Reed (poem)

I never knew life would get so hard for me,
Taken by emotions life coasting by while I’m stuck in the motions
Muddy waters,
Adding leaves for those who leave
A Reed…
Smoking weed to escape the pain of truly being alone,
Falling for men who masked their intentions with cologne and tales of a broken home
I love the complication…
That’s why I tell myself to be wary of connections.
Blame my father for that broken trust got me looking for men who thrusts
Instead of minds to remind and rewind this soul of mine.
I guess that’s why I won’t give him the time,
Young virgin boy who sees beauty within me that I can never see…
Or that was never shown to me.
Got me second guessing my actions
Always waiting for his reaction
My subtle words  was my transaction for his lovely pieces …
he calls me his dove ,
Even though I’m not worthy of the representation of a holy bird sent from above
So I curve,
Not giving him the essence of my precious presence
Instead for instance
I mess with those who could give less
I must confess I am a Reed..
Stuck in this water looking for order amongst  this chaos tides let me reside within these lines ~Deandre

I’m so over looking.
Too many times I’ve been taken for granted.
A lonely seed never fully planted.
Just tossed in a pile.
It hurts to smile.
This heart leaks never Reaching my peak.
I yearn for you.
Your Cocoa skin each curve I watch as you sway away.
Leaving me with no touch.
Your scent suffocates my lungs.
Got me sprung.
Tie the knot from the noose I hung.
Trying to find a reason for a delay.
No not today. Your voice is on replay.
My aphrodisiac don’t let me fade beneath the surface.
Give me a purpose to not slit this wrist.
Your hand I reached for.
Slipped then I tripped.
You watched me as I sunk deeper gasping for air.
Swept away by your tsunami
Omnipresent but yet you remain unavailable.
Replaceable you are.
Occasionally thinking of a way to make this untraceable…. ~Jamy

Collaboration week day 4

Daily poem project day 4 “Being Alone”

I sit and think.

Moments like this my mind is free. 

Surrounded by these four walls. 

Shadows coming from the closet

Crawling from underneath the bed

Spinning around

Jumping from dresser drawer to window to floor.

I smile because they look so happy.

Then I laugh and think this child and dog have too much energy.

I would rather be alone with these two

Than to be surrounded by your bad spirits. ~J.A.A.G 

Day 4 of GD_Words poems.


Words are beautifully hideous.
Standing alone they tell stories; “lost”.
Standing together they speak riddles; “I am lost?”.
Used right they reveal truth; “I am lost!”.
In the hands of a wordsmith they become characters only a depraved mind can have; “I don’t want to be found”.

~Adewumi Godwin