Nocturnal Rainbows (poem)

(D)aydreaming about you daily
(E)very thought brings a taste of you
(A)nother day surviving off memories
(N)o longer am I your morning dose
(D)rowning Off The Thoughts Of Hope
(R)emember me if only for another day
(E)ardrums ring to the euphony of your words ~Jamy

(J)ustice for the mind and solace to your thoughts
(E)volving the image of..
(N)iggas, turning them into brothers
(N)o other than a queen herself speaking
(I)n scenes where chains were seen  seeking
(N)octurnal rainbows to release the thoughts of
(G)hetto fantasies
(S)how me true happiness

Collaboration week day 5

Daily poem project day 5 “Blue”

Most associate this with the color red.
But I don’t want that fiery love.
I’ve been burned too many times.
Not trying to have the tips of the flame.
I want the blue that appears at the base of the flame.
Because in order for this love to last we must have a strong foundation.
After we build that platform,
I want to travel beyond the blue skies.
Let’s have an electrifying love.
Each touch sends me into shock.
Each kiss brings me back to life.
I choose blue.
That early morning shades of.
That midnight comfort of.
I choose you. ~J.A.A.G 

Day 5 of GD_words poems.


I tell these stories as they come to me- they always find me.

One after another, these wide eyed toddlers panting for new stories.

They liked the chills of horror, so they would often ask to be told stories that made switching off their room lights a bit more adventurous.

Almost like their world didn’t have enough thrill so they sought after mediums like their fantasies and my twisted mind to answer life’s questions.

~Adewumi Godwin