Love for beads…

So this past weekend I started a new project. I’ve always wanted some waistbeads but just never really looked into anyone selling them or took the time to really research them.

Last week I was really focusing on changing old habits and starting new routines. I finally got back into reading. I continued working out and learning new exercises. It was a good feeling. Although I was able to accomplish a lot in one day, I didn’t feel tired. I felt refreshed.

This upcoming weekend, I plan on doing a photo shoot with my new beads and earrings.

These are the colors I’ve made so far. I’m still learning and haven’t cut the ends yet. But I love the way they fit around my waist. So stay tuned for photos of this shoot.

Read the post about the earrings I bought below.

Popup shop


Welcome 2020!! New year with new opportunities. She said yes in 2019. Can’t wait to see this beautiful couple become one in 2020.

I met these two almost 3 years ago. To see them still smiling and getting closer to their lifelong goal, feels amazing. View their first photo shootbelow.

Daily poem project day 14 “Beginning with T”

T is for Travis. Who I travelled to in twenty sixteen. He was sweet. We took a long walk through central park. Rode the train and took pictures of random people. We discussed future plans but mines didn’t include him. It’s time to tell you the truth. I’m sorry Travis, I can’t. It’s time for me to return home now. Thank you for a tour of your city. Even if I had more time, I will not be able to tell you….