Tell me please

What corroded your mind and made you stop thinking about me?
What consumed your heart and took away your reasoning that made you forget to reach out for help when you needed it?
You’re not without hope,
but your bones will rot inside-out with discontent.
Fix your gaze on my love for you,
let me be the meditation of your heart.
I know where you need to be and I will take you there.
✒Adewumi Godwin 

To be free (poem)

To be free is to roam the skies.

To be watched by your deep blue untameable eyes is ointment for broken wings.

You found a sit for me on the whirls of a treacherous wind, the dark night you made sing to me like a nightingale.

My morning has come and hidden troubles do I see for what they are.

I no longer fear the mountain top; there I will suckle my young and there I will caress the love of my youth.

For to be free is to roam the skies, to be free is to find a home in the thickness of my skin and the scars from my many deaths. – Adewumi Godwin.

Nocturnal Rainbows (poem)

(D)aydreaming about you daily
(E)very thought brings a taste of you
(A)nother day surviving off memories
(N)o longer am I your morning dose
(D)rowning Off The Thoughts Of Hope
(R)emember me if only for another day
(E)ardrums ring to the euphony of your words ~Jamy

(J)ustice for the mind and solace to your thoughts
(E)volving the image of..
(N)iggas, turning them into brothers
(N)o other than a queen herself speaking
(I)n scenes where chains were seen  seeking
(N)octurnal rainbows to release the thoughts of
(G)hetto fantasies
(S)how me true happiness

Collaboration week day 5

Daily poem project day 9 “A story”

His voice is like that of a god. Not that strong masculine, tall, dark and handsome, muscular body frame we seem to envision. No his voice is calm. He has a voice where you believe everything he speaks as if it’s the gospel. But this isn’t about religion. This is a story about a writer. Who makes love to consonants and vowels. Pronouncing each word precisely. He put himself out there looking for companion just like myself. But neither one of us are mentally stable to be each other’s better half. So we spend late nights writing stories. About people and about each other secretly. Yes secretly. Because there’s no way we can express this love we have and take the chances of having a broken heart. The miles between us two are too far apart. But we travel to each other daily. Bringing comfort, joy, laughter, searching for a happily ever after. ~ J.A.A.G

Where’s the light switch?


I searched the room looking for the light switch. You would think it would be right there. After about two minutes being wasted, I finally saw it.

Who decided to cover the light switch with the same kind of wallpaper? It was located where any other light switch should be. But it blended in causing me to over look it.

She finished using the toilet and washed her hands. I reached to turn the light off. She responded, “oh, you found the switch on the first try. Good for you.” “You know I’ve lived in this house for years and can never remember where the light is.”

Little do she know, it took me forever to find it but I pretended as if I knew exactly where it was.

Then I thought to myself, I thought she was blind?