Visit the suggested places

You read a post that says, “If you won a million dollars, what’s the first thing you’re going to do?” My thoughts after reading that is I’m going to sleep in the next day. I’ll go to work a little later and will just be in a great mood. I’ll still send my son off to school like normal. I’ll be happy with all the things I can pay off and the new things I’ll be able to invest in. My first verbal response will most likely be “Oh snap.” Yea, my level of excitement is very bland. People tell me all the time that I never get super excitement about anything. I do get excited I just don’t jump for joy or go over the top. My mind will be racing and my facial expression will go from a blank stare to a nice smile. But if they watched my eyes then they can tell that there’s excitement there. My eyes tell you everything that’s going on in my head.

When travelling to a different place or moving to a new city there’s always spots people are like “YOU HAVE TO GO THERE.” Whether it’s food, which it normally is or if it’s just a nice spot by the lake or something. I’ve been to a couple spots that people told me that I have to go visit. I love to eat but I don’t get excited about food like a lot of people. Unless it’s bread. I love bread. There’s only one time when I was like OMG I need to go back to that restaurant just for the bread. Well the entire order was delicious but the bread was just memorable. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the restaurant so I’ll probably never get a chance to go back and plus it was in Atlanta.

One of the places people talk a lot about is the Blanton art museum in downtown Austin. I drive by it and each time I say I need to go there. One of my friends even had a birthday celebration there and I still wasn’t able to go. So I finally got a chance to go. The only part that I loved the most was the Making Africa section. Seeing the different art pieces from the various artist was amazing and very inspiring. So if I had to tell someone to visit this museum, my reasoning behind it will be to visit the Africa section.


This is one portion of the museum. Inside you’ll find various black and white abstract art.


If you look up when you walk into this room, you’ll see a ceiling full of bones.


This one was interesting because if you take a step back you will see a huge pile of mulch on the floor. I wonder how many people had to fit the urge to not touch it…


This is the one thing that everyone would post when they visit the museum. Now I can say I finally have a photo of the “We belong here” sign.


The only thing I could think of when I saw all these pennies is that my son would love to play in the middle and throw them around.

Will I ever visit the Blanton museum again? Most likely. There will be someone new to the city and I will have to show them around, so this will be one thing on the list. Also, I will like to go again to see if anything new will be inside. It’s nice that people suggest places to visit. Whether I get excited or not, I will go just to say I’ve been there too…

Now of course you will have to visit the museum to see more of what’s inside. These are just a few photos I snapped.

Black Ice (short film)


The short film Black Ice is finally up for viewing. Visit the link below. Thank you all for the support and feedback. There is so much more to come.

Love + Art

I want the love and the art!!
Yes, I’m going to shout it to the rooftops
NO more just having the love of art
I WANT to make love to the art.
Every morning and every night
Middle of the day and in every way
Never was much of a painter but I plan on painting the most beautiful piece you’ve ever seen on canvas
I will start and take a break, rethink and paint some more.
I’m going to sketch a little here and a little there
Adding color to all the right spots.
Clean my brushes and whip out the camera so I can photograph this masterpiece.
I’ll hang the canvas right next to the prints.
Yes, I said prints.
Because I plan on having the whole wall covered with this art.
Everywhere I turn, it will be there in my sight.
Watching over me at night.
This love for art will be like no other.
This art will connect with me on all levels.
But the only way it will last is if I give it my all.
I am on my quest to find the love and the art….

Take a shot with me 

The room was completely silent.
I hadn’t even noticed

I was having over a 100 conversations with no one.

Travelling to many places without leaving this chair.

10 people in the room and no one spoke a word.

It was quiet

but so loud.

Or at least in my head

it was louder than 808 beats

I’ve been having a full conversation with your emotions

while you sat having your own thoughts.

Where am I?

I don’t even know anymore.

Do you care?

Of course not.

But you’ll say you do.

To make me feel better.

It’s ok though.

I’m already in a new place.

Creating a new story.

Pushing my demons further into the darkness.

I like to get lost.

I’ll find my way back.

I usually do.

Then I’ll create another story


Share it with the next person

with a listening ear.

Fearing you will never hear these words I speak

For each story created comes from demons we share. 


Wait no more….

I’m waiting for the one where we can create beautiful art.
He’ll sail down my bloodstream resting right on my heart.
Skin dark like midnight
Eyes glowing like street lights.
That smile curves like the moon’s crescent
His essence….
Tall dark and handsome..
Referring only to the black kings.
You know the mother of civilization offsprings.~J.A.A.G

I stand as a king, now prepared for his queen but she seems to be hiding. Maybe behind the hurt of her past caused by guys who wore a mask similar to my reflection I can understand why she would be skeptical of my interest. How can I prove to her that our portrait would be a work of art because she is my masterpiece. Her effortless beauty is only enhanced by the curve of her mouth that’s only outmatched by the curve of her waist no more waiting your time is now…~Adoniis

The World is Cold….

Resonating in the hollows of my weary mind is my lovers voice and visions of her gentle fingers running through my hair, if only she was here.

The world is cold tonight and there’s a shiver in my spine, the fever clogging up my arteries isn’t taking a break so I must as a matter of urgency increase the volume of my earphones and let the music take me away from my failing body. 

But nothing drowns her voice in my heart, not even sweat from the pores of my compromised form or my continuous obsession over Maleek Berrys music.

The world is cold tonight and the moon is burning up, nothing is normal until she comes. 

~Adewumi Godwin 

Monochrome Love  (poem)

I love our late night conversations when I speak into your mic. Spreading my vocals down your pipe. ~J.A.A.G

I entreated the sun, though he made me wait a while, he has retreated to where the clouds meet the earth, come my love, speak to me ~Udah C. Inalegwu

Now that the blackness has covered the sky, your darkness can cover the interior of this place my organs call home. Come my king as we create a monochrome image of our love. ~J.A.A.G

I looked to her soul, through two almond windows with black and white curtains, And her beautiful soul calls to me, my queen, my goddess of love, oh those eyes, two mesmerising little stars, let me dwell in there forever. ~Udah C. Inalegwu