Spare time…

My schedule just became clear and I instantly text you.

Your schedule has been crazy lately and I didn’t know for sure if you would be available.

No need to search for your name because you were right on the top of the list.

“I’m off work. You free?”

You quickly replied, “lol I actually am for a bit.”

In my head I’m like bam, say less!

I turn down your street replaying the gate code in my head.

One thing I love about you is that we can actually chill and talk about things.

Your house is always so peaceful. Huge turn on is walking into a man’s house and see books all over the place.

I can be aggressive occasionally but I love when you take control. Walking up to me asking do I have a little more time.

My words in my head, “hell yeah I have more time. You know what I came over here for.” But I just smiled and said yes.

Your soft lips kissing my soft lips. Slipping your tongue inside. I’m biting on your bottom lip as you sit me on the bed. Spread my legs open so you can rub your hard piece against my now moist pussy.

I’m so ready, I feel an orgasm coming before you’re inside me. You’re about two to three strokes deep and you yell out, “FUCK! You’re so wet already.”

If I could get my words together I would had told you that you’ve done this. Instead I just look you in your eyes and hold back tears.

I missed this dick. You always make me squirt everywhere. Leaving your bed soaking wet every visit. But this time was different. I didn’t squirt everywhere. I turned your dick white. Cream was everywhere. It just kept coming. Each stroke made me weaker. How is this possible I asked myself.

You might think your sex is just normal. But no, the curve you have know how to reach places I can’t help but lose control.


I still get excited when I see you hit me up….