Unzipping my Thoughts (poem)

Sunflower has lost its petals
But there’s a seed that grows within
From the roots to the tips
These hips will curve you
Skin black like ink
My blood you’ll drink
Point blank period
This cycle will not continue
You’re a coward
Not worthy of being my king
I’ll dance to my own beat
Sing my own tunes
Sunflower once lost her petals
But my tears turned into rain
And washed away the pain
Cleansed from your negative scent
Never will I become content
The mother of civilization
Just gave birth to greatness.

Strange Synergy (video poem)


To my Nigerian god!


Day 7 of GD_Words poems.

Do you want to sleep tonight? ~Adewumi Godwin
I don’t.
It’s lonely here.
There’s unfamiliar shadows.
And unknown voices.
I don’t want to sleep.
You can’t protect me from there.
Will you read to me?
Sing me a sweet melody?
Calm me from this anxiety?
I don’t want to sleep. ~J.A.A.G
Of course I will.
Stay up with you.
All night.
I’ll sing your strange shadows to dance.
I’ll read to you,
stories of past loves
before you found me.
Real love.
You don’t have to sleep and even if you do
I’ll keep vigil for you. ~Adewumi Godwin


Day 5 of GD_words poems.


I tell these stories as they come to me- they always find me.

One after another, these wide eyed toddlers panting for new stories.

They liked the chills of horror, so they would often ask to be told stories that made switching off their room lights a bit more adventurous.

Almost like their world didn’t have enough thrill so they sought after mediums like their fantasies and my twisted mind to answer life’s questions.

~Adewumi Godwin

Day 4 of GD_Words poems.


Words are beautifully hideous.
Standing alone they tell stories; “lost”.
Standing together they speak riddles; “I am lost?”.
Used right they reveal truth; “I am lost!”.
In the hands of a wordsmith they become characters only a depraved mind can have; “I don’t want to be found”.

~Adewumi Godwin

Don’t Keep me Wading….Video


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Adults like to color too…..

Everyone is an artist in their own way. We start out at a young age, scribbling on pieces of paper. Or maybe even your parent’s walls. If your child is anything like mines, then you have crayon and marker scribbles somewhere in your house.

Simple ways to keep a child entertained, is to give them a coloring book. Or some paint so they can make a mess and you hang it on your wall or fridge to make them feel special. We all do it. Even if you don’t have children, I’m pretty sure you’ve bought a child a coloring book. It’s a fun way to get them to learn.

As we get older, we tend to move away from coloring books and go towards painting or drawing with pencil. Using crayons make us feel like we should be doing this with a child. So we stay away from crayons.

This isn’t something new. But it seems like everyone is getting into it now. Adult coloring books. No crayons, no markers. Just simple coloring pencils. Who would have ever knew how much fun it could be. With all the different designs you can choose from, these coloring books are amazing.

So I decided to post a few I have colored in the past weeks. Coloring with pencil, makes you feel like an artist. It’s fun, it’s relaxing, and you can use whatever color you want. You make the color scheme rules. Just like childhood, you create your own art and can feel good about yourself.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you all enjoy my coloring pages.


This is the name of the coloring book I used.





There’s nothing like those moments that bring you back to childhood and help you forget about life for just a moment.