Floating in your love….

Never been the type to like flowers. But if you send me flowers, I will love them. Put them in the best light and take a photo of them. Not just a photo to post saying I got flowers. No, it will be multiple photos. Close ups and the full image. I’ll probably add a couple filters and turn them into prints.

If you were to write me a love letter, I’ll read it multiple times and smile just as hard after each read. I will find the perfect container to put it in, so I can add more to it if you decide to write another.

The same goes for if you were to buy me earrings over a necklace. I will love them and turn it into a mini photo session.

The only way I will not capture a photo of the moment, is when I’m sitting face to face with you. This will be a moment I want to soak up without missing a second.

Now you’re probably thinking why wouldn’t I want to capture that image. Remember I said the only way I wouldn’t. Do you think I’m ever going to miss an opportunity to look back on a memory of us? No, I’ll have a camera set to capture it for me so I can enjoy every second of you.

Tomorrow marks the day for lovers here in America. As I stroll through my social media and notice all the post about Valentine’s day, I just think about us.

I don’t want flowers, I don’t jewelry, I don’t want to go out to eat. I want you to continue to show me that you’re the man I fell in love with.

Walking into our garage to see something as small as all our life vest hanging in a row, makes my heart smile.

We’re a family. As scary as this sounded years ago, these words are music to my ears. We’re a family. You have me floating in your love.

P.S. I do want some cookies!

Is that snow?

I’m originally from the midwest, so snow is nothing new to me. I used to drive in it, play in it and complain about it. Snow is pretty until the temperature drops and ice is covering your car and the streets. Spent most of my young life in the cold winters of the midwest.

I decided to make the move to Texas to get far away from the snow. It will occasionally snow in North Texas near the Dallas area. But I’ve been very lucky with Central Texas.

People talked about the snow coming this week and I believe we all laughed because the weather changes so much here. It was literally in the 70s earlier this week. So you mean to tell me I’m waking up to snow but I’m still in the same city? No….this is a dream.

I woke up to snow and came back home this afternoon to 50 degrees and sunshine. Not one evidence of snow. Just a bunch of dirty vehicles driving around.

The plus is my son got to experience the little bit of Texas snow for the second time in his life. I don’t care to ever see snow again. Unless, I have enough money to travel to somewhere like Alaska and return when I feel like it.

So thank you Texas for giving us something to talk about today. But can we get our 70 degrees back for the weekend?

Gate code?

You free?

Instant smile appears on my face. Even if I wasn’t free, I was about to make time quick fast and in a hurry.

I send a reply within 3 minutes. He knew I wanted him. Yes, I’m free….

What’s the gate code again?

Before he can even reply I responded with the last numbers I remembered.

“Dang, how you remember the code? I barely even remember it.”

I’m good with numbers I replied.

“Well, do you remember this 9 inches with a curve?”

Licking my lips and squeezing my legs close together. Of course I remember that. That’s the reason I’m driving to you right now.

‘I love the way you make me smile’

No time to waste. He pulled my dress over my head as my locs fell over my face. Taking one hand to push them back, he used the other hand to pull me closer to him.

Kissing like we haven’t seen each other in months.

‘Kiss it until it’s creamy’

In and out as I place my feet onto his chest. He looked me in the eyes and tells me to let it out. No need to hold it in.

Chills take over my body as I explode. This 9 inch knew each and every spot to hit. Tears form from the emotions. The only thing I can scream out was…FUCK!!!

Now we’re both dripping wet and he’s still stroking it deep.

‘Fucking love this dick’

I wanted to lay there forever….

Protect my heart…

She wanted to protect my heart from the world
Saying no one deserved it
And maybe I liked it
It felt weird being guarded.
Protect my heart from the reality
The savagery
Because I was never that type
But I shattered my heart before a
Falling for the wrong side
So to protect it
She said ‘with my life’.
I never want to be afraid to love
Ever again
So protect my heart from the universe
Safe with the stars
She healed the scars
She held on
Wherever my heart went, she wasn’t too far.
~ @remythewriter
Protect my heart

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Love boat

A week ago I met you. Today I can’t stop thinking about you. Two days spent with you, felt like two years.

I miss you. Something feels weird without you. To compare it to something, it’s like going a day without caffeine. My head hurts. My body feels weak. I want just one cup.

You haven’t called and my friends keep telling me to call you. I’m afraid of everything that comes with you. But yet so eager to just jump right in.

The first two days felt like we can do this for years. Join me on this love boat and let’s cruise upstream.


During the week if you have a normal job, you might take the same route to get there. Usually I see the same cars on the way to my part time job. But occasionally I’ve been seeing the same pedestrians.

There’s this one Korean lady who wears a mask over her mouth like doctor’s usually wear during surgery. I always catch her running across the street as her light changes from the hand to the walk signal. I have to make a right turn, so we always make eye contact and I give her the sign to go ahead.

