you all. Well mainly Alicia and Charee. Stephanie you’re here because I know how much you hate Obi and I’m here because I don’t like either one of them and y’all are my girls.”

Charee looked puzzled. “What you mean they haven’t been completely honest?” She spoke up.

“Your Oko has an oluwa!” I said jokingly.

Everyone except for Charee laughed.
I reached over to touch her hand. Charee leaned back in her chair and her eyes began to water.

“So what tricks you have up your sleeve Melody because I know you wouldn’t bring me here if you didn’t already have all the details and a plan.”

“You all know me too well,” I stated. “My first plan was to just be at the lake house when they get there and we beat the brakes off each woman. Then we were going to torture Obi and Eric until they begged for us to stop. But they’ve done too much to you ladies for them to just get tortured physically. I think we need to drain their pockets, accounts, assets and whatever else we can from them. I’m tryna be laid up on somebody’s island with their money. Are y’all with me or what?”

Stephanie was all in. She’s been wanting to get Obi back for years now. Being able to take a vacation with his money was right up her alley. I looked over and Alicia was bawling.

“I don’t think I can do this Mel. I can’t believe he would cheat on me especially after all the things I put up with him.” Alicia said through her sobs.

“Alicia, stop crying! Everything you have put up with should be every reason why you should want to do this. How much money you owe in hospital bills? Where is your mom’s new water heater he’s been saying he will get for months now? Huh? Think about all the things you can finally do!” I encouraged Alicia. “Charee, are you in or out? He’s been keeping you couped up in the house for what? To hide you from the men he knows will steal you from him. Nah, I’m done seeing y’all unhappy. These women have had their fun but it’s about to come to an end. They need to find some new men to fly them around.” I said passionately.

“Damn girl, if I didn’t know you, I would think this was your husband we were talking about.” Stephanie said.

“I just don’t like men trying to play women and think it’s all good. The first thing we’re going to do is go to the bank and Alicia you and Charee will get access to those accounts. You’re not going to take anything out right now. This is just to watch what they’re spending their money on. Then we’re going to go to that lake house and see if they are actually there and if it’s the same ladies. Who knows, they can be in that piece having a swingers party or anything.”

We had one more drink then called it a night. I told the women to act normal and don’t mention anything to their husbands. Meanwhile I was on my way to hippie hollow in the morning to do some snooping around.

I sent out a text the next morning to see how did the night go with the ladies. Alicia cried herself to sleep, which I knew she would. Charee binged watched some shows and Stephanie had a boo thing over to keep her company. I didn’t want to tell them I was going to the lake because they might come and ruin things for me.
I called up my favorite nudity partner Ro and we hit the lake around 10am. Ro has a boat and is always down to chill with me. Plus I missed his birthday party so he was missing me. He was super sexy and worked out often. So just in case I needed some muscles as backup, he was the guy. We parked the boat and grabbed some drinks out the cooler. I looked over to my left and there was Obi walking towards us. I looked at him and he looked like he saw a ghost.

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D.C. (Drama Connections) pt. 2

I think by the end of this flight, everyone will know Tammy’s name and whole life story.

I’m walking on the plane and the stewardess looks very familiar. I glanced at her name tag and I am almost positive this is the same Stephanie from Mueller.

“Hey Melody! How you been?” Stephanie asked me.

“I’ve been good. Ready to get back to Austin.”

Stephanie stated that she will come talk to me once we were in the air.

She used to date Obi back in college. He screwed her over big time. Having her get all kinds of things in her name telling her he will pay for them but would always leave her with a great amount of debt. When Obi got his engineering job, he promised to clear her debt but it never happened. She and Obi’s current wife used to be roommates and that’s how Obi met his wife. This is a big world but somehow the circles start looking more like the Olympics rings, just too many connections.

I check my ticket one more time to see which seat I’m in. I try to make sure I always get a window seat. This flight didn’t seem like a full one so maybe I’ll get to sit by myself.

Remind you, I left my earphones at home so I’m not trying to have anyone talking to me. Well, my wish was not granted.

I look up and here comes Ms. Tammy sitting right in the middle seat next to me. Lord, why? First, why is she getting a middle seat? Second, why does it have to be next to me? I’m mad at Obi for even spending the money for her to come to Austin. His broke ass could have put her in a bigger seat for starters.

