Black Ice (short film)


The short film Black Ice is finally up for viewing. Visit the link below. Thank you all for the support and feedback. There is so much more to come.

Daily poem project day 9 “A story”

His voice is like that of a god. Not that strong masculine, tall, dark and handsome, muscular body frame we seem to envision. No his voice is calm. He has a voice where you believe everything he speaks as if it’s the gospel. But this isn’t about religion. This is a story about a writer. Who makes love to consonants and vowels. Pronouncing each word precisely. He put himself out there looking for companion just like myself. But neither one of us are mentally stable to be each other’s better half. So we spend late nights writing stories. About people and about each other secretly. Yes secretly. Because there’s no way we can express this love we have and take the chances of having a broken heart. The miles between us two are too far apart. But we travel to each other daily. Bringing comfort, joy, laughter, searching for a happily ever after. ~ J.A.A.G

Daily poem project day 7 “Inspired by”

My mornings are not the same if I don’t see you.
There’s something about your brightness that brings me joy.
I wake up early to take your picture.
Drive to the middle of nowhere just to watch you.
You’re so beautiful.
My selfish ways hate when you don’t appear.
Thinking what needs you more than I do.
I run to you for comfort.
Relaxation or just to escape the reality of life.
Your colors are so vibrant, even when you’re cold.
I love the way you give me chills.
The sound of your voice flows so swiftly.
You shower me with your tears.
Instead of running for cover, I absorb you.
I breathe you in as if I’ll die without you.
Spending late nights counting your freckles.
Whether I follow paths you’ve created or go a different way.
You always brighten up my day.
Nature this poem is inspired by you. ~J.A.A.G