Love understands….(poem) 

It’s what we don’t have that takes most of our time and imagination
The things that are right before our eyes are starved of love and care they deserve
especially those who don’t stop supplying us all we need to experience life’s beauty.
I’m learning to appreciate love more.
I never really understood it so I avoided it.
but after many failed attempts.
I recognize it now.
It has a familiar face.
I still don’t understand it
but Love understands
so we’re good.
~Adewumi Godwin 

Take my hand (poem)

Take my hand
Let’s explore each others mind
And we dance,
Until the end of time.
We touch,
And our sparks clear the room,
And we go,
Somewhere meant for us two,
With the peace in you and I,
Misfortune can’t break the bond that keeps us alive,
Take my hand,
I want to love your heart,
And with my past,
I want you to forgive mine..
It started with a simple touch,
My fantasy
Revolved around falling in love
Your man, my woman,
And We continue dance,
It all begins with taking my hand.
~Remy the Writer