Strange Synergy (video poem)


To my Nigerian god!


Day 7 of GD_Words poems.

Do you want to sleep tonight? ~Adewumi Godwin
I don’t.
It’s lonely here.
There’s unfamiliar shadows.
And unknown voices.
I don’t want to sleep.
You can’t protect me from there.
Will you read to me?
Sing me a sweet melody?
Calm me from this anxiety?
I don’t want to sleep. ~J.A.A.G
Of course I will.
Stay up with you.
All night.
I’ll sing your strange shadows to dance.
I’ll read to you,
stories of past loves
before you found me.
Real love.
You don’t have to sleep and even if you do
I’ll keep vigil for you. ~Adewumi Godwin


Do you believe in spirits?


Do you believe in spirits?
You see
I’m missing your touch
Still feeling your presence
The smell of your scent is in the air
I just want to look into your eyes one more time
That’s a lie
I want to look into your eyes forever in a day
Walk by your side
Laugh and smile
Sit and Do nothing
I just want you
I just want to hear
The sound of your voice
Your heartbeat
Every breath you take while you lay sleeping
Sleeping the afternoon away
I just want you here
Not there or wherever you are
I want you here
Right here next to me
Chills take over my body
Let’s me know that you never left