Put yo hands up, bob your head right now….

Put yo hands up bob your head right now…

These are the lyrics to one of his hit songs. When the crowd is feeling you, you can tell them to jump and they’ll jump. We are fans because you as the artist have awakened something inside us.

So put yo hands up and bob your head right now…say Pat G’s in the house….

Crisscross applesauce…

My son attends a kid’s gym. To get the kids to listen and sit down, the coach likes to tell them to go against the wall. She will always say, “alright guys, go sit crisscross applesauce against the way.” It’s so funny. But now everytime I see someone sitting like this I always wanna say, “crisscross applesauce.”

Random thoughts.


During the week if you have a normal job, you might take the same route to get there. Usually I see the same cars on the way to my part time job. But occasionally I’ve been seeing the same pedestrians.

There’s this one Korean lady who wears a mask over her mouth like doctor’s usually wear during surgery. I always catch her running across the street as her light changes from the hand to the walk signal. I have to make a right turn, so we always make eye contact and I give her the sign to go ahead.

My job is less than 5 mins from this crosswalk so I have no issue with letting her go across the four lanes before I turn. Then again, pedestrians are supposed to have the right away right?

Well, not everyone thinks so. It was a Thursday morning and as normal, I pull up to the light, it turns green, and the lady begins to run across the street. The lady behind me must was running late today because she wasn’t in a good mood. She drives right on my bumper and proceeds to blow her horn as if I was doing something wrong.

Now I’m a speed demon and definitely one who is quick to run a yellow light. But I will not put a pedestrian in danger or have them think someone is about to hit them.

The driver behind me began to curse me out and still honking the horn. All I could do is laugh. I found it even funnier because she tried to pass me when we finally turned and she got stuck in the traffic lane, while I went right on through the light.

I hope she made it to her destination safely. I’m just happy the young Korean lady wasn’t harmed.

Target practice

While you were busy plotting I was busy planning

Perfecting the perfect way to eliminate

AR-47 oh it was too easy

They said take the gun away from her she’s not sane

The target’s face wasn’t visible but

Each hole represents a name

Represents the pain

It’s a shame it had to end this way

Today was just practice

You was plotting

I’ve been planning

Perfecting the perfect equation….



Went to the gun range for the first time and it was amazing!!

Light peeking through darkness

I had a headache without a cure
Vulnerable and so insecure
Everyday I would feel inadequate
A tsunami hit, I cried day and night
Fighting for what I knew was right
Climbing mountains, no more doubting
Staying grounded, the climb don’t stop
Lately I’ve been way too hard on myself
Blaming my problems on everyone else
Stone Mountain, Stone Mountain~ St. Beauty Stone Mountain

Why do we go into the darkness?

Window shopping…

She said she wants to be a dentist really badly,
She’s in school paying for tuition doing porn in the valley…
At least you working….

I window shop to know how much things cost. This way, when I have money, I know what stores I can skip over.

“Ma’am! May I get these in a size 10 in every color please?”

This is just practice.

Roadtrip to endless love

In my head I spend hella time
Hella time you be on my mind
Wish I could strengthen what we’ve developed
But I sacrifice for the bottom line
It’ll be push n pull on the balance beam
Tightrope. But I don’t slip
Finish line like a million miles
I just hope you’re down for the roadtrip. ~Rexx life raj

Bags packed and snacks on deck

Momma, I’m hitting the road.

Where to daughter?

It’s a journey.

The destination resonates inside.

What are you talking about daughter?

Mom, I’m headed out for a lifelong road trip.

With who?

I tell my mother:

I sat in an airport for hours waiting for a flight I did not know will happen. To travel to a city I did not know will be good to me. I stood in line for hours to get inside a place I had no clue of what to expect. If you could show me a list of all the faces in the room, there’s only one I will remember.

Mother, I’m headed on an everlasting love road trip.

I’m ready to see the sunrise on the edge of the highest cliff. I want to cruise down the long road that seems like it will never end. We will swerve around the curves barely holding on. I’ll tell you to slow down and you’ll reassure that you’re a good driver. We both will laugh because we know that my driving is just as crazy. I’m ready to eat from local diners in the middle of nowhere and get annoyed when gps fails us. I’m ready for hair blowing in the west coast breeze and back seat naps through the rocky mountains. I’m ready for foreign languages and unknown experiences. On this lifelong road trip, it’s ok if the car catches a flat or if we run out of gas.

Together we will figure it out….

…..to be continued.

Let’s drive west

414 everywhere

How do you manage to make your presence known without stepping foot in the door?

How do you manage to move 1200 miles away and still remain in the city?

How do you do it?

I flew 1400 miles to get my mind off you and of course you followed me.

Checking into the hotel and guess what’s the room number?

Ma’am do you have any other rooms available because this is not going to cut it.

Sorry room 414 is the only one available.

You have to be kidding me.

Oh don’t act like you don’t pay attention to numbers.

I should be sleeping but yet, I look at the phone and the time is of course 4:14 in the morning.

Not to mention the last 5 songs have been nothing but tracks that enhance the thoughts of you.

How do you manage to stay silent but make sure you’re being heard?

Maybe one day I’ll just pop up like you do.

You do know that I only want you because I can’t have you?

Are you winning this game?

Nah, I think we’re both losing.

While you think you have me wrapped around your finger, I still take over your thoughts.

I’m still apart of memories that you will never forget.

I have something you want and the only way you can get it is if you come to me.

So who’s really winning?

But why are we competing?

Now it’s 4:41 a.m.

My phone beeps and what do you know, text from you “videos please?”


Watch the short film 414 here.