Grilled cheese….

I’m nowhere near a chef. Most the time I rarely even know what to cook. Our go to meal in my house is chicken, broccoli, and rice.

When we get home from work and school, I try to make a snack or lite meal before dinner.

Grill cheese sandwiches are always my favorite. This one is probably the best looking one I’ve ever made. So I just had to capture an image of it. It was so delicious.

Day 29 “Food”

Her words were soft.
Creating music on his ear drums.
Scattering letters on his brain.
Filled his lungs, causing him to breathe her.
Travelling in and out his ribs, landing onto his heart.
Beat after beat,
her voice is all he could speak.
He craved her like his favorite food.
Given to him in portions so he’ll stay hungry for more……
Food for thought