A King needs his Queen…

Something is telling me not to hold back.
Something is telling me to speak my mind.
There’s this feeling going on inside.
Nerves? Yes.
Excitement? Definitely.
Happiness, joy, euphoria? That’s exactly it.
I also feel a little sad.
This distance.
This attachment.
The connection.

Something is telling me not to hold back.
Something is telling me to speak my mind.
2 am and you’re my only thoughts.
Your smile, Yes.
Your pain, definitely.
Your good, your bad, your every breath, that’s exactly it.
I want to be your better half.
Your meditation.
Your greatest compliment.

My tongue will not hold back when it’s time to express my love.
My heart has spoken.
Your ears need to open.

I say trust me, you won’t.
I say I love you, you’ll have doubts.
I say talk to me, you’ll shut down.
I’ll cry, you’ll comfort me.
But I want to bring you serenity.

I won’t hold back.
I must speak my mind.
It’s the only way you’ll know.
These feelings I’m going to show.
This friendship will grow.
Into something beautiful is what I’m shooting for.

Let me in, will you?

Happy birthday G!!

Love understands….(poem) 

It’s what we don’t have that takes most of our time and imagination
The things that are right before our eyes are starved of love and care they deserve
especially those who don’t stop supplying us all we need to experience life’s beauty.
I’m learning to appreciate love more.
I never really understood it so I avoided it.
but after many failed attempts.
I recognize it now.
It has a familiar face.
I still don’t understand it
but Love understands
so we’re good.
~Adewumi Godwin 

Entrance Only….(poem)

If at some point you find your way back to me,
I’ll be honoured to show you the beautiful world I’ve built for us.

I must warn you, each brick is carefully laid so you never find your way away from me again.
~Adewumi Godwin 

Hip hop you don’t stop….

It wasn’t real was it?
You were bored and well she was available.
Now something else has taken your time
And she’s becoming a vague memory.
You’ve become less interested
Trying not to hurt her,
So you won’t be one of those guys added to her list.
List of heartbreaks and mind teasers.
So you still text her once a day to ease her.
Once a day will turn into once a week
Her heart will become weaker
As your time is spent elsewhere.
Distance will win
And she’ll  always question if it was real.

Take my hand (poem)

Take my hand
Let’s explore each others mind
And we dance,
Until the end of time.
We touch,
And our sparks clear the room,
And we go,
Somewhere meant for us two,
With the peace in you and I,
Misfortune can’t break the bond that keeps us alive,
Take my hand,
I want to love your heart,
And with my past,
I want you to forgive mine..
It started with a simple touch,
My fantasy
Revolved around falling in love
Your man, my woman,
And We continue dance,
It all begins with taking my hand.
~Remy the Writer 

Strange Synergy (video poem)


To my Nigerian god!


Day 7 of GD_Words poems.

Do you want to sleep tonight? ~Adewumi Godwin
I don’t.
It’s lonely here.
There’s unfamiliar shadows.
And unknown voices.
I don’t want to sleep.
You can’t protect me from there.
Will you read to me?
Sing me a sweet melody?
Calm me from this anxiety?
I don’t want to sleep. ~J.A.A.G
Of course I will.
Stay up with you.
All night.
I’ll sing your strange shadows to dance.
I’ll read to you,
stories of past loves
before you found me.
Real love.
You don’t have to sleep and even if you do
I’ll keep vigil for you. ~Adewumi Godwin