Crisscross applesauce…

My son attends a kid’s gym. To get the kids to listen and sit down, the coach likes to tell them to go against the wall. She will always say, “alright guys, go sit crisscross applesauce against the way.” It’s so funny. But now everytime I see someone sitting like this I always wanna say, “crisscross applesauce.”

Random thoughts.

Happiness comes from many things

I read a shirt that said “stop telling women to smile.” Some will take that quote and say “yes, stop telling us to smile!”

I’m the who will tell you to smile. Keep on smiling. Even if you’re sad, just smile. You are beautiful and if a stranger tells you those words, believe them. Don’t get offended or turned off because you may not be attracted to them. Believe them and smile away.