Pat G

It’s always a pleasure capturing this artist on stage. This was his first show this year. He brought the band with him and gave the audience what they came to see.

Live performance from Pat G at the Juneteenth celebration. Make sure to visit his Instagram for updates on music and shows.

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Put yo hands up, bob your head right now….

Put yo hands up bob your head right now…

These are the lyrics to one of his hit songs. When the crowd is feeling you, you can tell them to jump and they’ll jump. We are fans because you as the artist have awakened something inside us.

So put yo hands up and bob your head right now…say Pat G’s in the house….

Music junky…

Fun fact about myself: I used to run a music blog. This was years ago before children. I spent late nights researching music and artists. Waiting for sites to upload new tracks so I can post them. Rap Radar was one of the top sites I shared content from.

It was nice hearing locals and being able to give them a place to share their music.

Besides posting new music or unknown artist, I would create post about who sampled this song. Being a huge Kanye fan, it was a lot of tracks from him. We all know that Mr. West is the sample king. But this was a real challenge for myself and my audience. You can listen to a song over and over and can’t catch the sample because the new artist has done a great job of remaking the song.

So I’m at work today and my coworker is playing his music. I’m the type of person who can’t sing, but I love joking around singing. If a song comes on and I think it’s something else, the song in my mind will be stuck there and the song playing will just throw me off completely. The song playing is How much I feel by Ambrosia. Now I’ve never heard of Ambrosia. Probably have heard their music and didn’t know who they were. But the song is playing and my mind keeps telling me to sing another song. I ask my coworker who sings this song and that’s when I find out that it’s by Ambrosia.

He goes on to tell me I should watch the video and some other nonsense I wasn’t caring about. I was like I think a younger artist has sampled this song because it sounds very familiar. Everyone else starts laughing at me because no one knew that would be my response and my coworker has a blank look on his face as if he wanna tell me forget my generation, this is real music.

So the song is in my head and I’m trying to figure out who sampled this song. I know I’ve heard it from someone I listen to. The first person pops in my head is Kanye of course. I was right. Big Sean and Kanye made the track All your fault with the sample.

Maybe one day I’ll start another music blog. But until then make sure you all check out my YouTube page and past post.

Penny for your thoughts….


When you can’t find the words to always say, it seems like songs can say exactly what it is that you want to say but can’t spit it out. Some songs be so on point that it almost scares you. How can someone else really be feeling the exact way I’m feeling right now?

Looking at this photo the song that instantly pops into my head is Usher- I will. The beginning lyrics to this song in case you don’t know is, I’ll pay a penny for your thoughts….a nickel for your kiss…you know that I will. Currently playing the song thinking about how I would listen to this song over and over back when it came out. I used to be in love with Usher. I was the girl who had posters of him hanging in my room. I would make all kinds of connections to make me love him even more. He’s a Libra but not just any Libra, he’s an October Libra. Yes, I believe there’s a difference between September Libras and October Libra. When his album 8701 came out, that’s all I needed to confirm my love for him. I am crazy like that. I think deeply into almost everything. It’s not even thinking deeply, it’s just me trying to find any kind of connection. So you’re probably wondering if I was born in 1978 like him. For those of you who don’t know 8701 is the reverse for 1078 which is October 1978 when Usher was born. But no, I was not born in 78. I actually was born in 87. So the numbers are there just not in the same order. I’m 1087, he’s 1078. Same thing same thing lol.

I once told a friend that I could listen to slow or sad songs all day but that doesn’t mean I’m depressed. I’ve also stated that being a photographer I often live off memories. Usher used to be one of those artist who I played on repeat. Only the slow jams though. I’m not a fan of anything he has uptempo except for his song My Way. OK maybe there’s one more and that will be You don’t have to call. Other than that, Usher please keep making slow songs.

Enough about Usher. I’ve taken time to learn how to read people more. I believe this has helped me a lot at work. I can quickly know who to place where and how well they will do. But when it comes to my relationship, I can read them but I don’t let them read me. Here I am wanting the affection but I won’t let my wall come completely down. He’ll remove one layer to only find a thicker layer right behind it. He would tell me that he will pay a penny for my thoughts but I know he would pay way more just to understand me. Well here I am to tell you that the walls are coming down. So maybe this is my Usher- Confessions post. Not really but I had to throw another Usher song in there. I’m ready to accept the love he’s ready to give. In Usher words….Can you get with it?

Listen to the music someone listens to and you’ll have a slighter chance of understanding them. Now my mix is really unpredictable at times but then again it still defines me in a strong way.

Love + Art

I want the love and the art!!
Yes, I’m going to shout it to the rooftops
NO more just having the love of art
I WANT to make love to the art.
Every morning and every night
Middle of the day and in every way
Never was much of a painter but I plan on painting the most beautiful piece you’ve ever seen on canvas
I will start and take a break, rethink and paint some more.
I’m going to sketch a little here and a little there
Adding color to all the right spots.
Clean my brushes and whip out the camera so I can photograph this masterpiece.
I’ll hang the canvas right next to the prints.
Yes, I said prints.
Because I plan on having the whole wall covered with this art.
Everywhere I turn, it will be there in my sight.
Watching over me at night.
This love for art will be like no other.
This art will connect with me on all levels.
But the only way it will last is if I give it my all.
I am on my quest to find the love and the art….