Whosah Mel, whosah!

We barely even get situated and she’s already talking.

“You from D.C. or Austin?” Tammy asked me.

“Neither.” I replied, keeping my answer short.

“I’m originally from Baltimore but I’ve been in D.C. for about 10 years now so this is home. I love Austin. This will be my second time going. The first time I went, I had to cut my trip short because my boyfriend had to work a big project in Seattle. He lives in Austin, but is going to transfer to D.C. next year so we can be closer.”

I’m trying so hard not to just curse her out. Obi has some nerve. She really calling him her boyfriend.

“Oh, that’s nice.” I said uninterested.

Trying to keep my responses short hoping she will get the picture and just shut up.

“Psst…Melody. Here’s my cell. Call me when you get home. I have this weekend off, so I’ll be in Austin doing nothing.” Stephanie said, getting my attention.

I grab a piece of paper she was holding and thought to myself, thank you for interrupting Miss Chunky.

“Oh girl, you know her? Can she get us some free drinks? I am not tryna pay $3 for a can of soda and a sista can use some liquor.” Tammy said.

“Your boyfriend don’t give you a card with money on it? Because if I was in a long distance relationship, he will have to make sure I have everything I need when I’m flying to him. But that’s just me.” I spoke truthfully.

Tammy had nothing to say after that. I guess she started to feel salty.

As much as I wanted her to shut up the entire flight, I figured this is the perfect time to get as much information as possible so I can tell Alicia.

“How long have you and your boyfriend been together? What’s his name?” I questioned.

“His name is Obi. We met when he came to D.C. I was out with my girl, Shay and him and his brother bought our drinks. Next thing I know, we are taking trips and he is buying me stuff.” Tammy bragged

“What’s his brother’s name?”

Tammy went on to tell me about Obi’s brother Eric and his wife. She’s such a dummy. I can’t wait to tell Alicia about this flight. Obi and Eric better enjoy their mistresses while they can because shit just got real.

Stephanie got on the speaker to inform us that it was safe to turn devices off airplane mode.

I quickly text Alicia.

Me: Hey are you home? I need to come over right away.

Alicia: yea I’ll be here. Everything good?

Me: Yea just don’t wanna go home then come back out.

Alicia: Cool. E left about 30 mins ago so I’m home alone.

This little fucker is probably on the way to the airport. I wouldn’t be surprised if I ran into him or Obi since I’m running into everyone else I knew within this circle.

“Melody, we should link up while I’m here. Have you ever been to Hippie Hollow?” Tammy asked me.

“Yea, what’s your cell? We can work out something.” She’s so stupid.

I drove to the airport this time, so I decided to follow Tammy out to the pickup area. I just needed to know if he was picking her up. I know he can’t be that dumb. But then again I’m not putting anything past him or any man.

Alicia opens the door greeting me with a big hug.

“Girl, I am so happy to see you! Come in and have a seat, you need a drink? You look flustered.” Alicia greeted me when I got to her place.

“Fix us both one because what I’m about to tell you, we might end up in jail tonight.” I said to her.

Alicia looks at me and stop pouring the drinks.

“Mel. What’s going on? Because I don’t know if I need to bust a bottle over a trick head. Or go protest at the airport. What happened in DC?” She asked me quickly.

DC is now known as Drama Connections….

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D.C. (Drama Connections) pt. 1

Today I was at the airport and it amazes me how people just share all their information and don’t care who’s listening.

I forgot my earphones at home this trip and I was kinda mad about that. But I figured what the heck, let me just try to relax.

I was sitting by the window all by myself because I got there super early. Charging my phone and this lady walks to the other side on her phone talking and laughing. I didn’t really care too much until she started gossiping. She literally got off the phone with one person and called at least 2 other people just so she wasn’t just sitting there waiting on the flight. One person didn’t answer and the other person was still sleeping I assume because when they answered the phone she asked them why were they still in the bed. Now we’re in a different time zone so I’m going to assume she forgot and just wanted people to be awake because she was awake.

