Show me your moves

During the wedding, we might shed a tear or two because it’s always a beautiful moment witnessing two souls become one. But when it’s reception time, let the party begin!!!!

You have to feel the music and bust your best moves. One of the most common traditions with African weddings is to shower the couple with money. I just love the energy from this wedding party.

Love for beads…

So this past weekend I started a new project. I’ve always wanted some waistbeads but just never really looked into anyone selling them or took the time to really research them.

Last week I was really focusing on changing old habits and starting new routines. I finally got back into reading. I continued working out and learning new exercises. It was a good feeling. Although I was able to accomplish a lot in one day, I didn’t feel tired. I felt refreshed.

This upcoming weekend, I plan on doing a photo shoot with my new beads and earrings.

These are the colors I’ve made so far. I’m still learning and haven’t cut the ends yet. But I love the way they fit around my waist. So stay tuned for photos of this shoot.

Read the post about the earrings I bought below.

Popup shop

Popup shop

I attended the Huston Tillotson University’s homecoming and was so happy to shop with the African vendors.

I just love the beautiful colors of all the pieces.

I bought the orange top right off the mannequin. He didn’t have my size in the orange, so I begged for him to give me the one hanging. Will post photos once I wear it.

It was a struggle choosing which earrings I wanted. I’m not big on earrings. But I’m trying to wear them more.

I also purchased two shirts from my sister’s shop next to this one.

I love my locs so I’ll be wearing these earrings and shirt proudly. Photos coming soon.

Melanin of all shades

To be able to capture an image like these above, this is why I love my line of work. Such a group of beautiful women.

This photo shoot is very important to many young black girls across the world. We need to show them that black is and will always be beautiful.

Congratulations to all the beautiful women who won Miss Universe, Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, and Miss World. These are the kind of memories I want to share with my grandchildren. These are the kind of milestones I want us to keep reaching.

View work from Adoniis here.

They say a storm is coming

They say a storm is coming…

That soon the sea will open the doors of its eyes to tears and the oceans the windows of its mouth to wail because its home has been plundered.

They say a storm is coming… That tomorrow I will wake up in the remnant of what my kind has done to our world and I will hear the foot steps of rivers running to safety.

They say a storm is coming… That I should pack hope in a duffle bag and my dreams, well, my dreams I should leave for the storm to wash clean.

They say a storm is coming, like I wasn’t here all along.

Written by: Adewumi Godwin.

📸: @photospeaks_photography