The Enchanted Rock with my Rock

What a year!! This world has been crazy but my life has been amazing. Couldn’t ask for a better man to share memories with.

We went on our first true hike. Visited the Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg, TX. The experience was unbelievable. Here’s a short video of our experience and a few photos to show.

More photos coming!!


Welcome 2020!! New year with new opportunities. She said yes in 2019. Can’t wait to see this beautiful couple become one in 2020.

I met these two almost 3 years ago. To see them still smiling and getting closer to their lifelong goal, feels amazing. View their first photo shootbelow.

Love boat

A week ago I met you. Today I can’t stop thinking about you. Two days spent with you, felt like two years.

I miss you. Something feels weird without you. To compare it to something, it’s like going a day without caffeine. My head hurts. My body feels weak. I want just one cup.

You haven’t called and my friends keep telling me to call you. I’m afraid of everything that comes with you. But yet so eager to just jump right in.

The first two days felt like we can do this for years. Join me on this love boat and let’s cruise upstream.

D.C. (Drama Connections) pt. 5

Tammy stood in front of the boat still on land. “Oh, so you ignoring calls now? You thought I wasn’t coming up here?” She questioned Obi.

Obi met Charee halfway between the boats so she couldn’t get close to Tammy. I followed after her. If anything was about to go down, I was beyond ready. Charee was quiet and never get to socialize but she was a fighter.

“Why are you here Tammy?” Obi asked as he walked Charee to the boat.

“Maybe you should tell your wife what you’ve been up to Obi.” She held up a piece of paper which I’m going to assume is the ultrasound.

“Tammy this is not the time for your games.”

Eric finally got off the boat to try and calm Tammy and Shay down. He was trying to act like he didn’t know Shay.

“No I’m not leaving until he tells his wife who I am and everything else about me.”

Obi started up the boat and took off with Charee on it. I could hear Charee asking him a million questions.

Shay broke her silence, “Eric will you like to explain to your wife why we’re here?”

“I don’t know why y’all are here. But you need to stay away from my family.” Eric demanded.

“Whatever. You got some explaining to do tonight so I ain’t worried.” Tammy stated.

The ladies walked away and we finally took off to the lakehouse. There was so much I wanted to say but I wanted to see if Alicia will step up this time. We rode in complete silence. Eric pretended like nothing happened. As he went to go shower, he told Alicia to come join him. I decided to leave them and link up with Stephanie. Explaining how everything went down and she knew just like I did that these men were going to love on their wives so they can forget what happened.

It was around 2 am and I get a call from Charee saying she heard Obi on the phone talking to someone. His phone was ringing all night and finally he turned it off. But after an hour or so, that’s when he left the room. She told me how she was afraid that he might snap if he finds out about the money. I didn’t want her being paranoid for the night so I suggested she go downstairs to see if he’s ok. This way he will get off the phone and hopefully come back to bed. Sure enough, Obi was on the phone promising Tammy that he will get her plane ticket in the morning. Charee walked in on him and he quickly hung up the phone.

“Hey baby, sorry if I woke you. That was Eric telling me that we needed to finish that file before the morning.” Obi telling Charee the first lie that can come to his head.

Charee got a drink of water and went back to bed. She saw Obi go to the computer but didn’t want to say anything to make things seem weird. Obi was gone when Charee woke the next morning. Her guess was he was with Tammy or headed to the bank. Moments later she received a call from him asking has she been to the bank lately. She didn’t lie about it and simply told him that she got some funds out for her trip but not a crazy amount.

“Charee, no crazy amount? I just tried to buy a pl–, I just tried to buy something and my card is decline.”

“What did you try to buy?” Charee asked him again.

“It doesn’t matter. Where is my money?”

“Maybe you should ask your mistress.” Charee hung up the phone. She decided to pack a bag and came to my house.

We called Alicia to let her know that Obi knew about the money so Eric will most likely be confronting her soon. She didn’t waste any time with leaving the house. Stephanie said that she went to Shay’s Instagram page and she saw all these photos of her and Eric out like they were a real couple.

By this time, the ladies were having a repeat of our trip to Miami with the massive phone calls and text. First the messages were filled with anger, wondering what happened to their money. After not responding for the entire day, the men turned to begging. Everything from how they are sorry and just want to know that they’re ok. To things like just call me and let me know what can I do to make things better. Oh, I was finding much pleasure in this whole situation.

Alicia finally answered the phone for Eric.

“What do you want Eric?”

“Why are you ignoring my calls? When are you coming home?”

“Who is she?”

