When you smile
I wish to fill in the void
Because you seemed cracked by the pain of what your mind won’t ignore..
Cracks in your heart
They spoke to me
You couldn’t trust me
You wanted to push me away
But you loved me
So when you smile, just kiss me.
Hold on,
I’m right here
To piece everything together
The good, the fear
Tell me
Can you be sincere
And tell me what I lack
Because just like you
A lot of me has a lot of cracks.
So let’s take our time
Healing each other can be one of our goals
Just don’t go
Until we glue together all the cracks.

~Remy the writer



I hate being rushed. I also hate not fulfilling an obligation.

My name is Confucius Jones (DJ in some cases), and also one half of Those Damn Comic Book Guys podcast. I have written on this site before and I was suppose to write a story this time but things came up as they do. I just wanted to write something that is on my mind and heart.

Photo Speaks Photography is more to me than a photography company. Photo Speaks to me is a company that I have seen grow into something really special. Special not because I know the owner, but special because the photos truly do have a voice. Photo Speaks has given our podcast a clear vision and also made us look super professional. Plus we got a little commercial out of it too.

You have to understand everyone wants to be a photographer nowadays. It’s not hard to buy a camera or take pictures but a great photographer can stand above all the rest. They can take pictures that become everlasting memories and pieces of gold to those who request them. Photo Speaks does all that and more. I’ve seen the owner go from a bright eyed dreamer, and constant professional, and watched her business grow from a couple of clients to a whole host of people. I’m honored to have witnessed everything from the beginning and hope to stick around for many more milestones.

If you need some pictures taken then don’t hesitate and if you hate then you can fight me.

Digital, not today!!


Been seeing a lot of people using these cameras. So I’ve decided to shoot with it for a day. Digital is nice because you can view the pictures right away and tweak and edit. Haven’t used film in years. So as I explore with film, my digital will be resting for the day. Looking forward to some great shots.