Burn the bridges and build a fire

We still try to hide the things we feel

It all feels so real

But we know it’s surreal…

There’s something inside my head

That keeps turning spinning around

Don’t know how to get down

I’m falling under your skin


A few photos from my experience at the surreal sea ion art show.

414 everywhere

How do you manage to make your presence known without stepping foot in the door?

How do you manage to move 1200 miles away and still remain in the city?

How do you do it?

I flew 1400 miles to get my mind off you and of course you followed me.

Checking into the hotel and guess what’s the room number?

Ma’am do you have any other rooms available because this is not going to cut it.

Sorry room 414 is the only one available.

You have to be kidding me.

Oh don’t act like you don’t pay attention to numbers.

I should be sleeping but yet, I look at the phone and the time is of course 4:14 in the morning.

Not to mention the last 5 songs have been nothing but tracks that enhance the thoughts of you.

How do you manage to stay silent but make sure you’re being heard?

Maybe one day I’ll just pop up like you do.

You do know that I only want you because I can’t have you?

Are you winning this game?

Nah, I think we’re both losing.

While you think you have me wrapped around your finger, I still take over your thoughts.

I’m still apart of memories that you will never forget.

I have something you want and the only way you can get it is if you come to me.

So who’s really winning?

But why are we competing?

Now it’s 4:41 a.m.

My phone beeps and what do you know, text from you “videos please?”


Watch the short film 414 here.

I know a Night (poem)

I know a Night.

She lingers on; even when the sun is out.

I know a Night.

Her hands are cold from holding death.

I know a Night.

She’s sore from lashes of tears whipping her cheeks and falling heavy on her chest.

I know a Night.

No one escapes her charm, no one sees anything else after her face. ~Adewumi Godwin

More from model

Tell me your thoughts….

Her soft skin against mine as I held her close, picking her mind while flicking  —

–gripping your sides, pulling you into my thighs. Flick after flick, give me more of this–

This bliss with each kiss, let your lips be  more than what it is, I shall take force into action with —

–your 2 inch width, 8 inch length, round tip, I want to feel all of it. Travel through my gushy sweetness and make yourself at home.

Entering the place where I came from, intentions to being the best and the last one,
Let it rain and don’t stop, grip it and let it lock as we rock to the sounds of the board–

–never getting bored. Staring into your eyes while you’re on top. Whips and chains. Tie a tighter knot. I love when you take control. Got my legs shaking. Sheets covered in cream. The neighbors awaken from the gibberish I scream.

It seems, within minutes my name you’re mentioning as I keep hitting it. Check it
I wrecked it and left you pulsating, for a reaction I slid out and began rotating this tongue for you to

–turn your face white. Watch as I lick my own juices. That was only round one. The fun has just begun. Grab my toy and Fuck me from behind—

To remind you who is the king of this domain I take your  hips and force It back and forth  tell me
What my worth. I want to see you climax to the beat of the sounds  I love it when we go another round

My king, we can go all night. But I must let you refuel. Have me for breakfast. On the kitchen counter or the floor. This body is for you to explore. Every each, every frame, this lioness needs to be tamed…..

Collabration from Deandre and Just an Abstract Goddess 



Who gave you the right to put this danger in my chest?
Who gave you the right to lay my hopes and dreams to rest?
Who gave you the right to turn my trust into ash and dust?
Who gave you the right to turn my heart of Gold to stone and smash it?
Who gave you the right to put my love in a casket?
Who gave you the right of passage beyond my walls?
Now this castle I was building for us
Is now built to keep you out
Walls more feet tall then you can count
You and love can stay out
I’ll never let you in , I’ll never let you in
Never, Never,never again
You’ll never make it pass my moat
Don’t care how well you swim or if bullshit flouts ~Icarus

Nocturnal Bliss….

From a distance you shine brightly
When darkness surround me
I look up to your light to guide me
Nocturnal love shouldn’t be taken lightly
With stars you make the eyes burn,
Bonding with a soul so binding can make actions so blinding.
If the galaxy had a taste you would fill that position,
No discussion I would go to the earth and beyond just to get you to listen
To this dream that peer beyond the seams
Nocturnal bliss
This North Star from above
Shine your light down on me
Spread this eternal love~ Deandre 

Wait no more….

I’m waiting for the one where we can create beautiful art.
He’ll sail down my bloodstream resting right on my heart.
Skin dark like midnight
Eyes glowing like street lights.
That smile curves like the moon’s crescent
His essence….
Tall dark and handsome..
Referring only to the black kings.
You know the mother of civilization offsprings.~J.A.A.G

I stand as a king, now prepared for his queen but she seems to be hiding. Maybe behind the hurt of her past caused by guys who wore a mask similar to my reflection I can understand why she would be skeptical of my interest. How can I prove to her that our portrait would be a work of art because she is my masterpiece. Her effortless beauty is only enhanced by the curve of her mouth that’s only outmatched by the curve of her waist no more waiting your time is now…~Adoniis

The World is Cold….

Resonating in the hollows of my weary mind is my lovers voice and visions of her gentle fingers running through my hair, if only she was here.

The world is cold tonight and there’s a shiver in my spine, the fever clogging up my arteries isn’t taking a break so I must as a matter of urgency increase the volume of my earphones and let the music take me away from my failing body. 

But nothing drowns her voice in my heart, not even sweat from the pores of my compromised form or my continuous obsession over Maleek Berrys music.

The world is cold tonight and the moon is burning up, nothing is normal until she comes. 

~Adewumi Godwin 

Nocturnal Rainbows (poem)

(D)aydreaming about you daily
(E)very thought brings a taste of you
(A)nother day surviving off memories
(N)o longer am I your morning dose
(D)rowning Off The Thoughts Of Hope
(R)emember me if only for another day
(E)ardrums ring to the euphony of your words ~Jamy

(J)ustice for the mind and solace to your thoughts
(E)volving the image of..
(N)iggas, turning them into brothers
(N)o other than a queen herself speaking
(I)n scenes where chains were seen  seeking
(N)octurnal rainbows to release the thoughts of
(G)hetto fantasies
(S)how me true happiness

Collaboration week day 5