“Bae, let’s not talk about this over the phone. Where are you? I’ll come right now.”

“Who is she?” Alicia held back tears. “I’m not coming home. You can go be with your mistress. She will leave you when she finds out you have no more money.”

“Alicia! You don’t mean that. You’re just emotional.”

“Emotional? Oh no, I am happy. You want me to tell you why? I am happy because I am no longer your puppet. I am no longer just your wife. No I am a business owner. And guess what Eric? You work for me now. So tell your little piece of kitty that she can find her own way back to wherever she lives or come sign these papers so she can meet her new boss.” She slammed the phone down on the counter and poured her a drink.

I have to admit I was very impressed with the way she handled that conversation. Eric is probably sitting there trying to wrap his mind around all of this. He must have forgotten that Alicia did graduate top of her class. She’s very smart just timid. The men didn’t know where my guesthouse was located or else they would have pulled up a long time ago.

Tammy found Charee on Facebook and decided to send her a message that read: Hey Charee. I just wanted to let you know who I am so you can have peace of mind. I’ve been knowing Obi for years now and we met in DC where I live.

We’re reading it together and I’m like girl we already know where you live and how you ain’t got nothing in your house. Sleeping in that small bed.

Him and Eric has been there several times visiting myself and Shay. Unfortunately, I am pregnant with his child. My due date is on your birthday. I know you two don’t have any children together and this may be hard for you. But I was under the impression that you and Obi was separated.

This trick is lying. She knew they were still together that’s why she was talking all that mess in the airport. The doctor’s note on her counter was for an abortion so either she didn’t get it or she’s lying about still being pregnant. I honestly don’t see Obi letting her have his baby. When I said he became possessive, he also can get a little violent when he’s upset. He never put his hands on me but came pretty close.

I’m sorry you had to find out all of this through message. You don’t have to worry about me disrespecting you or your household. I just want Obi to give me what he promised. I have children, I need to get home to and he hasn’t bought my plane ticket yet. I am placing him on child support once the baby is here.

Tammy went on to say a few more unnecessary things in that message, but we stopped reading. I wanted to tell Tammy that she wasn’t going to get any money from Obi because he’s a liar and never keeps his promises. That’s how he got Stephanie and that’s how he got Charee, by causing them stress and debt. Charee was just lucky enough to marry him so her debt became his.

A couple days went by and Charee let Obi know she was filing for divorce. This was just a threat to see how he would respond. Tammy sent Charee another message on Facebook.

It’s been almost a week now and I haven’t heard from Obi. I will admit I came to your house to see if he was there. I don’t want to bother you all anymore, I just need to get home to my kids. I know I’m not your friend or even close to being on your good side, but can you have him call me please so I can move on with my life?

Does she really think we give two shits about her well being? She’s a grown woman and shouldn’t have put all her trust into him.

One of the charities we attend every year was one for the support of abused women with or without children. Alicia had a huge passion for helping others. So her and Charee teamed up to open their own center for women and children. This place will help them get on their feet, take classes, daycare for their children and funding programs. The daycare will be for the public and for the center. It’s expensive trying to work and pay for daycare so we are teaming up to find ways to make it more accessible for the women.

I was happy things were falling into place. It would be heartbreaking if we started this and couldn’t get it finished because the men found a way to take their money back.

Roughly two weeks after the boat party and the ladies returned home. Their husbands were happy to see them but knew things will be different. Eric was a little more easygoing than Obi so he offered counseling for them right away. Obi on the other hand, was money hungry and it broke his ego to know he wasn’t the bread maker anymore. Charee explained to him that he still had his car and can find another job. She was totally fine with downgrading her home. She was into expensive things but never wanted a big house since it was just the two of them.

Both couples went to counseling after some time. Tammy messaged Charee again apologizing and told her the baby wasn’t Obi’s. Shay went on with her life and we haven’t heard anything from them. Things are going good now but I’m hoping Alicia and Charee will stay aware. It will take some time to get cheating out your system. I hope Tammy and Shay will understand that it’s very rare that a man will leave his wife for his side piece.

As for me, I was headed west for a vacation in the mountains. From Washington DC to Denver, Colorado, the drama just doesn’t end. Let’s see what this D.C. has to talk about.

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I offer my soul (poem)

Take I offer you my soul

On the platter of love

love most pure, love most true

I have come as a weary pilgrim of love

Knocking on your door

In this androgynous darkness

Please my fair lady

Open your legs and bid me welcome

~Udah C. Inalegwu


Enter and feast on this cream filled dessert
Today marks the day of your rebirth
Following the curves
Every inch you find your new home
Swim in my ocean
Taking you across the Atlantic and back
Sun up to sundown when the sky is starless
Your soul I’ll caress
Love my taste, you’ll survive
Come and embrace this heart of mines


Day 3 of GD_WORDS poems. 

