Leaving the scene….(poem)

10 08 for goodness sake 

I loved you

The Chinese zodiac says you’re a snake 

Glad I did some research 

It makes this heart hurt less 

But I still think of you 

Slithered right through my garden 

Hissing, kissing, caressing 

414, 8, 9, 10

Just in case you’re wondering 

My heart was all for Austin 

But I drowned him in Lake Michigan ~J.A.A.G 



I don’t know what it feels like to lie on my deathbed
I can’t describe the way I feel when I watch you
The deep stare you give
I wonder what’s on your mind
Listening to you sleep breathing so heavily
This sound is calming because it let’s me know you’re still alive

I can stare at you and physically see how you look
But you can’t see me
All you can do is listen to my voice
Creating your own image of me
I wonder how do I look inside your mind
Does my voice match my image
Or is my spirit enough to paint a beautiful portrait

Here today gone tomorrow
But you was here today and left today
Oh how I miss how you would lay
So peacefully
Sleeping the day away
Every so often you opened yours eyes and gave me a smile
Why couldn’t you stay a little while longer
Don’t get me wrong
I love the fact that you’re resting
And no longer in pain
But I’m missing you today

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Fathers showing love to their boys….


We’re so used to seeing mothers showing boys love and the fathers teaching them to be manly. Why can’t we get more fathers who love showing their boys it’s ok to have a sensitive side? Kiss them every once in awhile and tell them you love them more often. Sports are fun but love is undeniable. Love them and teach them to be humble.