Hi officer….


(Alarm ringing 6:30 am) I’m so not ready to wake up. Just need ten more minutes.

(7:25 a.m.) Oh no, we’re going to be late. I didn’t even know I slept that long.

“Good morning sweetie. Time to get up for school.”

“Good morning mommy.”

“Did you sleep good?” She asked him.

“Yes, did you sleep good mommy?”

“Yes. I woke up late so we have to hurry. What do you want to eat?”

“Hmmm, I’ll take oatmeal”, he said with excitement.

“Oatmeal it is. Let’s go potty and get dressed.”

(Alarming security system)

“Hurry up.” We have to take the toll road so we can make it there on time.

“Can I see the phone mommy?”

(8:40 am) Please don’t turn around. (Looking in rearview mirror) No, he’s turning around. I can not afford a speeding ticket right now. Wait, I wasn’t even going that fast. Ugh, please let this be a nice officer. Please, please.

(Police lights flashing, pulling into parking lot)

“Good morning ma’am. I pulled you over because of your speed coming off the toll road. You were going about 60. Where are you headed this morning?”

“Hi. I’m taking my son to daycare then headed to work”. I wasn’t really headed to work. But I felt like that sounded better.

“May I see your license and insurance?”

(Handing the officer her license and insurance)

“Is this your current address Ms. O’Neil?”

“No we just moved in with my father,” she told the officer.

“May I get you to write down your current address and a telephone number you can be reached.”

(Handing her a notepad and pen)

She wondered if that was normal. But didn’t want to get a ticket so she proceeded to write her temporary address in the notepad.

“Thank you, I’ll be back shortly.”

“Mommy are we going to HEB?”

“No, we have to wait on the officer then I’m taking you to school.”

“Do you see the airplane mommy?”

“I hear it but I can’t see it. Think it’s behind the clouds.”

“It’s behind the clouds?”

“Yes, sweetie.” Listen to him. He has no clue what’s going on. I hope I don’t get a ticket and we can just go on with our morning.

“Alright Ms. O’Neil, unfortunately I’m all out of warnings this morning. I was going to give you a warning but I actually don’t have any.”

(Laughing a nervous laugh) She thought does that mean she’ll be getting a ticket.

After a short pause, the officer stated that since he’s out of warnings that he would give her a verbal warning. A sense of relief took over her body. She wanted to tell him he can’t pause in between those statements. He had her nervous and about to start crying. But she smiled and said thank you.

“Tell your son to have a great day at daycare. I just dropped my son off at daycare.”

“Thank you so much”, she said.

“You’re welcome (Giving her a nice smile). I’m pretty sure you’ll be using this route more frequently, so just keep it close to 50 and not 60. I monitor this area often”, he told her.

“Yes, I will” (trying not to smile too much).

They both said have a good day and the officer walked back to his truck. Ms. O’Neil couldn’t wait to get out that parking lot.

That was a close call. Now I need gas. Dangit. I was trying to wait till later. I wonder does he monitor this area in the evenings as well. It would suck to have him pull me over again later. I’m going to make sure I do the speed limit.

“Alright, I’ll see you later. Have fun at school.”

“Bye mommy.”


Everyone wants to drive slow today. This is the toll road. The speed limit is 80 not 60 or whatever y’all are doing. Get out the fast lane! (Yelling at the cars in front) Ok let me slow it down. I hope this officer isn’t up here. I should’ve just went the other way.

“You have to be kidding me.” she said.

“What is it mommy?”

The police is pulling me over again. I know I wasn’t speeding this time. Wait, I can’t remember if I was doing 55 or less. I really need to start leaving earlier.

(Looking in rearview as the officer approaches her truck)

“Good morning Ms. O’Neil. Funny seeing you again so soon.”

“Good morning.” (Giving him a smirk wondering what did she do this time)

“How is your morning going so far, he asked?”

“Just trying to get son to daycare.”

“Which school does he attend?”

“Creative kids right off Pecan St.”

“Really? My son goes there.”

Is there a reason he’s making conversation with me? Like officer, I do have somewhere to be. Are you giving me a ticket or not? “That’s great. What a small town this is”, she said.

“Yes, it is. You have a wonderful day Ms. O’Neil. Take it slow this time around.”

“Will do. Thank you.”

If I didn’t know any better I could’ve sworn this officer had a crush on me. A few more days went by and I must say I’m guilty of taking the same route, just so he’d talk to me.

It was just my luck that he did and by the end of the week, he’d worked up the courage to ask me out.

We’d decided on taking the kids out to play at a local park not too far away since both of us were single parents. He turned out to be an amazing man.

He enjoyed art, listened to jazz, and could actually hold a decent conversation. Not to mention the love he showed for his son.

We all know how hard it is to actually find a good man these days, she thought.

The officer stopped me everyday he got the chance and it kind of became our thing. So much so that I began to leave the house a little early just so I’d have more time to talk to him.

We texted and went out on a few more dates and from the looks of things, my son loved him and I was beginning to think maybe I did too.

No one knows what the future holds but I was hoping to see more of this mysterious officer of mine.