The face behind the poem

I believe this is the most sacred state of man. When sleep comes and takes it all from your demanding hands. Ease the toil. Therefore where a man lays his head is a temple, and who he chooses to share it with. A fellow worshipper.
This is my face. Not much. Just enough. Those eyes, they’re red like that a lot. Not from whiskey. I see a lot of things that make my soul bleed into my eyes.
But this is my face. Not much. Just enough.~Adewumi Godwin 


I can never get enough of his words.

Indirect conversations….

There’s a question in your legs.
Where have they been?
Where are they going.?
Will your heart come along?
There’s a question in your eyes.
Do they know I see them?
Are they watching out for something true ?
What satisfies your lips.
The truth or a kiss. ?
There’s a question at the tip of your toe.
What makes them walk the earth the way they do. 
Will you tell me ? ~Adewumi Godwin  

When will you talk to me?
Not just verbally or through text.
I want to have a real conversation about you.
Must I come to you for this to happen?
Talk to me.
Let me know this isn’t one sided.
I’m forcing myself to hide it.
But I want to connect the dots and see the image behind it. ~ J.A.A.G

Let’s laugh together (poem)

If all I’m able to do is give you a reason to smile, giggle or even have a belly deep laugh, it’s enough for me.

I like it when my hair is free, as it should be –
but sometimes it’s wild. It tickles my ears,tells me secrets.
Some days it’s heavy as my heart when I can’t see how blessed I am. So I tame it. I try. –
Take the laughter and the heart hugging joy, take it. It multiplies when shared, in me and in You.

I still don’t know how to share all of Me, except in words but that’s because I know you’ll enjoy it there even if you won’t understand.

Let’s laugh together, there are very few things we will ever understand and that’s okay, we’re wise enough to believe.
I believe you can Laugh with me.
~Adewumi Godwin 

Does it even matter??

Does it even matter anymore how much we’ve given to be here and to remain here ?  How then are our dreams taken as twigs and logs for the evenings fire, to keep warm a distraught mind.

Will it mean anything when it ends ? The ashes, the left over smoke and burnt sand. Aren’t we now at the mercy of the wind ?  To do it’s biddings and to dance its dance. 

Damn! Does it even matter that we once dreamed! ~Godwin Adewumi 

Two Suit cases and a duffle bag ….(poem)

Two Suit cases and a duffle bag, if only that was all she travelled with.
The whistling train was a welcomed distraction, a snoring mother whose baby wailed for suck, the endless winks and sickening kisses blown from the clueless admirer down the aisle but none told her story as the two suit cases and a
duffle bag she packed with her other baggages unseen.

If only, dear Porter, I didn’t need to need you, to help me look after my baggage’s as I wander for a minute into denial.
I need you to distract me, oh Lover! for another minute.
Her face told her story, so as she learnt to cherish her face she learnt to tell her story with smiles, tears, thanks and sigh. She knew. Home was far. Not by distance but acceptance.
~Adewumi Godwin 

Entrance Only….(poem)

If at some point you find your way back to me,
I’ll be honoured to show you the beautiful world I’ve built for us.

I must warn you, each brick is carefully laid so you never find your way away from me again.
~Adewumi Godwin