My job is less than 5 mins from this crosswalk so I have no issue with letting her go across the four lanes before I turn. Then again, pedestrians are supposed to have the right away right?

Well, not everyone thinks so. It was a Thursday morning and as normal, I pull up to the light, it turns green, and the lady begins to run across the street. The lady behind me must was running late today because she wasn’t in a good mood. She drives right on my bumper and proceeds to blow her horn as if I was doing something wrong.

Now I’m a speed demon and definitely one who is quick to run a yellow light. But I will not put a pedestrian in danger or have them think someone is about to hit them.

The driver behind me began to curse me out and still honking the horn. All I could do is laugh. I found it even funnier because she tried to pass me when we finally turned and she got stuck in the traffic lane, while I went right on through the light.

I hope she made it to her destination safely. I’m just happy the young Korean lady wasn’t harmed.

Mosaic hearts…

I saw my husband for the first time in over a year. I knew he was coming and the nerves were building.

I wanted to make sure my hair was done nicely so he can tell me how beautiful my curls were. I needed my eyebrows to be on point so he would want to look me in the eyes longer. I needed my skin to be just glowing so he would think that I was happy to see him. He wouldn’t be there long but I was going to put on a fancy outfit that show this new booty I’ve been working hard on. I was going to make sure I wore heels too so my legs looked longer and each step I took will make my hips sway more.

I got the call saying he was 4 minutes away. I simply walked outside in a hoodie and sweats. My hair was not done and my eyebrows were not plucked. I gave him a side hug and we probably said about 10 words to each other.

He still makes me nervous but I couldn’t bring myself to putting the energy into dressing up for him. At this point, we should divorce but my heart isn’t ready to never speak to him again.


We had an agreement

My heart wasn’t on board with the details

Secrets were kept

Stories were told

Tears still form

You created this storm

This twisted spider web

My heart beats a bit faster for you

This heart still loves you.

Music junky…

Fun fact about myself: I used to run a music blog. This was years ago before children. I spent late nights researching music and artists. Waiting for sites to upload new tracks so I can post them. Rap Radar was one of the top sites I shared content from.

It was nice hearing locals and being able to give them a place to share their music.

Besides posting new music or unknown artist, I would create post about who sampled this song. Being a huge Kanye fan, it was a lot of tracks from him. We all know that Mr. West is the sample king. But this was a real challenge for myself and my audience. You can listen to a song over and over and can’t catch the sample because the new artist has done a great job of remaking the song.

So I’m at work today and my coworker is playing his music. I’m the type of person who can’t sing, but I love joking around singing. If a song comes on and I think it’s something else, the song in my mind will be stuck there and the song playing will just throw me off completely. The song playing is How much I feel by Ambrosia. Now I’ve never heard of Ambrosia. Probably have heard their music and didn’t know who they were. But the song is playing and my mind keeps telling me to sing another song. I ask my coworker who sings this song and that’s when I find out that it’s by Ambrosia.

He goes on to tell me I should watch the video and some other nonsense I wasn’t caring about. I was like I think a younger artist has sampled this song because it sounds very familiar. Everyone else starts laughing at me because no one knew that would be my response and my coworker has a blank look on his face as if he wanna tell me forget my generation, this is real music.

So the song is in my head and I’m trying to figure out who sampled this song. I know I’ve heard it from someone I listen to. The first person pops in my head is Kanye of course. I was right. Big Sean and Kanye made the track All your fault with the sample.

Maybe one day I’ll start another music blog. But until then make sure you all check out my YouTube page and past post.

Roadtrip to endless love

In my head I spend hella time
Hella time you be on my mind
Wish I could strengthen what we’ve developed
But I sacrifice for the bottom line
It’ll be push n pull on the balance beam
Tightrope. But I don’t slip
Finish line like a million miles
I just hope you’re down for the roadtrip. ~Rexx life raj

Bags packed and snacks on deck

Momma, I’m hitting the road.

Where to daughter?

It’s a journey.

The destination resonates inside.

What are you talking about daughter?

Mom, I’m headed out for a lifelong road trip.

With who?

I tell my mother:

I sat in an airport for hours waiting for a flight I did not know will happen. To travel to a city I did not know will be good to me. I stood in line for hours to get inside a place I had no clue of what to expect. If you could show me a list of all the faces in the room, there’s only one I will remember.

Mother, I’m headed on an everlasting love road trip.

I’m ready to see the sunrise on the edge of the highest cliff. I want to cruise down the long road that seems like it will never end. We will swerve around the curves barely holding on. I’ll tell you to slow down and you’ll reassure that you’re a good driver. We both will laugh because we know that my driving is just as crazy. I’m ready to eat from local diners in the middle of nowhere and get annoyed when gps fails us. I’m ready for hair blowing in the west coast breeze and back seat naps through the rocky mountains. I’m ready for foreign languages and unknown experiences. On this lifelong road trip, it’s ok if the car catches a flat or if we run out of gas.

Together we will figure it out….

…..to be continued.

Let’s drive west