Shark bait…

You say you have demons

But I won’t fight them

Until you get rid of your fears

When you find me swimming across your ocean

May I be your potion

To heal your wounds

I soon will become that missing piece

But only if you look past these shark like tendencies

And understand that I am the night vision when you’re in darkness

I will hunt when you feel weak

Always on the move so I don’t sleep

I am very much like you….

If you can just look at me

You will see that we can rule this ocean together


Burn the bridges and build a fire

We still try to hide the things we feel

It all feels so real

But we know it’s surreal…

There’s something inside my head

That keeps turning spinning around

Don’t know how to get down

I’m falling under your skin


A few photos from my experience at the surreal sea ion art show.

I know a Night (poem)

I know a Night.

She lingers on; even when the sun is out.

I know a Night.

Her hands are cold from holding death.

I know a Night.

She’s sore from lashes of tears whipping her cheeks and falling heavy on her chest.

I know a Night.

No one escapes her charm, no one sees anything else after her face. ~Adewumi Godwin

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