I’ve been musing over the last sunset

And I think I want it.


Like I want you.


Who am I kidding.

You are my last sunset.

Gone forever.~Adewumi Godwin  .

Distance is just a matter of numbers.

Can you envisage the future of my image?

I’ll turn your last into your present.

Open your eyes to my colorful soul.

We are the sun and I will set you free.~J.A.A.G

Overwhelmed with Joy….


You ever been so happy that you just cry

You reach that point where tears of joy take over your body

The room filled with darkness

Then her smile made it bright

There was a twinkle in her eyes

And he was right there in her sight

Smiling right back at her

Silence between the two

But deep conversations were shared mentally

Stimulating each other’s mind

Nevermind the time

Because this moment has to last forever


This light is taking forever. (Looking out the corner of her eye) Why is this guy staring at me?

(Driver blows horn)

Don’t look, don’t look. If I don’t look, he’ll just drive away. Finally green light. Is he really following me? Ok, maybe something’s wrong with my truck and he’s trying to tell me.

(Pulling into the parking)

I know this seems creepy, but there was no way I was going to let you get away without telling you how beautiful you are.

Yes, this is very so much creepy, but thank you.

I’m Marcus, he said. (Reaching his hand out hoping to touch her beautiful skin)

Hi Marcus, I’m Monica. (Giving him a little smirk)

Nice to meet you Monica. It’s a lovely day, do you have plans after you leave this store?

I’m pretty sure I can find something to do to occupy my time, she stated.

You have a sense of humor, I like that. I would love to take you out for breakfast and get to know the woman behind that beautiful smile.

He’s lucky I really don’t have anything to do. I could use some breakfast because I didn’t eat much this morning. Where to Mr.?

You wanna follow me or ride along, he asked?

He has a really nice car. Can I just drive your car? You can go eat by yourself. I’ll follow you, she said.

The two dwelled in conversation, sharing laughs, and bites of each other’s meal.

What would you like to do now Ms. Monica?

I don’t know. Oh wait, I have something we can do. But it has to be a surprise.

Surprises already huh?

I think you’ll enjoy it. Meet me at the Michael’s up the road, please.

He had no clue of what to expect, but was excited to spend more time with her.

After doing a little shopping, the two set up shop at a local park.

Since you like to paint, I thought it would be nice if we painted in the park. (She smiled and watched his reaction)

Hours went by and they painted two pieces. There was more paint on them than the actual paper. As the sun settled directly above them, they decided to find some shade.

Every Tuesday for the next three months, the couple would visit the park and paint. They painted the sky, bugs in the grass, people around them, and even portraits of each other. He enjoyed painting her more than anything else.

Did you pack everything?

Yes, I believe so. My plane leaves at 9:30am. I should arrive no later than 2pm. I’ll call you as soon as I get to the hotel.

(Tears filling her eyes, causing her vision to become blurry)

I don’t think I will ever get used to these trips you have to take.

I know baby. Soon I’ll be able to take you with me.

(Kisses are shared and he wipes the tears from her eyes)

She hated when he had to leave. His career forced him to travel weeks at a time. Although they used technology to communicate often, it wasn’t the same. He was missing her touch. She missed his scent.

10:54pm, her phone rang. It was Marcus friend Kevin.

Why is Kevin calling me this late?

Hey, Monica it’s me Kev. Sorry to disturb but I have some bad news.

Already about to start crying, she ask what was going on?

It’s a long story but Marcus was trying to surprise you by coming home a couple days early. I needed help with a situation so he came to pick me up.

She knew something bad had happened and just wanted him to get on with the story.

We were driving down Onion Creek when a trucker lost control of his trailer. We had a head on collision. Marcus is in the hospital. He’s in bad condition.

Unable to comprehend what was going on, Monica broke down.

Monica, I’m so sorry. If I didn’t call him, he would be home with you right now. I’m so sorry.

Silence filled the phone lines.

She didn’t know what to expect as she walked into the hospital room.

(machines beeping)

The doctor entered the room to inform Monica of Marcus injuries.

Mrs. Austin….
Mrs. Austin….

(turning to face the doctor)

Hi, I’m Dr. Wright. Your husband got banged up pretty bad. But he’s going to be fine.

Oh we’re not married, she said.

My apologizes, stated the Dr.

Will he be able to run again?

