Nocturnal Rainbows (poem)

(D)aydreaming about you daily
(E)very thought brings a taste of you
(A)nother day surviving off memories
(N)o longer am I your morning dose
(D)rowning Off The Thoughts Of Hope
(R)emember me if only for another day
(E)ardrums ring to the euphony of your words ~Jamy

(J)ustice for the mind and solace to your thoughts
(E)volving the image of..
(N)iggas, turning them into brothers
(N)o other than a queen herself speaking
(I)n scenes where chains were seen  seeking
(N)octurnal rainbows to release the thoughts of
(G)hetto fantasies
(S)how me true happiness

Collaboration week day 5

Smile again…. (poem)

I made you smile last night.
It wasn’t just a grin.
No this was a showing all 32s
You bursted into laughter.
I made you smile
And guess what it had nothing to do with sex.
What’s next you’re guessing.
Let’s laugh some more
Tell me something silly so I can return with something not so funny
But you’ll laugh because you think I’m cute.
Let me see that smile one more time.
This time I want mines to touch yours…..~Jamy

Of course time will tell if you truly love this crooked smile.
Vexed with imperfections with no signs of corrections
It’ll be a while
Before you realized I’m just a beautiful confused child.
Like the rest you’ll get used to these antics
No longer unique,
I’ll become another boy who made you feel special an antique.
I got trust issues laced with pain and tissue for those who say they love my smile..
Because it won’t be long before this smile becomes the issue ~Deandre

See there you go assuming
Thinking I’m going to misuse this
Your smile only looks crooked because you look at me with your head to the side
This vibe no modern technology
Let’s take it back to the days before we were even thought of
Here’s my sleeve
Your tears mixed with my skin
This melanin will shine bright
Are you still confused?
Because your queen is waiting….~Jamy

conflicted I lay contemplating
upon hearing that my smile won’t be wasted.
She called herself my queen, so it seems,
That this maybe  the beginning of a love scene
To think it all started with a smile worthwhile..
So here I come,
Giving you all of me again,
Hoping that this time a beautiful journey begin ~Deandre 

Collaboration week day 2

Real Feelings Day 1

Today’s hopeless romantic is now labeled as thirsty and dramatic
no longer seen as lovers but  people who swarm your covers  with obsessions.  These are the confessions of a boy who let his thoughts and emotions swirl
I think the world forgot the concept of love
Nothing higher  than these feelings that come from above
Soul burning brightly like fire out of the stove
what happened to love just being that 
Now if a man  shows a little chivalry   a female steps back,  they forgot what love is
Because our society taught them that  love kills
Now young hopeless romantic souls like mine stay still.
Wondering if we care too much  and if we will ever receive,
 A feel that’s real ~Deandre

I feel you. I got you. I want you.
I’m here to let your soul run free. Communicate with me.
No longer shall you feel hopeless.
 Here’s my hand, you should hold this.
Let’s bring back the chivalry.
Wrap me in your arms as we walk those chilly windy city nights.
You take one step, I’ll take two.
You jump and I’ll jump for you.
Catch me.
Let’s fall into deep thoughts.
Now I know you’re thinking this will end soon.
Just know this is real.
We do still exist.
If it’s not too much to ask, my lips will like a kiss. ~Jamy 


Collaboration week day 1