The face behind the poem….

“A Process”

She’s in the mirror doing her makeup

She’s got a big date tonight

It’s overdue, feeling overused

She’s carrying big weight tonight

She longs for companionship

She’s been single for a while

And though she’s fine being alone

She’s tired of making herself smile

So hair fleeked, face beat

The black dress that shows the curves

No longer concerned about good looks

She’s looking for just the right words

The business owner, The college grad

The dropout or the wannabe thug

She couldn’t care less about a profile 

She just wants to feel loved

So she’s out the door, to the restaurant

He’s there waiting with a smile

They greet each other, he pulls her seat out

She gets butterflies like a child

The conversation flows effortlessly

She’s thinking maybe this could be it

Then completely out the blue

He mentions sex, just a little too quick

She does her best to brush it off

He’s just a man being a man 

But now she can’t help but wonder

What’s really in his plans

They go on a few more dates

He really makes her feel like she matters

So She opens her heart and her legs

But he’s only interested in the latter

He played his role and got what he wanted

She’s wishing she had known before

Love will never live here 

She can’t do this anymore 

Months later she recovers 

She’s made some slow but steady progress

She’s in the mirror doing her makeup

Preparing to restart the whole process.

#DecemberPoemChallenge #Day6 #AProcess


Daily poem project day 6 “A Process”

This is a process you know.
You enter my life and expect me to change everything.
No not gonna happen.
Slow down remember this is a process.
Take shorter steps.
We can skip a little but not too much.
How many times must I tell you, this is a process?
Like I’m waking up at 6am just to make it to the other side of town by 7:40.
Better not be a minute late.
Because they don’t believe in giving you a 5-10min grace period.
And I swear that lady at the front desk is always on her period.
Why should a 4 year old start school this early anyways?
This process.
I’m trying so hard not to stress.
But I refuse to live this way.
Not trying to work for someone else the rest of my days.
Reading books, learning techniques, it’s not fun when you have to compete.
They try to force religion upon you.
Tell you how to dress.
Don’t do this.
Oh no we don’t accept that.
This recipe is not suited for me.
So I’m shredding your guidelines for my life and processing a new formula for this busy bee.~ J.A.A.G

Two Suit cases and a duffle bag ….(poem)

Two Suit cases and a duffle bag, if only that was all she travelled with.
The whistling train was a welcomed distraction, a snoring mother whose baby wailed for suck, the endless winks and sickening kisses blown from the clueless admirer down the aisle but none told her story as the two suit cases and a
duffle bag she packed with her other baggages unseen.

If only, dear Porter, I didn’t need to need you, to help me look after my baggage’s as I wander for a minute into denial.
I need you to distract me, oh Lover! for another minute.
Her face told her story, so as she learnt to cherish her face she learnt to tell her story with smiles, tears, thanks and sigh. She knew. Home was far. Not by distance but acceptance.
~Adewumi Godwin 

Day 5 of GD_words poems.


I tell these stories as they come to me- they always find me.

One after another, these wide eyed toddlers panting for new stories.

They liked the chills of horror, so they would often ask to be told stories that made switching off their room lights a bit more adventurous.

Almost like their world didn’t have enough thrill so they sought after mediums like their fantasies and my twisted mind to answer life’s questions.

~Adewumi Godwin

Father’s day……


Today is father’s day. It doesn’t get as much recognition as Mother’s day but we still celebrate it.

I saw this family walking and it make my heart feel warm. They have two little ones and another one on the way. It’s nice to see men taking care of their families.

I wanna wish a happy Father’s day to my father, my son’s father and my brother who is now a father to his baby girl.

But I can not go without saying thank you to a special friend who has been there for my son and I. You are much appreciated.

For all the men stepping to the plate to be the best examples you can be, as a mother, we thank you!

Donnie….what are you doing here?


I blame his father for this turtles madness. Turtles are everywhere. I have stickers all over my truck and Leo rides with me on my steering wheel.


He rolls back and forth while I’m driving. Oh how did he get there? My son threw him from the backseat and that’s where he landed. He has a good arm on him.

As much as I like the turtles, I’m ready for this stage to be over. I’m starting to see turtles in my dreams. Or at least I think they’re dreams.

Water Break……


Lasted I checked, it is the winter season. Well at least that’s what the news says. But if you check the forecast, it definately does not feel like the winter season.

Anytime the Sun is shining, my little guy feels he is intitled to be outside. Well I don’t mind it. It’s just when it’s going on 2 hours and you’re ready to go. “No mommy, I need some water.”

We take a water break and one more lap around the trail. This should really burn him out. Bath time, dinner and bedtime when we get home. Fun times with the kiddo.

My 3yr old is a photographer…..


As a photographer, you can’t help but to take pictures of pretty much everything. Whether I’m whipping out the digital cam or my phone, I’m snapping away.


Well I think I take too many pictures because it’s starting to wear off onto my son.


He is always saying, “Mommy hand me the phone, gotta take a picture”. It’s so cute watching him.


Since the weather has been super nice outside, we decided to explore the backyard. He saw all the waterdrops on the grass. And of course, he ask to take a picture.


All these photos are unedited and taken by my three year old. That’s right, he took these photos. I assisted a little with zooming in but he knew what he wanted to capture.

I love it. If he’s happy, then I’m happy. Think it’s time to get him a camera.