A couple months of physical therapy and he’ll be right back at it. He’s a fighter. I’ve watched him run and I know he has it in him to get back on his feet.

Months went by and things were getting easier for Marcus. He wore braces for some time and temporarily used a walker.

The couple had been together for a little over a year now. Monica did everything she could to help Marcus have a smooth recovery. He really appreciated her for being by his side.

After having a long day at work, Monica just wanted to go home and sleep. She walked inside the house wondering where Marcus could be. There was a note on the kitchen counter that read, “Your bath water is ready”. She proceeded to the bathroom and found another note. “ After you finish here, come have dinner with me. Your driver will be here by 7:30pm.” Still wondering where he was, she just followed instructions.

What was he planning?

Arriving at one of her favorite Italian restaurants, she was seated at a table near the window.

Moments later she saw Marcus walk across the restaurant holding flowers in one hand and a bag in another.

Omg he’s walking, she exclaimed!

Before she could even speak, Marcus had dropped down to one knee.

Monica Alexandria Madison, you are the love of my life. Words can not express how much I appreciate everything you do for me. This past year has been a real test for the both of us. Will you please do me the honor of being Mrs. Austin?

Overwhelmed with joy, she was able to gather her words.

I would love to be Mrs. Austin!

You can read the sequel to this story here. The couple take a road trip as newlyweds.

It’s Starting to Rain….


Let me first say that I apologize. Before coming to see you I wanted to get something off my chest. Something that has been bothering me for a long time. Something we should have discussed long ago.

I apologize for not being more of a man for you. When we were young I didn’t know what I had or how to be a better mate for you. It was always about me. I went behind your back. I lied. I didn’t hold onto you as hard as I should have. After our son was born, I remember thinking everything with us was going to be better but we only got worse. At the time I was thinking, that a little time apart was all that we needed. But as the years went by and we never got back together, a piece of me died. I played happy when inside I was crying out for you. Women came in my life. Men came in yours. They never matched the love we had for one another. I would pine for your touch or to be able to wake up to you in these days. Even when the world told me to let go I still longed for the love we once shared.

As time pass we were able to finally pick up the pieces. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I came to you and basically said it’s all or nothing and without you I’m nothing. It was raining outside and I was soaking wet. Almost got in a car wreck on the way to you and never told you. I was scared out of my mind that you would deny me. But you gave me a hug and a simple kiss and from there I knew you were mine again. From there we lived a better life than we lived previously. Our kids had kids and they had kids and two people who were once babies, now had a whole family underneath them. I didn’t need anything else. To see our grandchildren smile and run to you and to see all we had been through fulfilled, completed me more than anything in this world. I could’ve died a happy and fulfilled man no question about it.

But I didn’t. You did.

I want to kiss you one last time baby. Our kids want to kiss you. A touch, a hug, anything. Our home is empty now. For a long time I asked God why you and not me first. It wasn’t suppose to be this way. This pain is never ending because there is no where I can go physically to get you back. I see you in my dreams and my ever waking thoughts. I miss you baby. All those years we spent apart I wish we could’ve spent together knowing what I know now.

The other day I went for a walk in the park alone to get some air. Although my knees aren’t what they once were, they got me around pretty good.You remember when you fell down that hill of mud? Yeah, I almost fell down one once today. I ended up having to sit down on the edge of the lake with the dirt trail behind me to finally relax. I thought about you, the kids, when I would see you again, and just our life together. I started feeling down on myself again thinking about things I couldn’t change. I finally sat up to leave and as I turned around, I saw an older couple walking down a cement path together. Now I know what you might be thinking and no it didn’t make me more depressed. It actually filled my heart with joy. The reason being is because it allowed me to see true love once again. Something I haven’t seen since the last time I looked in your eyes. Something I hope to do one day soon for the rest of eternity.

Sorry to ramble baby. It’s starting to rain a little now. By the time I walk from here to my car and out the cemetery, it’ll probably be pouring and while I can’t wait to see you I don’t want to go out under water. I’ll be back next week to tell you about our grandchild and his wife’s big mouth. Love you darling. Now and forever.

~Confucius Jones

It’s Thursday!!!!

Hello there!

So a couple weeks ago, I decided to start posting a story on Thursdays. Just to do something different. Although I love posting pictures, it’s always nice to change it up and keep the audience engaged.

If you haven’t already read the previous story “When He Says pt1 and pt2“, please do so. It’s a really nice love story. Nothing too fancy, just short and simple.

This week’s story is really going to blow your mind. So make sure you check out the blog later this evening for some interesting reading. It’s going to make your heart melt.