The Enchanted Rock with my Rock

What a year!! This world has been crazy but my life has been amazing. Couldn’t ask for a better man to share memories with.

We went on our first true hike. Visited the Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg, TX. The experience was unbelievable. Here’s a short video of our experience and a few photos to show.

More photos coming!!


Standing behind this wired fence
It is not the barricade against my chest I see
But the shackles my mind broods
Here somewhere in the heart of Texas
The lone star in the American desert
The sun kisses the horizon
In a golden yellow dalliance
Such glowing ecstasy
My soul is lifted to witness
As the sweat on my brows
Dry into encrusted salt sands
The heaviness on my soul
Descending with this Texan sun
To below the horizon
As a city bows her soul
To the redeeming powers of a night
This gripping inexplicable darkness
But tomorrow
The Texan sun shall rise again
With vigour and burning fury
From the ashes of the night
And so will this city
Just as it once rose
From the dust and ashes of civilisation and the desert
Like a sphinx
The sphinx of the American desert
And so would my soul rise too
Like a sphinx
From the ashes and dust of my weariness


Decaying sun

They say when the sun rise it  is a symbol  of the  resurrection of your soul
Truth be told  it’s the story behind Jesus and his prophecy foretold
Yet what does this mean to me I wondered as I walked through these decaying streets
That gang bangers  had plundered
A slow Destruction with a hidden agenda that laid deep
Looking up to the sun thinking of being  better one than the holy anointed son 
Can I be –
Will I resurrect to be a better one
Or fall victim to this city that  the devil run
– I fell asleep and had a dream about Jesus so I went religious

Day 29 “Food”

Her words were soft.
Creating music on his ear drums.
Scattering letters on his brain.
Filled his lungs, causing him to breathe her.
Travelling in and out his ribs, landing onto his heart.
Beat after beat,
her voice is all he could speak.
He craved her like his favorite food.
Given to him in portions so he’ll stay hungry for more……
Food for thought 

Daily poem project day 23 “Beauty”

Date an artist. There’s perks to this. Only if you’re willing to commit to a world where you often get lost in your thoughts. Sleep will be during normal business hours. Breakfast will be at midnight. Our dates will consist of travelling to deserted areas and camping out waiting on something to happen. Things like a beautiful red moon or a star shower. Or something simple such as two birds mating.

Dating will be fun. We’ll smother ourselves in books and wear mismatched socks. There will be cameras everyone, capturing our every move so that my hands can be free. This way I’ll be able to give you a massage. Which will turn into a tickling game because the only thing we take serious is our art. But you my love, you will be my work of art as I will be your portrait of beauty wrapped in human canvas. So place me on your easel and stroke me. Let your colors bring me to life.

Date an artist. One who’s carefree. Who not only procrastinate about daily activities. But one who can create something from the eyelash that falls from your eye when a tear falls. The same tear that appears when you realize this is no longer dating. We have taking this to another level. A high that takes you deeper into the galaxy. But we’ll never step foot off this land. Like the shell by the sea, you and I will have perfect harmony.

Date an artist. Or at least someone with dreams and whose hustle is just as strong as their ambition.~ J.A.A.G