During the week if you have a normal job, you might take the same route to get there. Usually I see the same cars on the way to my part time job. But occasionally I’ve been seeing the same pedestrians.

There’s this one Korean lady who wears a mask over her mouth like doctor’s usually wear during surgery. I always catch her running across the street as her light changes from the hand to the walk signal. I have to make a right turn, so we always make eye contact and I give her the sign to go ahead.

My job is less than 5 mins from this crosswalk so I have no issue with letting her go across the four lanes before I turn. Then again, pedestrians are supposed to have the right away right?

Well, not everyone thinks so. It was a Thursday morning and as normal, I pull up to the light, it turns green, and the lady begins to run across the street. The lady behind me must was running late today because she wasn’t in a good mood. She drives right on my bumper and proceeds to blow her horn as if I was doing something wrong.

Now I’m a speed demon and definitely one who is quick to run a yellow light. But I will not put a pedestrian in danger or have them think someone is about to hit them.

The driver behind me began to curse me out and still honking the horn. All I could do is laugh. I found it even funnier because she tried to pass me when we finally turned and she got stuck in the traffic lane, while I went right on through the light.

I hope she made it to her destination safely. I’m just happy the young Korean lady wasn’t harmed.