My inner child has been released….

My inner child has been released.

I got excited when birds flew near me.

I kicked rocks and picked up sticks.

I skipped instead of running.

I climbed a tree.

I swung on the swing, going as high as I could go.

Then I jumped out and let me arms and legs go wild.

Today I just wanted to be a kid again.

Then I looked over at you and realized that I had duties as an adult. 

You give me strength and keep my inner child from hiding too long.

Day 5 of GD_words poems.


I tell these stories as they come to me- they always find me.

One after another, these wide eyed toddlers panting for new stories.

They liked the chills of horror, so they would often ask to be told stories that made switching off their room lights a bit more adventurous.

Almost like their world didn’t have enough thrill so they sought after mediums like their fantasies and my twisted mind to answer life’s questions.

~Adewumi Godwin

Donnie….what are you doing here?


I blame his father for this turtles madness. Turtles are everywhere. I have stickers all over my truck and Leo rides with me on my steering wheel.


He rolls back and forth while I’m driving. Oh how did he get there? My son threw him from the backseat and that’s where he landed. He has a good arm on him.

As much as I like the turtles, I’m ready for this stage to be over. I’m starting to see turtles in my dreams. Or at least I think they’re dreams.

Water Break……


Lasted I checked, it is the winter season. Well at least that’s what the news says. But if you check the forecast, it definately does not feel like the winter season.

Anytime the Sun is shining, my little guy feels he is intitled to be outside. Well I don’t mind it. It’s just when it’s going on 2 hours and you’re ready to go. “No mommy, I need some water.”

We take a water break and one more lap around the trail. This should really burn him out. Bath time, dinner and bedtime when we get home. Fun times with the kiddo.