When I go to the airport, I always wonder if I will see anyone I know or just recognize people from my city. It’s happened a couple times. One time I was eating at a diner and saw someone with a HEB grocery bag. That kinda made me feel at home because I was like “yay more Texans.” I don’t recall seeing those people on my flight so I don’t know if they were coming or going. So yea, I’ve never seen anyone I know personally. Just random people I remember seeing around the city.

I’m not well known in my city but I do know of a lot of people because of the work I do. I’ve been friends with people on social media for months and didn’t know it. I’ll see them at a show and what do you know, they’ve already been liking my post and supporting me.

But anyway, back to Miss Talk a lot. Once she finally got on the phone with someone long enough to start her juicy story, I couldn’t help but to listen. She’s talking and talking and my heart starts racing. There was no way that this lady, which I’ve learned is named Tammy, was gossiping about someone I knew. It just couldn’t be possible.

I try to keep my personal life private just because I don’t like drama at all. I’ve been living a great stress-free life up until now. Right here at gate 8 in the DC airport is when my life changed.

“Girl, I can’t wait to get back to Austin to see him. He bought this plane ticket and my hotel.” Tammy bragged and paused to listen to her friend. “What time will you arrive?” Tammy added.

“I’m so happy we get to spend this time together.”

“His brother needs someone.”

“The lady he’s with ain’t worth nothing.” Tammy giggled. “Maybe you can work your magic and just make him your man.”

“Girl, she don’t eat pork. Talking about she Muslim! B**** you know yo man likes to eat meat. You better cook him what he wants before someone else scoop in and take your place.”

She continues for a while then tells the person on the phone she needs to put them on speaker right quick. Now I’m like oh my God this lady is doing the most! I wanted to jump in so bad when she said the lady doesn’t eat pork. It’s very hard to keep your thoughts clean at times. But my first thought was, “you need to be focusing on a treadmill and not cornmeal!”

“Yeah, Shay Imma be there around 5pm. He’s picking me up from the airport.” Said Tammy.

The whole time I’m listening, I’m wondering why is she so loud. Then again I guess if you have someone paying for trips and ish you’ll be full of excitement too.

Then the smack in the face happened.

“Yeah Tammy, Eric wants to go to the Oasis then we might go to Hippie Hollow in the morning. This will be the first time we will be staying at the lake house.” Shay, her friend on the phone said.

“I can’t wait! You know I’m confident with my body. I told Obi that I might lose a couple pounds but right now I’m living life.” Tammy responded.

Both of the women laugh and I zone out. Everything after that became a blur of what they were saying.

I almost lost my mind in there. There’s no way that there’s two men name Obi with a brother name Eric in Austin. There’s no way! She’s still rambling on and on; I’m sitting there leg shaking, heart beating fast. I don’t know what to do. So I decide to text my friend Alicia because that’s Eric’s wife. I didn’t want to alarm her too much without knowing too many details. Our text went a little something like this.

Me: Hey wyd?

Alicia: Oh nothing. Waiting on E to get back from the store.

Me: Are y’all doing anything tonight? I’m otw home.

Alicia: No E has to go out of town for a couple days.

In that moment I knew he has been lying to her about what he does when he’s away.

Do I tell my bestfriend everything right now or do I wait till I get back in town? What if he was already gone when I got back. She’s going to be so hurt. Alicia recently had a miscarriage for the second time. I know this is a bad time but maybe this was a good thing. Maybe she wasn’t supposed to have any children with him and this will be her chance to leave him for good!

Me: Ok. Do you wanna go get drinks when I get back?

Alicia: Yes! I’ve been feeling so bad since the miscarriage. I could use some quality time with my bestie.

Me: I’ll come over around 8pm.

We ended with our usual two kissy face emoji text.

Now I’m tuned back into the chunky lady next to me. She’s chunky lady now because I’m furious that they’ve been coming to the city cheating with men I know and who have wives that have no clue. She’s now off the phone with Shay and talking to her son about when she will be returning home. Remind you, we are still sitting in the airport and it’s quiet so everyone can hear this lady. The son must have asked her for the security code because she told him a 4 digit code and said to make sure he hit exit before entering the numbers.

I’m not sure if you can figure out how this story turns out but let’s just say, Ms. Tammy needs to learn to keep her mouth closed at the airport.